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  1. So over all I will say this: The officers as a whole have run more dungeons, more adventures and have carried more ungrateful people through these steps by holding their hands than I could possible count in one life time. I can see from Pointblanks perspective but I believe you have severely miss stepped and have shown how truly ignorant you are about anything guild related. I am usually a really nice guy (or so I'm told) and it pains me to be so straight forward but the first thought that comes to my mind is "how dare any one say the officers havent been trying". I've literally been on every single day since WildStar came out running people through all types of content - I literally take a small break (3 days) and out of no where I am trash who doesnt do anything to help the guild progress? Are you kidding me. Do you realize how many members of the guild have tried to form their own groups and clear the dungeons before the officers literally sat down and spoon fed you balanced groups to get through the content? NONE... Exactly ZERO groups. We had to basically beg people to run dungeons with us (officers).. Then when we have our group making session more healers than I can count came out of the woods (I thought we had maybe 2 healers in the guild) and tons of dps... Where the hell were you when we needed you during our first progression? So before you decide to throw the leadership under the bus - try to take a hard look at what everyone has done. The only ones I've seen actually trying to help the guild and giving back more than they take is Papa and Ny (I may have missed one). I am really disappointed in how ignorant people have become and how greedy they are. What a shame.
  2. I heard it's only because of a glitch/exploit that medics can do that kind of Dps. Can you confirm/deny?
  3. Sup sup guys! So I have been testing a new PvP build for Esper and I am having a ridiculously positive outcome with it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Untouchable Esper Guide
  4. Hey guys, So I know a lot of you are really upset about the recent patch (especially the healers) but there is some good news in the near future. Here is a copy paste of the information as well as the link to the original post. Let's hope these changes happen quickly! Original: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/106109-update-on-current-pvp-issues/ Rating Bracket Bug: The issue of players not getting queue pops when grouped together due to having ratings on the opposite sides of certain ratings thresholds has been fixed and was pushed out last night. Healing in PvP: Adjustments are being made internally to increase the effectiveness of healing in PvP. This change will need a balance pass and testing so I can’t provide an ETA at this time. Time to Kill: We are currently investigating ways to address concerns regarding time to kill. We have been looking at player health values in end game PvP and looking at possible adjustments to the Min/Max damage modifiers gained through PvP stats. We have no ETA on any adjustments at this time Gear Gaps: The gear gaps are being closed. The intent is to make it so skilled players in blues will still be competitive with players in Tier 2 sets (1800’s). We will be making following changes: The PvP blue set will be boosted to the current Tier 1 set The Tier 2 set will remain the same The Tier 1 set will be boosted to bridge the gap between blues and Tier 2. The cost of blues will also be reduced by approximately 50% This change is targeted to be pushed out in the next few weeks. Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds (exile vs. exile and dominion vs. dominion): This is something I have been investigating and would like to add in the future, however this is not something that is a quick change. Currently, battlegrounds are built for opposing faction in terms of world art (more so Daggerstone than Walatiki and HotBS), VO and strings. It would also require a rework of the existing BG queuing system. I am currently seeking approvals for adding this feature and will provide updates when I am able. Making Tier 2 Gear obtainable in Rated Battlegrounds: I would also like to make Tier 2 pvp gear obtainable in Rated Battlegrounds. This is another change that will require approval and again, I will provide updates when I am able. Entering Enemy Spawns in Battlegrounds: Fixes to prevent this have been made for Daggerstone and Walatiki and will be pushed out this week or next.
  5. I really do not think there was a plan - but we should wait till Heelios comes back to discuss it in depth since he is the leader and all
  6. Chounji

    Group 5

    Hey guys - Alright I've already spoken to all of you but to make it more official and to hold you all accountable I wanted to make this post so we always have somewhere to communicate if need be. Please provide the following so that we can get this on the road! Attunement: I will be tanking on a new 50 but my experience is 75% done with dungeon and have clear SSM (bronze) just need silver. Gear: I have many adventure pieces and some crafted blues. Availability: I am on nightly and will be available everyday except PvP nights.
  7. Hey rah - You logging in any time soon? I can explain all that.
  8. Hey guys - Alright so I am going to be making a series that I need clips for. I know many of you record or have twich videos of your game play saved. What I am looking for is funny AND/OR lucky moments. So things like you barely soloing a boss, escaping 10 exile who are chasing you or your character glitching out in funny ways etc.. Use your imagination. All you need to do is upload it (either youtube, google files, etc..) and then send me a link to it so I can download it and use the piece in a video I'll edit together. Id like this project to turn into a weekly thing (like every friday) but if there is not enough participation Ill need to do it every 2 weeks. I'll be posting this in the forums and reddit but I figured I'd let you guys know first and get you thinking about providing clips when things happen. Thank you for your help and I look forward to your submissions You can send link(s) to your video to the following email: funnychounji@gmail.com
  9. New Music I just found - Search for Alestorm. This song is awesome though!
  10. I know this may change (which is fine) but I am ok with the people currently on my team.
  11. I am with Sly - Hail Hydra. Also - I have sent my RSVP for this event, however, please let the door man know I require 14 pints of your finest spring water and 14 1/2 microphones. Please do not inquire about why I need these just know it is in your best interest to provide them. Farewell and it has been a pleasure. Good day.
  12. In all honesty no one reads the MoTD lol - But yea we need to announce it daily in guild chat throughout the day from this point on so people remember.

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