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  1. That has been the issue we have been dealing with for the past 2 months. We can not force people to log in, and we can not force people to run dungeons. The current officers as a whole have tried to create an environment that would lead us into raiding and progression, but it is up to guild members themselves to take the initiative to form groups and get themselves attuned. This has not been the case however. A lot of guild members want to be carried through attunement. They wait around until someone can carry them through the content. They do not form groups themselves, they do not queue up for dungeons, they do nothing other then wait around for someone else to do it for them. If you all want to raid, then you all need to get up and do something about it. Don't complain about it; do something about it. I came to vVv because I thought it was a competitive organization. As stated by vVv_Doomhammer This has not been the case in WildStar. Instead, we have mass recruited and filled out ranks with dead weight; people that are unwilling to learn and progress. When the issue of standards was been brought up, I was told I am an elitist and that is not how were are going to do things. That is why we are in the current state that we are in. We have not strived for excellence; we have set ourselves up for failure. Leaders in the community have told our current GM and officers that they expected WildStar to fail , and that they really don't intend to support the game. Yet the officers have continued to strive to make the WildStar chapter a success. I commend them for all of their hard work and dedication in light of their discovery. I have tried to help build a successful guild, one that adds value to the community and creates a sense of pride in it members. I have tried to promote the WildStar chapter through my stream in beta, but was denied being added to the vVv twitch group. I have tried to promote our recruitment in numerous forums and web pages, but I was the only one doing so. I asked permission to create an in-game circle of guild leaders to help everyone we could get attuned and promote a greater sense of community on Pergo, but was told I can't do that either. Over the past few weeks talking with the current officers, I have come to see that our efforts have been in vain. We are Sisphus, stuck in a loop of failure. Until leaders of chapters are given freedom to build successful guilds/clans in their respective games. We will continue to see the never ending spiral of failure. I am aware that this won't be a popular post, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was deleted, but it needs to be said. We keep avoiding the conflicts that exist. I am too old for all of this; I play to enjoy myself and that has not been the case here. I play to relax and escape drama, but every time I log into the game that is what I encounter. With that said, I am stepping down from the officer position and upon doing so, will also be leaving the vVv community. I wish you all the best, RahRah
  2. I hate to tap into this thread to bring this up, but it seems like the best place. With the new PvE push,do we still intend to push the PvP side of the chapter? Chounji and I have looked over the RBG thread and it seems like Sunday and Monday nights work best for them, but with the new PvP rules it would require an officer to set them up and run them. I can not make Mondays as it is the dedicated Wife/Husband day around my house. So, due to not know when your groups plan on doing things and not knowing who can run the PvP show on Monday nights, I haven't posted that those are the nights we have decided on. I will keep and eye out on when you all plan to run your groups, but as it stand now, my group will be running on Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7:30 EDT.
  3. RahRah

    Group 1

    Still haven't heard from Twibird, but as it looks as of right now the best times would be Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7:30 EDT (to give some leeway). This will also help us stick to the original PVE/Raid nights. Also, if either of you know a DPS'er that want to take out 5th spot and isn't a SS, please bring it up and we can discuss them joining us. I will be on WildStar today, so if you al would like to start early just let me know in Mumble.
  4. RahRah

    Group 1

    As you all know, I am RahRah, ruler of the planet Omnicron Persei 8! Attunement: I'm 75% done with dungeons and only need SSM. Have cleared SSM on Bronze level. Gear: Both my Tanks are raid ready and have multiple armor sets to choose from. Availability: I am available every night except Mondays, and PvP nights. Other then that I am free at anytime during the day or night. Via PM from Hexanol Attunement: I've gone through all of them except SSM. But I have not gotten to get silver in any of them. Gear: My gear is dungeon ready. Availability: I can be on on pretty much any night of the week right now at or after 7pm EST.
  5. Howdy, howdy! If you are in Group 1, my group ; please forgive me for my current absence. I haven't been on due to personal matters. If you could please PM me here on the forums what times are best for you all, and you current stage of attunement. That would be awesome. I will go over the times and set up dates and time that will work best for everyone and we will get started A.S.A.P.
  6. Problems I see with theses groups is as follows: Group 1: JuDra: Never talks in guild chat, is always muted and deafened in mumble and does not respond to me via guild chat, whispers or msg in mumble. Sonicboom: Now has a 50 medic that they are seeking to be their main. Group 2: Vrothgar: Hasn't been on in over a week. AlixiA: Haven't see them on either, they may have been on (I need to check the guild list) but I haven't seen them. Group 3: Shafe: Hasn't been online in awhile, week or so maybe. Group 4: Like Chounji said, that group is stacked. Also, Antagonizer from what I hear has never "finished" a run; he always dips out. Group 5: Sneekajoo: Do they even have tank gear? Viral: If you move him with SlyFx, he is also gear causing group 4 to still be stack and he also knows some of the dungeons. I did STL with him and he was slightly less then me on Stormtalon putting out 3.1k DPS on the fight. That is off the top of my head without really looking through the guild list. It is a good idea Lin, but as Viva said, we do need to make sure that these people are still playing. As a side note i would put Medics with stalkers since they can heal them selves a lot and will benefit the most from the shield heals.
  7. I'm in on my stalker. Califin Stalker Tank
  8. RahRah Warrior (DPS/Tank)/ Engi (Tank) I can play anytime of the day/night and any day of the week. I will need to take around an hour off between 8-10 P.M. Eastern to put my daughter to bed if the days are random. If they are set days every week at the same time then I won't need to take any time off as I will work my home schedule around it. War is soon to be 1500 and Engi is sitting at 1500.
  9. People in attendance (Green = Healer): Allen (War/Engi PvE?) Apoc (SS 1800) Sundays work best Alpha (Medic 1200?) Codra (SS 1800?) Fibz (Medic 1800) Heelios (SS PvE) LinCars (Stalker 1200?) Naakta (Esper 1200) Suulomades (Stalker 1800) Viral (War 1500) Chounji (1500) DrChimera (1500) M/W work best RahRah (War/Engi 1500) Viva (War 1200?) Ecchigo (SS 1200?) Succubusty (SS 1200?) The comp people seems most comfortable with is 2/3 SS, 2/3 War, 2/3 Heal, 1/2 Stalker, 1 Engi, 1 Esper. People want to work on Calling CC for stun/burst combos. Everyone who can should be running Heal debuff and/or cleanse. If I left anything out please add to the post.
  10. RahRah

    Raid Composition

    I agree with Helios; but that will hurt a lot of peoples feelings that get swapped out. I would make sure that you all tall people in advance if you choose to go that route.
  11. Enjoy your trip and stay safe. See you when you get back.

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