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    Oriklad reacted to Yui in Aeroglow Re app - Hello Again :D   
    Sorry for the delay on the response, I am in the middle of a "finals week" with lots of essays.  2 of the main reasons I left vVv was I was unsure how much commitment my schooling was going to take and a lack in activity in the League of Legends division (as a whole) that would make my time and commitment not valuable to me.  Once I realized that I could manage school and still have time to give, the only thing holding me back from reapplying was the state of the League community.  With the restructuring and rebuilding I feel that my time and effort here will be valuable to both myself and the vVv community, which is why I made the decision to reapply.
    I hope that answers your question!
    Thanks!  For League of Legends in general I would like to make it to plat in solo que.  I am close and good enough to do it, it will just require me to put in a little more effort in honing my mechanics and decision making to bridge the gap.  In the community I am looking to step up as a personal coach to those that would like it.  As I have stated previously a lot of my current joy in League comes from helping others improve through analysis of play, theory crafting, etc, and I am looking for ways to explore this area more.  I am already working with some members of the community and looking to put together a group of people that would like to play ranked 5s for the purpose of improving their team play.
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    Oriklad got a reaction from vVv LordJerith in Rebuilding the LoL Division   
    So. The ADL was great, possibly one of the best that I have played in since the ADL started. I am glad that I am a part of the community, and I might move back over to League. Really thinking of getting back into it, and playing the PS4 and Hearthstone as cool off. I can't wait to see what CWide has in store for us, and I am will continue to support the League of Legends section that vVv supports, and I hope that everyone else does also.
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    Oriklad reacted to SilverSpoon in [Pathfinder Online] Hands-On Alpha Test!   
    First I would like to thank our presedent vVv RobZGod for this chance to be in the Alpha for Pathfinder Online. I would also like to thank vVv LordJerith and Bonny from Goblinworks Inc. getting/giving the keys that vVv Gaming had.
    Second I would like to make sure that everyone reading this knows about Pathfinder Online and gets to read up on vVv's involvement in its Kickstarter.
    Important links:

    I will eventually be adding some video of my game play into this review to show you all what I am talking about as I go.
    DISCLAIMER: This is the Alpha, its not by any means a finished product. There is a lot of things that are being worked on and still needing attention.
    As my first test in the Alpha I tried out all of the classes and the weapon sets that they came with. Bellow I will list each class and how I felt about each class and its stuff. I also did a lot of running around and found some slight graphic crashes but that is expected in the Alpha.
    While I found the Focus of the Cleric to be an awesome idea that you can use that as a main hand weapon. This gives you more actual holy spells instead of melee attacks from the mace. While they felt really weak compared to the mace skills they for sure felt as if they were supportive and party based instead of the solo-ish feel of the mace.
    Cleric does have one thing over the other classes in the Alpha, it has a heal. This made it feel really broken in the Alpha. I could take on a group of two bandits and two Omega Wolves and still come out alive. But the second that there was some archers there was no way that you could live. Their crazy attack speed coupled with the HUGE damage they do makes it not very fun no matter the class.
    The second class I played was the Rogue. While I normally either end up playing the Healer/Support role or the High-Mobility Thief class this version of it left a lot to be had. The Rogue has a skill that blinds your target. This was very useful in fights but the fact that the Mace main-hand skills were such trash that you couldn't really do much with it. But once you put that mace in your off-hand you were ready to slash and bash things for days! The one thing about the Rogue that really threw me for a loop was the fact that when I used the longsword #3 skill it played the sound as if I was shooting a bow and arrow. Small gripe but still something that caught me off guard and almost got me killed once.
    However the one thing that Rogue has that felt right to me, crazy fast and high damage output when you use the longsword/mace combo. I also did enjoy the fact that when the Rogue and Wizard were running they used less of their stamina over time then the Cleric and the Fighter.
    The third class that I actually did play was the Fighter. I didn't play it for long since by this time I was running out of time in the Alpha (it only lasted three hours for today.) I used the skills in combat and found that Fighters is going to be really good in the beta but for right now it felt really lacking for the short time I played it.
    All I have to say about Wizard is:
    Dear Goblinworks,
    Please for the love of Pathfinder. Artic Winds and Ray of Frost. They are so strong. Like if I set a macro to quick cast Ray of Frost I could lazor anything it does so much damage. Artic Winds is good on the damage, but the HUGE area it has is just GAHHH. So much pew pew, can't handle.
    Hopefully when they release more skills and classes as well as Feats we will also see some balance of the Wizard.
    So now that you know what I think of the classes here is what I thought of the actual game play.
    Ok so I know this is the Alpha, but lets be real the fact that Bandit Archers can shoot me like a freaking machine gun and you can't even see his projectiles. Despite the fact that I couldn't block any of it since only the Fighter and Cleric seemed to have any use of a shield. Of course the movements need to be worked on and please for the love of Pathfinder make it so when the characters move their outfits aren't part of their legs. This was so distracting when I was playing the Wizard and I actually ran into a huge group of Bandits while studying my characters outfits.
    The skill timings seem good so far and the whole idea of the Feats menu and the in-game crafting seem like they are going to be amazing once they are in the game and able to be tested.
    All in all I give the Alpha a 9/10.
    The reason its not a 10/10 is simple. When you die as a Rogue you spawn in the middle of an open piece of land with no direction of where you came from. Yes I know this is the spawn point of Rogue's when they die for now but there needs to be some way for the player to know how to get back to town or at least back to where they were. A waypoint marker system will for sure be much loved by me and my fellow Guild Wars players who will be joining me in the Pathfinder Online Beta and the full release.
    Thank you all for reading this, and now bellow here I will give some details about myself to help credit this review.

