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  1. Also my LOLKing if you wanna check my stats out for yoursleves http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/30558973
  2. I've topped quite a few times in season 4, so I'm adjusted to the meta IGN: C9 Hellstorm S3: Bronze 1, not my best season, but S2 was Silver 2 S4: Silver 3 and climbing, 5 win streak, 20-1 w/l Ziggs Skype: (Yes) BasedPoro Top 3 Tops: Garen, Mundo, Shyv. Start: Immediately
  3. Me sir Sugarbear, I would love to learn! <3
  4. I don't care about Solo Q ranked too much, I mean it helps but it's not a vital thing because ranked 5s is so different. This is a serious thing so I'll have to try you out first though
  5. So I'm looking for some team mates who are willing to commit to a ranked 5s team. I don't mean like "Yea I'll be on your team and play some 5s with you" I'm looking for people who are willing to commit to the team, like scheduled practices and all. Ya, I'm only Silver 5 Solo Queue, but ranked 5s is a whole different beast where (hopefully) teammates won't let you down or troll/afk/feed like in the lower elo im caught in. So it also gives me a chance to prove myself to you and show you that I'm not some run-of-the-mill trash silver player. Roles and schedule times are tentative as I don't know who's interested yet, but hit me up if you're interested, I really wanna go far with this.
  6. Memeing the shit outta my application apparently O.o
  7. I happen to like ConflictSin very much, played quite a bit with him since his app, real nice guy and passionate about the game, good luck on your app mate
  8. It'd allow for more people in in-house games, it's always sad forcing 1 or 2 people to sit out cause they're full Overall very similar game mode to 5s but with some interesting new tactics and thought processes
  9. Well Sugar, I did get it from a community run by equally sexy people
  10. So hopped on the bandwagon of Hexakill, might as well try the new gamemode right? Pretty good score, not my best but w/e. Spoke not a word all game and somehow the teams convinced themselves I was a Meteos smurf so that's always fun Anyway I'm gonna breakdown my thoughts below: I think the gamemode is no different personally, maybe a little more tailored to tank fights. With 2 top, usually an AP and a bruiser from what I've seen the gank demands are less prominent. I could definitely have gotten away with a farm heavy jungler like Zac or Shyvanna instead of going pub stomp Kha. The double jungle meta also works depending on the players and picks, with Nunu/Elise like this game, Elise should've been harassing my camps and buffs especially when I showed myself for ganks, her 1v1 and escape potentials beat mine early. Leaving Nunu to farm up his own jungle and become a hyper tank like what his team needed especially with Yas/Raka/Cait/Panth, they had no designated tanks in any lane so it was easy to shred in with my R-E initiate into Q-W-Q-Hydra followed by resets, I got multiple quadras and pentas off of that. Sadly no hexakill because with 5 other people vying for kills mistakes are made and the guy on a penta is robbed but w/e Any thoughts or responses? I'm making this post to promote some discussion (I've also included a game screenshot as reference to my rant)
  11. I main jungler, I prefer to play it very passively, vi, lee, shyv, nocturne and just farm up and get big in the jungle, but countergnaking and holding when needed. I play from around 5pm eastern to 11pm (Breaking for dinner somewhere in there) I am almost always on league and mumble, and dont have prior commitments so I can practice like whenever I'm on
  12. Always good to unwind from the stress of ranked with some ARAMs, I am most definitely interested
  13. Bromance intensifies, and pfffft not even, I pass as older, they don't card me at the bars here

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