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  1. I can't, and won't speak on behalf of anybody but myself (so I'm a little biased). In my experience of being a member, staff member, and now honorary member I have come to learn the long way of what defines each tier of member. @vVv B1zkit mentioned putting a definition for what makes an honorary member...honorary, so here's mine. Becoming an honorary member is truly the pinnacle of what defines this community. To become members, we have all undergone trials to prove we can belong to the pack, whether it be activity on these forums, (shoutout to) the shoutbox, whichever voice platform we have called home, various community game nights or tournaments, or just playing with other current members. When chosen, the ultimate test was the interview which has welcomed all of us to this family. The difference between members and staff members is small, and in theory should be non-existent. It is the duty of all members to uphold the standards set by the community, however, staff focus those efforts in one particular direction or role. Honorary members, in theory, embody the ultimate in characteristics reflected by the community as a whole having left their energy, passion, and accomplishment back into the community that originally gave them that opportunity. Many of them leave for personal reasons and are required to step away for those reasons. Chopping honorary members, regardless of their inactivity, is a decision I disagree with entirely. By chopping these honorary members, it is disregarding whatever contribution they have made which is the platform by which we all enjoy the sense of family and belonging that has been created. To reiterate LordJerith's point: dialogue, in this scenario, is paramount. These members, all of them, have been in this family and have drifted away for reasons that are their own and 48 hours is an absurd amount of time to provide such an ultimatum. Throughout my involvement here: @vVv Bagzli is spot on and I believe his solution is at the very least a starting point in that dialogue.
  2. This month i'm focusing on more patient play. I find myself playing more aggressive to make up for poor playing. forcing myself to slow down, and make more calculated decisions. Another thing I want to implement more is reflecting on mistakes/deaths. "How did he get there?" "How can I counter that positioning?" "Should I have prefired that corner?" And since i'm still technically new to the game, learning map positioning and choke-points as Rob mentioned.
  3. I worked closely with vVv Bagzli when he became pres so believe me when I say I understand the commitment you endured. By no means have you failed, quite the contrary actually. Thank you for your service to this community. vVv, forever.
  4. As far as I remember it is still installed on my PC in America. So in a month when i return, count me in!
  5. sometimes change isn't necessary. my vote: Vision, Valor, Victory.
  6. Fantastic quality. @vVv Pherzghul never disappoints.
  7. I noticed a faster load time as well. This may be the very inconsistent Australian internet doing its job, or perks of cloud based hosting. Thanks Doom!
  8. Can confirm, underrated streamer who I genuinely enjoy tuning in to.
  9. vVv Saturn

    Wolf application

    It's good to see some new faces. Welcome
  10. This is by far the best iteration and I fully support this version. Absolutely nailed it.
  11. I see the point you're trying to make. From my perspective, the new designs are shooting for a European football club badge rather than a simple/minimalist design. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this design will be the official badge for jerseys (or other merch) and for the website. But, rather than having a more complicated emblem, use a simpler version to be more identifiable for profile pictures, socials, other. That's what I was picking up with the inclusion of the "bird" (which is cool touch on the interpretive design).
  12. i expected nothing short of masterpiece
  13. How have you been man? I'm mostly playing on my Switch these days, so I lost a lot of the OG contacts.
  14. Wow. Arkaine is a name i haven't heard in a long time. Good to see some vets still hanging around.
  15. Congratulations! After reviewing your application, posts, social media activity and reviewing feedback from staff and community, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a panel-interview! We will be covering every link in this thread during the interview, so READ THIS CAREFULLY! Please send me a forum pm with your availability over the next few days so that we can schedule the pre-interview. A typical interview session lasts for approximately 1 - 2.5 hours Congrats! Come Prepared! I'm also in the middle of taking my final exams, so please include availability over the next few WEEKS.

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