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  1. Yesssir! I said the same thing! Can't wait to see you with the Vs, as Stitches said just be active on the forums and Discord and you'll be there in no time.
  2. I know they've said it, but thank you.. and be safe! We will be here when you return!
  3. Welcome back!! Always love when a current member brings someone back to the fray!
  4. I'm super excited fellas, real passionate about vVv and CoD. I like this direction and am ready to see you guys get to work. Feel free to get at me with questions!
  5. I'd like to grab one of each most likely. Large in both my guy!
  6. For sure my man, a lot of this is conjecture in the beginning but we really want something to take off. We laid some ground work last year, but it fizzled in the beginning. Black Ops 4 just wasn't the game for some people.. I feel this will be more everyone's speed.
  7. I like that Hemlok/Flatline/R301.. pair that with a long range of a G7 or a Longbow and I'm set. It never works out this way though, it's always find 60 Alternators and R45s before I get a gun I like lol.
  8. How many we end up with? Season starts in a week, we still would need to draft!
  9. My bad.. I didn't see this.
  10. As of August 8th, which yesterday would be the 28th, you had changed your gamertag to el Exile. Which as you know, if you're in vVv, we rock the Vs everywhere. So as the gamertag had been changed we approved Drax's name change.
  11. Not positive yet, been two different places last 2 years. We would probably wait and see what areas we have and make a decision based off that as best as possible.
  12. Gonna be 2 games one night a week. A LAN tourney tentatively, Christmas break (stage 1) Spring Break (stage 2). Weekend in June (stage 3). Champs end of August. A little more info on the thoughts and ideas. Post if you have others.
  13. Maybe, just maybe.. let's see how it goes for sure!
  14. Codyyyy fuckinggggg Allennn!!!! My god it's been a fucking minute bro.. glad to see you still playing CoD comp. Get with me soon, let's play something.
  15. A few guys I know IRL.. host a LAN every year for whatever CoD game is out, this year they wanna expand to a league (3v3-4v4). We tried this last year, couldn't get enough response to start, but with cross play happening I figure I could interest some guys in here who maybe have friends who wanna play as well. We wanna get like 5-6 teams.. try and have maybe a couple LANs during the year as well if it's feasible for people. Again, just trying to gauge interests but let me know here or on Discord as well as if you have any questions.

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