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  1. Bleu

    Guild Marathon

    Bleu Nymph - mes
  2. Bleu

    Tequatl Fridays

    Thank you for doing this. Will we be guesting to BG again or will we be in FA this week?
  3. Happy Friday Eve, all. In addition to Dungeon Master, we will also lend a hand to anyone needing to start or progress in their personal story line. To an extent, playing your storyline gives you the opportunity to make GW2 more of your game in that you make decisions that influence what happens next. For players who are lower level trying to advance, story line is also a great place for experience points. Also, as you level up and progress in your story line you have a chance for better gear and occasionally the coveted black lion chest key(all hail the key!). And who doesn't want more achievement points?!?! There are a number of nerd points to be obtained for completing certain steps along the way and reaching the end. You know where to find us. Good gaming ~Bleu
  4. Indeed! Give us a shout and we'll see if we can get them knocked out. Everyone should have this title.
  5. Last night in guild chat there was an advertisement for officers. If still looking, I'm applying. I have several years experience in various leadership roles, coordinated a number of guild events, and I am a fan of helping those needing help with their achievements points/playing the game.

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