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    Law abiding citizen
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    Just looking for a great community to start some new friendships within. Gaming is not meant to be done alone...

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  1. Senior Photo Senior Year Last summer Christmas this year Late December Don't take many selflies so many of my pictures are with my ex
  2. Auzallana


    Favorite band is Australian
  3. Its because he still has post processing on, it makes everything too bright
  4. I demand a redo skin was to pale, 1 Million years dungeon, No trial
  5. I Dylan vVv Auzallana Gamache here by endorse Zack (Archrose) Wade How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? I've been playing with Archrose since I joined the guild back In December. It’s really hard to estimate how many hours I've played with him over the last 5 months but between PvP, WvW, dungeons, fractals and guild missions I’d say at least 100 hours. What was your first impression? It’s been so long I really have a hard time recalling exactly what I thought of him when we first met. However I do remember he was the one who inspired me to play a thief, despite what others had told me about the class, which later became my main. Over the last month or so he’s become more active in Mumble so I've gotten to learn more about him as a person and he’s really a helpful and funny guy. What was your favorite moment with them? Archrose was a part of the group that ran me through one of my first dungeons in guild wars. Being new to the game I tended to go down every other step. So my corpse being surrounded by enemies my party said they couldn't revive except archrose being a thief tried to stealth revive me. Needless to say he went down while typing to the party about being the greatest player xD. What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? In game I've seen Archrose recruit multiple players to the guild and I've seen him actively go out of his way to help or teach other players what he knows. So I know he’s here to help us grow and to share his knowledge to anyone who has questions. Also I've seen him actively participating with multiple divisions of vVv both in the forums and in game. This tells me that archrose isn't just here for Guild Wars he’s here for the community. How could they improve to be a better potential community member? He could maybe start directing more guilde`s towards the forums and teaching them what we are all about.
  6. Already having a trion account i attempted to register for the beta and after a few tries of getting my password wrong I know I finally got it right, seeing as it still tells me when I try another password its wrong, but when I put the correct password in the website just sits there loading and tells me the webpage is unavailable Edit: Omg I just realized Jose misspelled my name in my sig ahahahaha
  7. Auzallana

    I'm back

    Life's been alittle hectic for me recently so I haven't been on as much as usual but id should be on more now
  8. That's an cruel and unusual joke
  9. Auzallana

    WVW suggestions

    Stealthy 80 man zerg is stealthy
  10. Dear Baron Von Bagzlington, For spiders and Divinitys reach you had the graphics settings on low but the first and last pictures really came out great so I guess I forgive you Sincerely yours Dr Professor Reverend Phildo Baggins extraordinaire
  11. I made this in Autodesk Maya 2013, its a 3d animation software http://www.autodesk.com/products/autodesk-maya/overview https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=44C82C5039E80636%21182

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