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  1. Still the same Davie and still the same pants :)

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      YOU WEAR PANTS? <3

    4. Daviepants


      haha, this is why I love you guys (and gals) <3

  2. Daviepants

    Arrow's Application

    And by isn't going to happen, you obviously mean you have the name already reserved on a smurf account
  3. So after a bit of me time I have come to the conclusion that I will be hanging up my Vs and resigning from vVv Gaming. I have been taking quite a lengthy break from League of Legends, which has made it a bit difficult for me to want to keep up with the scene lately (plus I've been immersing myself in an MMO I played years ago and my mentality has always drawn me to focus primarily on one game at a time no matter how many I try to spread myself out to). Furthermore, while I do respect the direction the organization is going in, I feel it's not the path I personally wish to take, and if I can't give 100% of myself to vVv it's not fair to the organization, its members, and myself. I don't ever want to half-ass something I'm passionate about. This isn't to say I've disappeared forever! I'll still frequent the forums and chat in the shoutbox when I can, and I'll still hop on the mumble from time to time to talk with all the amazing friends I've met throughout the year I've been a part of vVv--hanging up my Vs doesn't mean I'll lose the friendships I've made. I'm forever grateful for the insight I've gained here, and the opportunity to be exposed to how awesome competitive gaming actually is. So, to all the members here, thank you for giving me that experience <3 And remember...
  5. Daviepants

    Arrow's Application

    Getting screwed is fun though--I mean...wait, what?
  6. I mean there isn't a distance cap on Rek'Sai's ult, so long as a tunnel exists on the map, granted Ekko's ult can do damage to anything in the radius of his ult (could you imagine a well timed ult back to dragon pit for a dragon steal...*drools*). Also, I was thinking about it this weekend, and how viable do you think Muramana would be on Ekko if paired up with a RoA? I know most players on the PBE have been just going full AP damage items due to his high burst ability, but I think the early Tear would help with mana issues and the RoA would provide a bit of tankiness. A full build would be something like (in no particular build order): - Rod of Ages - Muramana - Lich Bane - Nashor's Tooth - Abyssal Scepter - Sorcerer Boots Just trying to think a bit outside the box than the standard AP burst build that most AP assassins/mages tend to build :3
  7. Daviepants

    Arrow's Application

    So Arrow promised to serenade me and has yet to fulfill that promise, so I've upped the ante and now he has to do it naked On a serious note, having been in contact with Arrow from the beginning of his time here at vVv (originally an Adopt-A-Noob student), he's really opened up to a lot of the members here, and while originally being a quiet person, has been able to come out of his shell and show us his competitive, but also realxed & upbeat, personality. It's been really cool to see the improvements he's made in League of Legends from when he first came to vVv inquiring about AAN to present day where he's in a community-formed ranked 5s team with other vVv members. I believe he has provided constructive feedback to our staff pertaining to events they have created for the community (like the ADL), as well as making the community positively grow in general; this is also something I see him doing in the future without hesitation, which shows that he cares about making this community better. I definitely look forward to seeing him get his Vs in the future and have no doubt that he will welcome all newcomers to vVv with open arms PS: Ban Ezreal when you play against him
  8. I like men, men are good, especially magic men And yeah, chances are people will tend to build him down the bursty AP mage path, but I think it'd be really cool to see what people decide to do with him. I'm still planning on testing out Nashor's Tooth/Lich Bane combo on him though~ Edit: And I still want to try out Wit's End on him, even if it winds up not being the most efficient item build, still worth trying it out
  9. Just checked the specifics on his skills, and he's definitely AP-based (everything that deals damage states magic damage). With that said, I'm wondering if Wit's End will wind up being a possible buy on him (maybe as a 4th-5th item?)...thinking other possible items outside the standard AP ones could be Nashor's and Tri Force maybe?
  10. Yeah that makes sense, well you have the 2 support rune pages set so that's good. I definitely would still get more practice on the supports you mentioned you play (in normals), and continue to save up IP so you can purchase rune pages for other roles as well, though Support winds up being the role most people don't want to play in ranked so you'll probably get it 90% of the time without having to call for it lol
  11. I mean, if you're comfortable being Bronze right after placements then sure go for it lol. On a serious note, focus on playing normals for now with about 3 different support champions you like/feel comfortable playing. Also, if you have IP start purchasing runes so you can get a couple rune pages set up for support. What's your playstyle with support? Determining that will help you prioritize which runes you should focus on getting first.
  12. Daviepants

    Where to start?

    @Sugarbear: yeah mine too LOL
  13. Daviepants

    Where to start?

    Omg now you can join us in a sub-30 premade normal and we can go against other lvl 30 premades! #letskicksomeass
  14. @Doctor: The way I looked at it, they're trying to create to different build path starts with the same end result: 1) Build early attack speed to take advantage of her Q 2) Build early crit chance to take advantage of her passive Either way, chances are the final build will be something like: IE, Shiv/PD, BoRK, Runnans, BC, Zerk Boots...thoughts?

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