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  1. We have always been the Phoenix of the gaming world.. why not rise one more time.
  2. Yessir, yesssirrrr! Glad to see you put an app in!! We were just talking about it I feel like lol. Best of luck my guy!
  3. Just snagged an Elite.. they are great. Didnt think there was much difference, now I wouldnt use anything else.
  4. Awhhhh yeeeeuhhhh! Start yourrrr lancerssss!
  5. The one at the very top! I really like the font that its in. The belts pretty sweet too honestly man.
  6. Those are dope man! Really dig the vVv banner!
  7. Just snagged Game Pass, this is included.. but I've got so many fires right now lol.
  8. Awesome to see you apply @Ms_Forever_!!
  9. Well like this is a shock to anyone.. Friends.. lol.
  10. The Big Lebowski.. the Dude abides. Close second, Grandma's Boy, Mr Deeds, and Big Daddy.
  11. Hostel.. I was young when I saw it and it scarred me man lol. When dude gets his Achilles cut.. ahhhh
  12. You know I'm hyped bro!! I'm ready for this to release now!! Cant wait for a beta man! Probably gonna preorder today and snag that poster!
  13. I am beyond ecstatic this man has decided to reapp for vVv. Been a long time coming I think, been a personal and gaming friend for over 10 years now. This is what a community is all about, bring the people you know, and introduce them to the people they dont. Lasting bonds can be formed from a simple process. Look forward to seeing what you bring to our table my guy! PS: We still remember the conversion for a bushel and a barrel of dicks.. don't think we forgot. @vVv NerdPrblms
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