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    RedManOne reacted to cubed in CS:GO Sponsorship request   
    9-2 in ESEA :D!@!#!@#! !@#! Link to our team: http://play.esea.net/teams/67512
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    RedManOne reacted to Tatsuota in Asgard Gaming Sponsorship Request   
    Hey all I am Tatsuota i like to put my two cents into everything so figured i would do this here because Minjaaa and I were some of the leading people trying to get a Smite division going and from that I was one of the people trying to pull in a Smite team which sadly failled but glad to see one applying. However i have some concerns for you guys, from this not trying to be mean or anything just want to know a few things and figured it would be helpful for you guys to have this out ffor when the higher ups read this.

    The first thing i got to bring up is congrats on being top 5 in the challenger cup however i do have some conerns about it. Looking at your weekly progress it is all over the place. From week 1 making it to the quarter finals to week 2 making it to second round then week 3 grabbing second place to week 4 losing in the first round. So my question is how are you guys going stabalize your progress for the next three weeks coming up because you have to grab 2nd place to be able to play against the last 2 pro teams for a chance at this wildcard spot.

    Second question is what are your plans if you guys dont grab this wildcard spot and do not get a chance to play in the smite pro league? Are you guys going break up and just disapear like some teams do or push for the next years challengers cup.

    Third question is looking that you guys can do well in other tournaments and even place second in the challengers cup what is your biggest problem from being consistent on placing high in the cup to grab those points?

    Final question for now is a funny one and want to see how you guys react. There is a little story behind this one so gotta let you guys know first if you do not already. Some of the people in HiRez including a shoutcaster and a pro player have some problems with vVv Gaming. So the question is how would you feel playing under the vVv tag when some of the people who help run the game and will be shoutcasting your games not like you just because of the tag you roll with.

    Hope i wasnt to mean and if i think of anything else ill probably ask you guys. Good luck with your app glad to see a team have an interest in vVv finally.
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    RedManOne reacted to Tresdyn in Asgard Gaming Sponsorship Request   
    We generally scrim / practice from 8pm - Midnight EST Monday - Thursday.  We participate on the weekly Tuesday night tournament as well and just consider it as a scrim time.

    And hello RedManOne, nice to see someone has seen my stream
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    RedManOne reacted to KillShift in Smite Pro and Challenger Standings   
    Update, Azgard Gaming might be posting a Sponsorship request, if they do please take the time to read it and give your opinions on it. Its a big step for our division if this happens
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    RedManOne got a reaction from snapdiggitydag in Mysterious Absence...   
    Hey man its all good, real life issues ALWAYS come before anything else. Thanks for letting us know tho  

    OzonePhx you playing? http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/68991-meet-the-community-game-play/
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    RedManOne reacted to KillShift in Mysterious Absence...   
    Good To see you again <3 Miss KSing you
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    RedManOne got a reaction from snapdiggitydag in Meet The Community Game & Play   
    Welcome back friends to the vVv Game and Play 1v1 tournament! In our first week, we determined who the kill of the hill would be for this series. Now, it is your turn to get revenge! All participants will be broken up into smaller brackets and battle it out against other opponents. Each win in this stage will grant you one point, while a loss grants nothing. After a champion has emerged from each bracket, those champions will take turns trying to dethrone the king. For any match against the king, a victory is worth two points rather than one. If a new king is crowned, the challenges will continue until all champions have had a shot at it. We will repeat this process for this week and the third and final event. After the third and final week, the contestant with the most points is the TRUE King of the Hill! Good Luck [VVGL] and Have Fun [VVGF]!
    Point System
    -Smaller Brackets
       Each WIN will be 1 point 
       LOSE does nothing
    -Match Against The King
       Each WIN will be 2 points
    Map - Joust (1v1 Setting)
    Starting Gold - 2000
    Starting Level - 3
    God Picking Method - Draft pick (4 bans)
    New gods cannot be picked for play until after a 2 week cooldown period, similar to league queues.
    How to Sign Up?
    To sign up post in this topic, your In-game Name (IGN) and you will be all registered. Sign ups will close 2 hours before the tournament begins. The matches will start on September 19th at 8pm EST as for the final one that follows on Friday September 26th. The King will be decided on the last Friday on September 26th.
    If you are interested in joining vVv Gaming click here to read more about who we are and what we do.
    Cadu2204 Minjaaa XxStorrMxX Oxygeneration BearTheMighty ExtendedMigz Snapdiggitydag Masochrist33 BasedLLama Dayved Sapeka S0ulcry aiEatYoFace Shorlong Aggust BlueKubii HistoryReborn BanBlade
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    RedManOne got a reaction from KillShift in MMO Application: KillShift   
    Good luck with you app man, keep doing what you are doing and you'll be home free. I fully support Killshift!!!! He does nothing but support vVv through online games as well as through his streams, he is a great asset to vVv and will only help us continue to grow! 
    Support 110% 