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    Oriklad got a reaction from SilverSpoon in [Pathfinder Online] Game Information   
    Remember Everyone, August for the Early Access!!! Can't wait to try out the game, and I hope they bring in the Drow Race!
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    Oriklad reacted to IRGRL in Season 2 soundrack~ beautiful!   
    Just released, the season 2 soundtrack, just a taste of it 
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    Oriklad got a reaction from Ahryse in Legendary Drop Threads   
    Post what Legendary's you got, with status, level, type, and class! Just post it up here, and share it with the community or brag about ones you work on so much!!! This includes Set items and any plans you get too!!!
    In example:

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    Oriklad got a reaction from Ahryse in Legendary Drop Threads   
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    Oriklad reacted to SilverSpoon in Facts and Info   
    For all of those who don't know anything about the Pathfinder Francine I figured that I should dump some facts for you.
    When Paizo first came into business they sold Dungeons and Dragon's Magazines. They had a contract with Wizards of the Coast to do so. (For those that don't know Wizards of the Coast owns games such as Dungeons and Dragons.) In the early part of 2007 Wizards of the Coast decided NOT to renew Paizo for another contract so instead Paizo decided to start publishing a periodical of Pathfinder.
    When Wizards of the Coast announced that they were launching Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 (which was under a more strict Game System Licence) Paizo took action and made Pathfinder its own game and published it with an Open Game Licence. At first Pathfinder was just a slightly modified version of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. But soon they started to expand by opening up a website and allowing people to play the engine of the game and then post their feedback about it to said website.
    Since then Pathfinder has earned its publishers of Paizo many awards including:
    1. Best Game ( ENine Awards at Gen Con)
    2. Best Publisher (ENine Awards at Gen Con)
    3. Best Free Product or Web Enhancement (ENine Awards at Gen Con)
    Pathfinder also happened to be the highest selling RPG engine of the second quarter of 2011, Autumn 2012, Spring 2013, and Autumn 2013.
    It replaced the highest selling RPG Engine since 1974 which happens to be its biggest competitor known as Dungeons and Dragons.
    Pathfinder also has several books, box sets, and subscriptions to their new comic. All of which can be found here:
    Thank you for reading and I hope that I have educated some of you on Paizo and Pathfinder.
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    Oriklad got a reaction from NintenfeedX in NINTENFEED'S APPLICATION <3   
    Ok, so he might be part goat... But he is a good goat that eats the other team's forfeit papers! I think he will be a good addition to the LoL community!
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    Oriklad got a reaction from keykat in BenQ RL2240HE Gaming Monitor Unboxing   
    "I tend to add an inch to everything." ~vVv Sundown... #bestquoteoftheyear
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    Oriklad got a reaction from RedManOne in BenQ RL2240HE Gaming Monitor Unboxing   
    "I tend to add an inch to everything." ~vVv Sundown... #bestquoteoftheyear
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    Oriklad got a reaction from lawlable in Karthus Visual Update   
    Why no Yorick quotes! That is rude to Yorick Mori. #noloveforyorick
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    Oriklad got a reaction from Anarchy in Recruitment Threads - Please Bump Regularly   
    Hello everyone, and remember that we are having another Meet and Greet in a week, so join us for the great experience!
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    Oriklad got a reaction from IRGRL in The "Say Hello Thread" Introduce your self here.   
    Hey there, I am Oriklad! I am a Necro Main, and I have been in the guild for a good 2 weeks I think. My IGN is Oriklad.2413 if ya want to add me, and you can just call me Ori for short. I like to do PvE mostly, due to the less stressful pressure, and the extreme fun of the vast variety of areas and creatures to kill. I do love doing World Bosses, Dungeons, and Fractials, and always up for joining in a party for them. So if ya need a necro to do that with, come and hit me up in game, and on Mumble where I am usually on!
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    Oriklad got a reaction from IRGRL in Inappropriate Selfies in WvW   
    Well, when a commander or two goes down, and you can't rely on the Dirty Wench to save ya... TIME FOR A SELFIE!!!!

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    Oriklad got a reaction from IRGRL in Inappropriate Selfies in WvW   
    When you watch a base you own get over run by the enemy... Great time to watch from a distance, and cheer on your allies.

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    Oriklad got a reaction from Conflict (ex-vVv) in Legendary Drop Threads   
    Post what Legendary's you got, with status, level, type, and class! Just post it up here, and share it with the community or brag about ones you work on so much!!! This includes Set items and any plans you get too!!!
    In example:

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