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  1. Hey! Welcome to the forums! Add me ingame: RedManOne hope to see ya online !! !
  2. Hey good luck with your app Grits! If you are ever bored hop down to the Smite channel and say Hello If you need any help or have any questions, just ask
  3. UPDATED! The first original post is updates! All new registers post under HERE! ! ! ! and Smite on!
  4. Welcome you all to the Forums, our guys are usually on around dinner time to midnight or later BMOC i think I've either played against u a lot or i think i even have u on my friends list from beta I use to play with Zapman and Wolfy a lot back when Juice Gaming was around I hope I get to talk with you guys very soon. I'm a bit rusty but my sense of humor will make up for that !!
  5. Thx for posting Tresdyn, I'd really recommend if you guys hopped onto mumble and really started to mingle with the Smite community, I mean all in all we are all apart of the community. Good luck this weekend with your match, I will be watching you and holy shit you're Deagen!!!
  6. Why yes it is, here's a link to you lazy people http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/69157-asgard-gaming-sponsorship-request/
  7. Looking to hear from your response, also I'll let one of the higher ups know about you guys who handle this matter. More importantly: What do you want from vVv Gaming? and how do you think vVv Gaming will benefit from picking you guys up ? I would recommend you guys start to mingle with our community on mumble: MBL1.Gameservers.com:10101 just so we can meet you and you meet the people who will be supporting you (If we decide to pick you up) Also you should check this out: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/39169-learn-about-vvv-gaming/ just hits to the core of who we are and what we are trying to do within the gaming community. Hope to hear from you soon!!!! -Red
  8. Im glad they do a challengers, I think its more exciting than the Pro teams. Cuz Cog is destroying, Its nice to see a comeback team E.G. all of the Challenger teams than just have one team or in this case, two teams dominate the whole tournament.
  9. Will be posting updated write up tonight for this Friday's event!!
  10. all crap such a boss and the reaction from the casters is amazing lol

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