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    RahRah reacted to Crazyviva in MMO Application (WildStar): RahRah(Califin)   
    YAAY!!! good luck in your interview RahRah! I'll be rooting for you!
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    RahRah got a reaction from Conflict (ex-vVv) in Diablo III Meet and Greet!   
    I would venture to guess that all are welcome and encouraged to come :
    I will be there, and I will be trying to get as many people as I can to attend. 
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    RahRah got a reaction from Ticonz in Weekend Beta Keys 4/25-4/28   
    If you haven't tried WildStar and are looking to try it out, here you go! If you do, we are on the Nexus server, Dominion side. 
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    RahRah got a reaction from IRGRL in Hi! Im one of your new WvW Warlords   
    Congratulations, Viv!
    Getting people organized in WvW is not a easy task,  it takes a vocally and mentally strong person to do so, so I know you will do well. I wish you all the best, and I will toast to your victories! 
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    RahRah got a reaction from IRGRL in The "Say Hello Thread" Introduce your self here.   
    I'm what's his bucket a.k.a Menes in GW2. Most of my toons in GW have the first name Menes anyway. I thought I had a post here but I guess I was wrong so I decided to make another. 
    I don't really play GW that often but when I'm on and you need anything or any help just ask and I will do my best to assist you. You can find my on the WildStar team so if you're planing to play that you will find my on RahRah or Califin. 
    Taking to me is like talking to a 90 year old senile person, I lose my train of thought and might repeat myself or forget what I was doing, so don't mind me. So just smile and nod and i will do the same. 
    Anyway, I'm just rambling now so I will see myself out. 
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    RahRah got a reaction from DirtySonic in Which Class is Your Favorite!   
    Hey, Gifted
    As, Chounji said, yes they can be, but they can also DPS. that being said, I like tanks and feel they have a role in not only PvE but in objective based PvP. When it comes down to Arenas where it is a DPS fest I will be running DPS, but for things like Walatiki where a tank is good for running mask or defending, I will be filling that roll. 
    I like to be a team player and make sure my team wins. I could care less if I'm top dps/kill or whatever, so as long as I can help secure the victory for my team, I am doing my job. 

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