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  1. I am fairly certain the guild is dead
  2. I wanted to try as well, but the queues are atrocious :\ They really should have planned for this better.
  3. I just picked this one up last week; http://www.amazon.com/BenQ-XL2411Z-24-Inch-LED-Monitor/dp/B00ITORITU/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1410022268&sr=1-7&keywords=benq It is easily the best monitor/TV I have ever owned. The colors are incredible in comparison to the Acer it replaced, the pre-configured FPS1 settings are perfect for gaming in general and I love the 1:1 pixel mode for when I'm playing a console game that is sub-1080p. It's fantastic for consoles and shooters, highly recommend it or any 144hz BenQ, as I've only ever seen equally positive sentiments. The Black eQualizer isn't a gimmick either, it does a fantastic job of brightening dark areas without compromising color or having banding issues. Dark spots in CS:GO might as well not even exist anymore. If you enjoy any type of arcade style gaming as well (I have an arcade stick hooked up to my PC) the monitor detects when you turn it 90, 180, and 270 degrees and automatically adjusts the resolution which the PC recognizes instantly. If I want to play some good ol' Galaga with a large amount of vertical space, I just rotate and go. It's very nice.
  4. Amazing site, thanks for the link! Definitely going to make some use of their guides.
  5. I'm curious about the same as well as similar questions. It appears that WildStar is just about dead from the looks of the forum, is this looking to be promising in terms of player activity and end-game guild progression?
  6. Things have calmed down and I'm finally able to feel settled in to my new living situation. Sorry it took so long, I was not prepared at all for everything to hit me at once after moving out. Thankfully, I've caught up on my debts and can now relax and hang out with everyone here again! Consider me off vacation
  7. I've had a lot of personal issues and drama come up alongside moving in to my new place and I haven't been able to keep up with WildStar or anything non-cell phone because of it, occasionally not even feeling comfortable to stay in my new home. I want to figure everything out and finally settle down as soon as possible but I don't know how long that's going to take at this point (mostly related to funds), it could be later this week, it could be a few weeks. I'm definitely pushing to get everything tacked down as quick as possible so I can focus on furthering our progression and guild. I sincerely apologize for letting everyone down in my progression group as well as the guild. I'm not sure how things have gone with subs filling my role, but if a replacement is found for me then it's likely for the best of vVv and the guild to make the change.
  8. My difficulty has to do with our group system. I've been strained to play without setting aside time in advance since the move has been less than a smooth process and I've gotten next to no responses or notifications from the group on setting up times to attune. I was also a bit put off a bit when I logged in the other night and found my group about to start a dungeon but wouldn't let me go because they had pugged someone else from the guild. I feel there should be priority for group members, it's unfortunate to boot someone out but at the same time it's assumed they have their own group they can go with.
  9. Look at all of those BIS blues over purples. Guess this make it easy to see that adventures not giving guaranteed purples is an okay thing
  10. According to my ping logs I lost connection to it five times today, twice yesterday.
  11. I whipped up a script that detects if the vVv Mumble becomes unreachable and if so will start my backup server. If you're in the middle of something requiring immediate communication and have time to switch to it when the server goes down, it should be available a few seconds after the Mumble goes down. Once the vVv Official Mumble is found to be back online, it'll terminate after seven minutes (This will happen without an audible warning!). This is primarily intended for the Wildstar guild which has been facing sudden impacting communication issues during Mumble downtime. Information is as follows; Address: dotdissent.com Port: 64738 Password: vvvbackup Note: I am not entirely sure if the official server will respond to ping despite being unreachable via Mumble. If the server still responds to ping then my server is not going to automatically start.
  12. dissent

    SlimRune Addon

    Open your rune page anywhere and have it look not like butto! Made by me Enjoy http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/222093-slimrune
  13. dissent

    Custom UI's

    Make this a macro and you will have a button that can bring up your Runecrafting menu wherever you are. It won't let you craft, of course. /eval Event_FireGenericEvent("GenericEvent_CraftingResume_OpenEngraving")
  14. dissent

    Custom UI's

    Published a new addon today that gives you a button for hiding the Quest Log. http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/222043-quest-tracker-hide

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