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  1. Exactly! Everyone just needs to help eachother and contribute ideas instead on pissing on them
  2. Cheers bro! vVv is known for winning and that’s what we do ??
  3. Also here’s the league table for anyone interested. We are currently known as Tiempo. https://virtualprogaming.com/league/XVPG
  4. Hey all! I thought I’d share with the community that my Pro clubs team and I have just won the league over on the competitive Pro clubs site VPG! Big congrats on all the lads involved and all the hard work we’ve put in! ???
  5. Welcome to vVv bro! Glad to see a lot more new faces on the site and seeing vVv grow, hope to see you around more on the forums
  6. Congratulations mate! I’m excited to see what’s to come in the future for vVv and to become apart of it!
  7. kane1303

    Kano application

    Yes bro I’ll add you up at some time today!
  8. Welcome to vVv! Be sure to stay active and hope to see you round on the site more. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone
  9. Loving number 3 and 7! Either of those would look sick and these are some real smart designs
  10. Welcome to the community mate! Glad to see more faces join, hope to see you around on here!
  11. Welcome to the community bro! Hope to see you around more and squad up on Anthem some time!
  12. I fully support this and I hope we can get vVv back on the map for competitive gaming and start competing in future events! If you need anything I’m here to help brother

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