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  1. If you're looking for a good source of helpful content, I suggest looking up gbay99 on youtube. He has a great attitude about the game and I definitely learned a lot from him. I also suggest playing all the weekly free champs at least once during that week to get an idea of how they work. A large majority of this game is understanding what each champ is capable of. If you play a champ and get familiar with him/her, you will know what to expect when you find yourself playing against that champion later on.
  2. I really can't decide. I think I'm going to play a couple and see how they go, then decide from there.
  3. Hm, where did you hear that? That seems very peculiar to me, and I would be surprised if it were true. Anyone below 1200 would be given a free boost. 500->850. Also, considering a player like wildturtle, I would guess he has over 2500 mmr, maybe even over 3000, but for the sake of my argument I will consider a player with 2700 mmr. 2700->1950 after reset. 1950 is mid plat. The moral of the story is that I don't want to play against wildturtle. pls have mercy.
  4. The first champion I fell in love with was Shyvana. Looking back it was pretty comical. I used to build phantom dancer, i.e., and hextech gunblade on her. I started playing league in season 2 and I believe the first champion I ever played was Zilean because I typically like mages in other games. I just asked my friend who showed me the game who was a mage in the free week rotation. That first game was absolutely terrible, I had no idea how Zilean's kit worked. He isn't exactly a good champion to play for your first LoL game.
  5. I think part of the reason there are a lot of toxic players is because of how accessible and widely advertised the professional matches are. League of Legends is often the most watched game on Twitch. Players see high-elo players doing things a certain way and start thinking 'Well I can do that' or 'I play exactly like voyboy does on stream but I still can't carry' etc. Basically, people start thinking they are a lot better than they are and therefore anything that goes wrong in game is not their fault, but their teams'. I don't think this is the only reason toxicity exists, but I believe it does contribute. p.s. I do not mean to say that streams and tournaments are bad, I think they are a great aspect of the game.
  6. Just a slight correction. I could be wrong, but I believe MMR is NOT being reset. Your rank within the current system will be reset, but your MMR will be carried over. This is so bronze players don't have promos vs diamond players. I believe this is to try and even out the ranked population a bit, if you take a look at the distribution of players in ranked (http://www.lolsummoners.com/stats/rankings/na) you will notice an extrodinary amount of people in silver 5. Also a lot of people in gold 5 compared to the rest of gold. Starting with a clean slate, silver 5 players that actually have bronze mmr will most likely be placed in bronze. TL; DR Your MMR is hidden and the current ranking system is there to make ranked more fun and satisfying. MMR will not be reset, but you will no longer be in the rank system until you do your placement matches.
  7. Colorless

    Martic's Application

    So I figured I should reciprocate and show your application some love. I wish you the best with your application! Also, for anyone who cares, Martic is one of the most positive players I have come across. He has goals and he seems serious about achieving them. Plus he is practically already a recruiter for vVv, he is the one that suggested I apply and I believe there are some others that are here because of him too. So yea. This guy.
  8. Thank you WW is one of my favorites. Also he is special to me because he was the champ I played in my last platinum promo match. My season 4 goals: I would like to reach diamond 1. I realize I'm still a bit away from diamond and that there is a big difference between d5 and d1, but I think if I keep improving at the rate that I have been, I should be able to reach this goal. Promote my stream more and gain viewers. I enjoy streaming and hope that people watching can learn a thing or two by watching me. I'd like to have enough viewers to actually interact with them. Currently I usually have <10 viewers at a time that are mostly friends. Get more involved in the eSports scene. This is partly why I decided to apply for vVv. I'd like to be more involved and find out about opportunities within the industry. The two things that helped me the most in my climb were staying positive and playing to get better. Staying positive will help you play better and the game will be more enjoyable. I frequently mute people that have negative attitudes, and I played hundreds of games with all chat disabled because it's not necessary and many people use it to talk negatively about their own teammates. You will go on losing streaks, you will get bad teammates, you will have bad games yourself, and being negative help absolutely nothing. I also played hundreds of games in bronze and silver believing that I belonged in a higher division. In reality, I was not as good as I thought. When I accepted this and started actively paying attention to my own mistakes, I started correcting them and the climbing began. Haha Martic, I have about 6 ranked games as MF. Not even close to my most played adc. I used to main adc though so I'm pretty comfortable in the role and sometimes I still feel like playing it.
  9. Personally, I am a believer in statistics. There is a reason certain champions have consistently higher across the board win rates than others. Usually these champions are mechanically not difficult to play and are easy to understand. Two champions I have noticed having long-lasting high win rates are amumu and wukong. Both offer a lot of utility to your team and can easily have a big impact on games. Understanding why certain champions have high win rates is essential. As sugarBear said, these statistics can be found on lolking. Now that I'm done rambling about statistics, there are certain champions I recommend because I believe you can learn a lot about the game by playing them. One of my personal favorites is fiddlesticks. He has great buff control, his ganks are pretty solid and get really scary when he hits 6, and he can single-handedly turn teamfights. His win rate fell from the top recently due to nerfs on his fear, but I believe he is still a strong champion and you can improve a lot by playing him. My second choice would be Singed because he terrorizes the enemy team in mid to late game. Singed can constantly keep pressure in lanes and has great teamfight potential. You can learn a lot about proper time to group, appropriate amounts of vision for pushing, and when to pressure a lane. All that being said, it really comes down to you. You may have a playstyle that fits different champions than the ones I play and these champions might not work for you. It should be noted that the champions I suggested (Singed and Fiddlesticks) do not have exceptionally high win rates. I simply recommend them because I believe playing them will improve your overall gameplay and understanding of the game. As others have said, getting better at the game in general is going to make the biggest difference.
  10. Just wrote a mega lengthy about me section...

  11. Name: Eric Matysek Age: 20 Location: Raleigh, North Carolina Summoner Name: Colorless What is your current division in Ranked? Platinum 4 Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why? No What is your favorite champion and role? Why? My favorite champion is Singed because in the early stages of the game singed doesn't have many advantages against most match-ups.When you win trades or get 1v1 kills it's because you've outplayed your opponent and that is really satisfying. Then as the game goes on you become unstoppable and provide so much utility and pressure for your team. My favorite role is jungle because I love to roam around the map to make plays and counter-ganks . How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was told about vVv by a friend 'Martic'. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I know a fellow applicant, 'Martic' who I met in solo queue. I also met a few vVv members in a meet and greet on 1/13, including vVv_Hinao and vVv_Jiggs. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm interested in joining vVv gaming to become a better player and to get more involved in the eSports scene. I would also like to help players currently ranked below platinum because I started season 3 in bronze 3 and peaked at platinum 2 in pre-season 4, I feel like I can offer insight on how I improved and got to where I am now. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I'm currently in school working towards a degree in computer science with a minor in physics, aka I'm a big nerd. My favorite math subject is calculus and I am not ashamed! Talk to me about programming or physics anytime . I also love to build computers and help others looking for hardware advice for their own computers. I ride a motorcycle (2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650r) and enjoy working on it and going on rides with friends. Do you have competitive tournament experience? I have played a couple of tournaments held by students at my university. Have you attended any national events? I attended the All-stars tournament in Shanghai China. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? The dream is to be on a professional team, but more immediately (and realisticly), I'd like to reach diamond 1 and be on a team with others that take the game seriously. I look forward to becoming more involved in the vVv community! -Colorless

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