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  1. Been playing quite a bit - streamed it for 3 hours yesterday. Add me vVvConflict#1685
  2. Hey guys, just a concept I came up with. I realized that we have a ranged/caster vampire, but not necessarily a melee vampire (and if you say Warwick...) Anyways. this is my idea. Instead of focusing on the healing/lifesteal mechanic of vampires, I decided to go for the Bleed aspect of them. Without further ado: Passive: Scent of Blood - Nestrax gains an additional 2/3/4 life regeneration per 5 seconds for every bleeding unit within a certain (750?) range around him. This amount is halved for non-champion units. Q: Expose Wounds - Target champion within range (<300) takes 110/120/130/140/150 (+Base AD) Base Damage and an additional amount equal to 12/14/16/18/20% of missing health over the next 5 seconds. (Execute amount is set at time of cast and does not scale as damage is taken over the duration of the spell) W: Hematology Studies - Nestrax dashes to target unit dealing base (150/175/200/225/250) damage. If the unit is bleeding, the bleed effect splashes to surrounding units within a (200?) range distance, causing them to bleed as well for 75/100/125/150/175 damage (+ % bonus AD). If the unit is not bleeding, Nestrax opens a wound, causing them to bleed for 2/4/6/8/10% (+ small % of Nestrax's max health) over then next 3 seconds. E: Power of Blood: Nestrax gains a bonus attack damage bonus on his next attack gaining 15/25/35/45/55 damage (+% bonus AD). If the unit is bleeding, Nestrax also heals for (15/20/25/30/35)% of the damage dealt. Healing is halved vs non-champion units. Does not affect turrets. R: Feast of Blood: Nestrax immediately consumes all bleeding debuffs on opposing champions, dealing remaining damage immediately. Nestrax heals for 50% of damage dealt and gains 5% movement speed per 100 damage healed during this time. Lasts 7 seconds. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. Hey guys! Started playing Diablo III again and once I was able to hit level 70 on Hardcore in season and start Torment I, I immediately started recording. I am uploading them to youtube for everyone to enjoy! The audio is being picky and im still trying to work out the copyright kinks but until then hope you guys enjoy the videos. I am currently running a Draaaaaaaven Barbarian for all the spinning axes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqSqpmw6qrlgg94vHuVvyHpX9KqNxY5MH Might end up doing some commentary at some point.
  4. I will be there again. I would like help on Top, mid and ADC this week IGN: vVv Conflict Positions I would like help at: Top, Mid, ADC Current Rank: S3 Reason: I want to be able to hit gold/plat by the end of S5.
  5. Hopefully will be there; Summoner Name: vVv Conflict Role I Wish To Be Better At: Jungle Current Rank: S5 (Maybe S4 by tomorrow) Goals: Pathing, ganks, timers, invading, builds, warding, champions... Ya. I suck at jungling
  6. Well just got my first ball drilled last night (15lb Ebonite Challenge) and what a difference. I broke 175 for the first time (hit 190) and didnt bowl less then a 140, which used to be one of my highest games. If I can learn to pick up spares, I am hoping to start averaging close to 200.
  7. Just wondering if anyone else played this game before. It's a fun Free to Play game on Steam that's seriously pretty free to play. ive played for over 6 years without paying a cent and have enjoyed it greatly! Its a pirating game with all of the gameplay being related to various puzzles and teamwork. You are able to create crews, flags, ships, and the sorts, as well as work up towards taking islands to own and manage. I would highly encourage people to check it out on Steam (and play on the emerald ocean)
  8. Ive been having a LOT of success with ramp druid recently. That and handlock rogue is a LOT of fun.
  9. Cant wait for this to come out! Insanely excited!
  10. Champion Name: Entropy Champion Title: The Celestial Justiciar Overview - Health: 8 - Attack: 4 - Spells: 5 - Difficulty: 3 - Champion Tags: Tank, Initiator, Support Champion Kit - Passive: Equilibrium - Whenever Entropy takes more then 10% of his current health from a single ability or attack, he gains +10 Armor and Magic Resist for 3 seconds. This does not effect damage from Structures. - Q Skill: Judgement - Entropy charges an enemy from a short distance and swings his flail, stunning the main target and slowing surrounding enemies. If entropy targets an ally, the ally is instead healed for a portion of their missing health and Judgement gets an additional cooldown. - W Skill - Rewind Barrier: Entropy gains a shield based off of the damage he has taken within the last 4 seconds. When the shield expires, Entropy is healed for the remainder of the shield. Surrounding allies are healed for 25% of this amount. - E Skill: PASSIVE - Celestial Drainer: Entropy's flail becomes empowered, stealing 1 armor and magic resist from any enemy hero he deals damage to through any source. This can only stack up to 5/10/15/20/25 bonus armor or magic resist. - R Skill: Final Verdict - Entropy passes a final verdict on a target; if the target is an enemy the enemy is stunned and releases a cone of pure energy behind them, stunning all enemies for a shorter duration. If the target is an ally, Entropy dashes towards and shields them for 4 seconds, taking all damage and crowd control the targeted ally takes during this time. If Entropy dies during this duration, the ally is stunned for a short duration. Recommended Items: (What items should this champ take?) 1. Merc Treads 2. Sunfire Cape 3. Ravenous Hydra 4. Randuin's Omen 5. Banshee's Veil 6. Black Cleaver Tips: - Tips For: Synergize your items with your E to cause multiple cases of armor shred! If you are supporting in lane with Entropy, use your Q wisely! Engaging on an enemy from range might seem helpful, but you then lack an escape! - Tips Against: (Give us some tips on how to counter this champion.) Entropy does not do a lot of damage on his own; catch him alone with items like Black Cleaver and Blade of the Ruined King! Be careful of grouping close together against Entropy; the Final Verdict + Judgement can do a lot of AoE damage and crowd control! Story/lore: Entropy has been around since the before the beginning of human time. The eternal uncertainty and celestial karmic being, he thrives on being able to cause chaos wherever he can. With that being said, allies of him have nothing to fear, as his loyalty goes beyond his true nature. Entropy and Order have been the two counteracting factors within the universe, and their many clashes will attest to this fact. As is the nature of the counterbalances, these conflicts ended neutrally in the end, with only a small swing in the universe for either Order or Entropy. With the evolution of the humans, and humanoid species, came inventions. Some of these inventions were helpful, productive, and became part of every day lives. Others were innovative, but deadly and cruel. The worst among these was The Gytratian. The Gytratian was a weapon, that could cause an enemy to age in reverse, causing them to eventually go back to an infant, alone and helpless, and then eventually die when they re-enter embryonic stage. Order was a being locked in the belief that he himself, and everything he stood for, was the only way to help the universe and, as such, would stop at nothing to eliminate Entropy. He purchased The Gytratian from the humans, believe he could modify it to use against Entropy. During the next clash of the celestial beings, Order was able to hit Entropy with the modified Gytratian, causing him to rapidly age backwards. However, due to the celestial and eternal nature of Entropy, he stopped aging backwards just before the prime of his life but was turned human. He is now unable to age backwards, or forwards, being stuck forever in the limbo of aging stasis. Upon learning the chronic case of his condition he turned to the one place he thought would be able to give him answers: the League of Legends. He now fights to learn and regain what he was, in the hope to again be able to bring balance to the world. "The only certainty is that Entropy will live forever" - Entropy, Celestial Justiciar Description of Champion: Male Humanoid - faint purplish glow coming from the skin. Looks like he is mid 20's. 1 handed flail in the right hand, a shield that is completely black in the left, with no hard edges: it simply fades off.

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