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  1. Congrats brother, Bronze is one hell of a climb.
  2. When you log into battle.net its at the bottom, just click on Overwatch and click "Learn More"
  3. Not in the cards for me but I would love to go to a PAX event. Nothing good ever happens in Canada video game related. At least not near me
  4. Man I can' wait for Overwatch, that game is going to make all of my gaming dreams come true. Tracer looks like shes going to be a bit complicated but I am so pumped. I think that game is going to be huge
  5. Looking for a new graphics card. Anyone got one for sale? I will pay shipping etc.

  6. Haha that was a solid run. Where you been @ brah, I'm lonely
  7. To be honest I think I'm alright for right now man. Unless you can get me a copy of Overwatch, then i'll take one of those lol
  8. This needs to be updated after the latest patch. Hero League is now limited to 2 people so we will have to have multiple groups or create a solid 5s team for Team League. You know I am down for whatever, just hit me up when I am online.
  9. Saturn will be away for the "Wednesday Night HotS" this upcoming week but Peacenerdz will be hosting it and I will help him the best I can. Hope to see lots of you out there this week.
  10. Just read this for my first time, very good job on breaking it down for people. Should've been a writer Jerry
  11. Got my new Cat6 and Sades Headset today from Amazon. Stopped off to the beer store AND I have the day off tomorrow. Gaming night

  12. Things are sweet, been playing lots of HotS with the crew and having fun. Looking forward to what comes next, whatever it may be.
  13. Good luck on the app process homie, fun playin with ya

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