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  1. @JonsandmanTv Nice! :) I have not played that game still

  2. @X3BelleX3 this one https://t.co/76dh7ZqtlL

  3. o.o oh no @DdayDrasin @BlizzCon https://t.co/e71qwbzOuW

  4. LIVE! Lets Finish the Lighthouse on the TwitchRP https://t.co/VTEOS6qZ5v

  5. @Pokketsays o//o My God... https://t.co/iwEXopywZc

  6. @AshleyBauer2489 your not alone I did not even knew about it as well I just found out from @MrMoon1000

  7. learning how to video editing, emailing stuff, & in the works doing some future projects for the stream :) But I will be LIVE soon

  8. @Theshortstack87 I don't think so

  9. Lets have a little fun I am going to name after my viewers on #arkSoTF

  10. I will be playing on @VaderRP PvP Server tonight #STREAM LIVE http://t.co/oyWajWbVjn

  11. Not streaming tonught but i will stream in the morning :3

  12. @JonsandmanTv let me know when you are around L.A.!

  13. RT @survivetheark: ARK: Fear Evolved & Digest 18! http://t.co/qJ5Ia6RHz4 #playARK http://t.co/EsYcFUxE2T

  14. putting on a delay on on the stream I dealing with IRL stuff

  15. RT @CurseGamepedia: See the first 20 confirmed streamers competing in The Last Stand tournament! http://t.co/q3x2OlRmlw @survivetheark http…

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