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  1. whats up everyone ill be moving from Florida to Texas soon and i don't know how fast ill be able to get internet so im posting here.. ill be back as soon as i can vVv Deadaim
  2. who's vVv sacred ? lol na i would say best of luck but ill still be playing and talking to you everyday soooooo the only thing ill say is you'll be back
  3. arkaine needs to play more aggressive and get hyped during matches
  4. yo before the tournament if you have a full team already you should hit me up so we can scrim each other itll be fun to see what kind of comp we will be going up against also love the post jerry cant wait for this next year with vVv i want to rep those V's on LAN for UE
  5. yoooo arkaine welcome back cant wait to play some gears with you good luck on your app
  6. will you be attending the ADL tonight and Wednesday?
  7. glad to see your app hope you find teammates that can help propel your gaming career ..best of luck and remember stay active
  8. Deadaim

    Invis App to Join vVv

    good luck on your app man!... haven't gotten to play with you yet but im sure ill see you in the adl
  9. by the way im back i had an amazing time the production was incredible! .. i spent most of my time at the cosmic meadows and the basspod but my favorite set was seven lions hands down i gave sooooo many lightshows lol but the bad thing is i got my wallet stolen on the last day and one of my friends decided to do LSD and ended up trying to have sex with a dirt pile and got taken to the hospital and he had the keys to the rental so i was stuck there after day 2 but overall it was amazing
  10. ill be gone from june 18 - june 23 because ill be in wonderful Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival so i love all you but its time to get my party on be back soon UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ!!
  11. Deadaim

    I wanne be in vVv :D

    paraa has been around for awhile and i think hes a great player and has shown dedication to the COD division keep it up homie
  12. watched his stream he does a great job solo casting for the ADL it is difficult but right away i can see how he can add great value to the org.... keep it up and ill see you around
  13. to the two ppl that liked this post we aint friends no mo and vall we arent going to any festivals together

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