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    TaruHunter got a reaction from Shafe in The "Say Hello Thread" Introduce your self here.   
    My name is Emy
    My Guild Wars 2 account name is TaruHunter.5198
    The name most know me by is Taru
    I enjoy Guild Wars 2 and many other random pasttimes
    I am a huge nerd/geek with far too many interests to keep up with them all in the time that I have available. I am a big comic book reader (Marvel over DC but I do read series from both), I have far too many Magic cards to ever use them all in decks, I am part of two table top RPGs (one D&D, one Dresden Files), work at Renaissance Faires (both as actor and squire for a joust company)

    I am also an equestrian with no particular discipline but rather an interest in being around horses as much as possible. I was worked with several off the track Thoroughbreds in regards to retraining for life off the track, and also enjoy working with problem horses (there's quite probably something seriously wrong with me...oh well). I got to branch out this last summer by squiring for a joust company and was in charge of the care and feeding of up to 14 horses and 5 knights (who were more work then the horses lol).

    In the past I was part of several lightsaber stage combat groups and have performed at Wizard World Philly, New York Comic Con, Gamers of Winter, Wizard World Toronto, and GameX conventions. I really enjoy all aspects of stage combat, and have been performing at Ren Faires since I stopped being a Jedi. I also am an assistant instructor of Jeet Kune Do and have also dabbled in Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and MMA.
    And that's probably way more then you ever wanted to know...but there it is!

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