    Iowa City #1  
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    RedManOne reacted to Cadu2204 in Meet The Community Game & Play   
    Awesome idea and I hope everything goes well! Try to change your status in-game to "vVv 1v1 Tour, Msg4info". That will help with spreading the word!  
    Oh and btw, sign me up lol
    IGN: Cadu2204
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    RedManOne reacted to KillShift in Advertising SMITE In General to Expand   
    But if everyone has the same goal in mind, why wouldnt they? Because that could only benefit that in the long run.....
      Redman was agreeing with you on  "nothing wrong with getting people fired up" not splitting up haha
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    RedManOne reacted to Ahryse in Advertising SMITE In General to Expand   
    RedMan actually has the recruiting posts pinned in this forum, so anybody can find them when they want to upvote / reply.
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    RedManOne got a reaction from Daviepants in Advertising SMITE In General to Expand   
    we all started somewhere. 
    @KillShift great post ! I need to talk to u next time u are on
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    RedManOne reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Introduce Yourself!   
    What's your IGN?

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    RedManOne reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Introducing Team Valor!   
    Bears ezwin. You got this.
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    RedManOne reacted to Ahryse in Introducing Team Valor!   
    Good luck, kill it out there!
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    RedManOne got a reaction from Ahryse in Introducing Team Valor!   
    Good luck boys and bears, bring one home !!! Practice makes perfect
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    RedManOne reacted to KillShift in vVv Smite - Overview   
    Great Read!
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    RedManOne reacted to vVv Vall in Smite coming to Xbox One   
    omg omg omg really id soooo play on the xbox
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    RedManOne got a reaction from snapdiggitydag in August 1st 2014 Preliminary Patch Notes - Nu Wa Remake   
    thats rough man, I've been there lol I'm literally looking at my contract too it'll pass, I pmed u my #
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    RedManOne got a reaction from snapdiggitydag in SMITE CGN!   
    Snap love the ideas and your enthusiasm, we will talk when I get on.
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    RedManOne got a reaction from vVv JoeExotic in T U R N E Rx901: vVv COD App   
    Good luck with your app Turner
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    RedManOne reacted to vVv Minjaaa in vVv SMITE Mission Statement   
    The purpose of the vVv SMITE division is to be a supportive, engaging, and non-toxic community for players to thrive in, regardless of their background. This community is a place for competitive and casual players alike to share their love of the game and enjoy playing without having to worry about constant disrespect or hateful words and actions from another player. Within this community, members can build long lasting relationships with other like minded members, improve individual and teamwork skills, compete in friendly yet competitive events, and earn a sense of accomplishment by being a key factor in making vVv Gaming the wonderful community it is.
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    RedManOne got a reaction from vVv JoeExotic in Freya getting a new god card...   
    Dat ass 
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    RedManOne reacted to vVv Minjaaa in Unreleased Skins   
    Buying both as soon as they drop. No joke.
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    RedManOne got a reaction from snapdiggitydag in MMO Applicant - RedManOne   
    Hahaha thx baby cakes lets go own some ppl on Smite  

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