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  1. Nick.Turrlo

    WVW suggestions

    I don't get above comment. o_O
  2. Jesus christ that is a badass setup! Jealous man.... Jealous.
  3. Elite is bad... Makes it seem as if some members are more important than others.
  4. http://www.gw2legendary.com/ This website lists current custs, requirements, totals EVERYTHING needed for each legendary.. Check it out.
  5. Nick.Turrlo

    Dungeon Farming

    We already have dungeon master night, but another night wouldnt hurt i suppose. im up for it if its within a good time. up for all and any dungeon and or fractal.
  6. you may also want to visit the FA forums, post there, maybe even redirect them to our thread here.. Not only will people be interested but they'll also get a glimpse of what vVv is..
  7. I play a few dif builds. On mesmer I go Full Berserker, Warrior I either go Support Hammer, or Axe/axe+GS Serker. Theif I run Serker Sword Pistol, DD. Guardian I run a clerics build usually. Ele is a balanced support. Ranger I run a balanced build.
  8. Yeah Staff ele's are by far superior, imo atleast they are.
  9. pretty simple question, im just curious as to what dif ppl run for dif classes.
  10. Nick.Turrlo

    WvW reminder!

    Who knows, im off to work will try to think of something throughout the day.
  11. Nick.Turrlo

    WvW reminder!

    11PM eastern, by handful I mean theres usually about 7-9 ppl online. sometimes 12 people, most of them are not interested. Think we should start looking for some oceanic members.
  12. Nick.Turrlo

    WvW reminder!

    I'm rarely on before 10:00 PM Central time is why I say this. There's usually a handful of people online when I log on.
  13. WvW Hammer Warrior This is a build for running around in WvW, Not a roaming build but a build for when in a group may it be havoc or just a zerg. This build provides Survivability, DPS, Crowd Control, and party wide Swiftness. Traits POWER Great Fortitude A little extra health never hurts. Distracting Strikes Using the Hammer a warrior is able to dish out steady damage aswell as laydown some crowd control. Distracting Strikes applies 4 stacks of confusion on foes that you interrupt. You've got 3 interrupts. Thats 12 stacks on up to 5 targets. DEFENSE Dogged March Incoming Movement Condi's have their duration reduced.. Yes please. You need to keep moving. Merciless Hammer Hammer Damage is increased by 25% Take it. Defy Pain Activate Endure Pain when struck below the health threshhold (25%) This also breaks stun though you are still susceptible to Condi's, Control Effects. Could save your life, has saved mine. TACTICS Leg Specialist Immobilize a target when you cripple them with a skill. Hammer Skill 3 hits up to 5 foes, thats 5 immob'd foes.. F1 (earthshaker) Dazes. Great for a quick burst of damage In a fight with a silly theif and he runs off escaping your grasp, surprise him with that immob followed by a nice earthshaker to the face.. He wont be going anywhere. You will also be able to Immob with your secondary weapon set Axe/Warhorn "Shrug It Off!" Use "Shake it off" Automatically when you have a number of condi's on you. Also cures allies of condition STUN BREAKER Utilities Healing Signet Let that health trickle in Free Slot I like to take Kick, Stomp or Bulls Charge Balanced Stance Breaks Stun, provides Stability. Endure Pain Breaks Stun, Take no damage for 4 seconds(Still susceptible to Condi's, CC) ELITE Warbanner There may be a time that you need to quickly resurrect your party, or banner a lord so that you can keep a tower just long enough for backup to arrive. That's why I choose Warbanner. GEAR All gear should be exotic if not ascended Soldier's Hammer of Chilling more immob's Soldiers Axe of Air/Soldiers Warhorn of Bloodlust Use this weaponset for getting your stacks, for movement. Use the Axe skill three to immob a foe. Armor Soldiers Armor of The Dolyak is my personal favorite for WvW. Trinkets can be what you like, though I choose to run Berserkers for the DPS. Any questions, concerns, improvements feel free to reply. Ill type a quick summery tomorrow.
  14. Nick.Turrlo

    WvW reminder!

    I'd like to see some more late night WvW action... Sadly we all have dif schedules.. But maybe we can get a Havoc group going for the Night hours. I've got a commander tag, I wouldnt mind leading our group. I dont care for the Warlord rank and all that but maybe just getting a late night crew together.

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