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    I like to play Call of Duty competitively! I like to play GB's and tournaments as well as hangout with my friends online just playing laid back. I like to watch movies, play sports and surf the web.
  1. Individual Accomplishments: SOS Vizionz: 2nd @ GameStop FFA LAN Event SOS JJ: 1st @ GameStop FFA LAN Event SOS MikeyP: 2nd @ Battleground Gaming FFA Event 1st @ NWGA Esports 4v4 Event SOS ViVa: Multiple Local LAN Championships for Gamestop 4v4 Events
  2. I would like to add that we just played in a Tear Tournament as a full team and placed 2nd out of 32.
  3. I would like to add that tonight we will be playing some GameBattles if anyone would like to tune in and watch us compete! Here is the link to my Twitch Channel and I will update the post to let you guys know when we are playing! Hopefully some of yall will come hang out! http://www.twitch.tv/mlg_vizionz/profile
  4. Again, we just recently switched over profiles on GB, so our record doesn't show much of our skill.
  5. 1. How long has the roster been playing together? We have a core 3 members that have been teaming close to a year now and our newest pick up has been with us for close to a month. All four of us have played together in the past competitively so team chemistry has not been a problem. We all get along well and mesh well together as a team. 2. Where do the players live in relation to one another? Three of our members live in Georgia and the other member lives in Alabama making it easier for us to travel together. 3. What are your team's accomplishments? With this exact roster? Links? As a team, we have only played in a few tournaments and placed well in all of them. Individually we have 2 members who have LAN experience and have placed well in both LANs. All of us combined have multiple online tournament championships as well. 4. What are your team's latest tournament results? We have played in an online qualifier and an AM Cod League tournament and placed alright in both of them. The online qualifiers was for GNProCircuit and we placed T12 and for the AM Cod League we placed T8. We had just started teaming at the time and hadn't had time to set up any strats. I feel like we definitely are a better team than those placing and we are willing to prove it. 5. What is your team's next event online? LAN? We are able to play an event online at any time, we are currently hoping to be able to play in next weeks 2k. If not we are always looking for new tournaments to play in. We will be going to a LAN in Chattanooga Tennessee in June if everything goes alright from here on out. We are also looking at a LAN that we may attend in Louisville, Kentucky in June as well. 6. If you've been sponsored before, who was your best sponsor? Why? I would have to say our best sponsor was a GFX designer, EsportGFX. He made us everything we needed from a logo to twitter designs. 7. Why are you no longer with them? He decided to take a break from designing so we were left with no choice but to move on. 8. What was your worst sponsor? Why? Our worst sponsor would have to be Crazy Customs. It was a controller sponsor and we never received controllers or was even offered deals. We did our best to advertise their company but they never really helped us in the long run. 9. What do you hope to achieve with your team? I know for a fact that the four of us combined have more will power and dedication than any other team out there. I am so confident in our abilities and mind set that I know for a fact we will accomplish something one day. We are willing to learn from our mistakes and improve on our weakest assets. Our confidence along with our motivation is out the roof and that is what drives us to go somewhere one day. We hope to achieve LAN championships, successful YouTube channels, and to obtain helpful and friendly sponsors. 10. What do you see as your toughest competition? We see everyone as a competitor but our toughest competition would have to be the teams that are at our exact skill levels, mainly the Top AMs. We love competition though so we are motivated to learn off our mistakes and get better everyday to eliminate our competition. 11. What do you think the team has to improve on the most? Our team doesn't have that many flaws I believe but our biggest flaws would be our confidence level can get too high over our heads and also our gunfight challenges. We sometimes challenge guns fights that can be avoided but it's all a learning experience and that can all change along with our rising confidence level easily. 12. What are your short term goals for the team? Long term? Our short term goals are to keep grinding daily and improving as team. We also need to keep looking forward to the upcoming LANs and make sure we prepare for them. Long term goals are to become a pro team in Call of Duty and also grow as a team. We want to travel to Major LANs, and help vVv grow as a community and also help our sponsors in any way. We would also try to stay connected to our fan base and bring them along for the ride. 13. How long have you been playing competitive? I have always played very competitively, but serious competitive gaming since Black Ops 2. 14. How many hours during the week, do you play CoD? Ranging from 35-45 hours a week. 15. How many hours during the week do you dedicate towards reviewing gameplay and major tournaments? What about together as a team? We put hours every single day into watching Pro's scrim on livestream and try to pick up strats from them and even new play styles that would help the team. We also go back often to matches from previous major tournaments to see how they play and new strategies that we may be able to pick up on. We have 2 members that record and we also have a friend that streams our matches sometimes so we can always look back at a match and see what we can improve on. We review our own tapes often and talk about them before we get off every night. 16. How many hours during the week do you play CoD as a full team roster? I would say around 25-35 hours a week. 17. What are your tournament results for your past 3 major events? We currently have not played in any major events, but that will be changing very soon. 18. What is your next online event? LAN? We try to find tournaments daily and are looking for events to take place in as we speak. 19. How many major tournaments have you attended? None yet. 20. Are you shy around people you don't know? Not at all. 21. What do you hope to achieve as a player for vVv Gaming? I hope to help the vVv community grow as a whole and also obtain the ability of a Call of Duty professional. I would love to meet more of the vVv community and also bring more people to this wonderful gaming community. I will do whatever it takes to meet more people and satisfy the community whether it be from livestreaming or uploading videos on YouTube! 22. Link to all social media sites used. Twitter: https://twitter.com/SOS_VizionZ Twitch TV: http://www.twitch.tv/mlg_vizionz/profile YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Ow1kHNkP4k-shN6sSsNEA 23. Do you stream? If so link your channel. I can stream sometimes. I linked it in the previous question. 24. Do you create written or video content? If so, link to your content. I linked my youtube a 2 questions ago. 25. What does being a professional gamer mean to you? Being a professional gamer would mean the world to me. It would allow me to help the CoD eSports community grow as well as the vVv gaming community. It would honestly mean the world to me because I have spent so much time grinding and learning new things for this to go to waste. I know my team feels the same way and I would love to become professionals with them. 26. How do you think you can improve as a player? As a member of the eSports community? I improve as a player everyday by watching pro's play and also by listening to my teammates. We help each other out so no one is left behind. I can improve as a player by watching film, watching pro's, and getting advice from respected members of the community. I can improve as a member of the eSports community by uploading more to YouTube and streaming more often for our fan base. I would love to help bring more people to the CoD eSports community as well as the vVv Gaming community.

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