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  1. I may make more warzone 101 posts depending on how much they help out the community, but this is my breakdown of the classes I use and the most popular classes used by streamers and the like. Visual link - https://imgur.com/a/AQwZFVm Grau - hands down this is one of the best of most versatile weapons in Warzone at the moment. You should try and use 50 round mags over 60 round mags this is because the movement speed penalty from 60 is high. Apart from that the attachments stay pretty consistent the two most used variants changing between one using a tac laser and the other using a rear grip, personal preference the tac laser is far better as it gives you more buffs Grau loadout 1: Monolithic suppresor Tempus archangel 26.4 Tac laser Commando forgrip 50 round mag Grau loadout 2: Monolithic suppresor Tempus archangel 26.4 Xrk void II Commando forgrip 50 round mag M4 - Joint first or second best assault rifle depending on who you ask... This gun has the upper advantage against the grau up close with its fast fire rate, this is why most people will use no rear grip and choose no stock to aid with close quarters however the other major popular alternative is stippled grip tape helping in the mid to long range gunfights more M4 loadout 1: Monolithic suppresor Stock M16 grenadier No stock Commando forgrip 60 round mag M4 loadout 2: Monolithic suppresor Stock M16 grenadier Stippled grip tape Commando forgrip 60 round mag Mp-5 - easily the best SMG up close, this gun will shred opponents in seconds up close, when using it try and use within about 15m as this is it at its strongest before damage drops off so basically inside buildings, if your running this as your overkill weapon it's great for mobility as it's movement speed is very fast. There is one widely used variants with monolithic suppressor however technically this attachment is all round weaker than the integral monolithic suppressor, personal choice but I have started using integral monolithic suppresor Mp-5 loadout 1: Monolithic integral suppresor FTAC collapsible stock Merc foregrip 45 round mag Sleight of hand Mp-5 loadout 2: Monolithic suppresor FTAC collapsible stock Merc foregrip 45 round mag Sleight of hand Mp-7 - easily the best SMG at range, this gun is a lazer beam with this setup very minimal upwards recoil with a slight right movement. If you find yourself being out gunned up close with this setup take off stippled grip tape and put on the no stock attachment Mp-7 loadout 1: Monolithic suppresor Fss recon Commando foregrip 60 round mag Stippled grip tape Mp-7 loadout 2: Monolithic suppresor Fss recon Commando foregrip 60 round mag No stock I hope this helps any of you out in verdansk! Good look and I hope you get some good high kill victories soon. Also let me know if you found any of this helpful and want more.
  2. Hi again! So it's been a while since I've been round here. I use to have my V's back in 2014/15 during Call of Duty ghosts and Advanced Warfare. If you don't know I left mainly because playing on different teams for CoD just ended up with a conflict of interest. So since I'm thinking of coming back I thought I'd re introduce myself, I will say it's good to see some names that I still recognize around here like Bizkit, DulceArma and a few more I'm Mike, back when I had my V's I was known as Echelon but as of recently I renamed myself to Nanotrox and I've been focusing a lot more on streaming and it feels right to come back to vVv now and maybe even re apply for my V's, and back then I also use to play in CoD tournaments at LAN events, played in a lot of them placing in lots of different places in various CoD games I pretty much stream Warzone only atm but some other games do get thrown in here or there. I use to help out and play in the CDL (Cod Draft League) that vVv hosted back in AW honestly that was so much fun I'll hopefully be able to play and maybe help out in some CGN's soon Best moment from when I use to have my V's (See pics) I can't wait to get back involved with this awesome community once more! and get some of that awesome new merch! still got all my old vVv merch jersey, shirt, jumper, mouse mat I might have left, but I never stopped representing
  3. Well I thought it would be a lot longer before doing this but here it is my time at vVv has come to an end its just after going back to college and getting my timetable and some other stuff in life thats happened its going to be really hard for me to commit fully to vVv and add the value that is needed to keep those Vs so I'm going to leave before I become one of those people that are just here to have vVv in there name. I'll still be around the forums here and there and playing with people just not as much but the future holds a return to vVv for me
  4. good luck mate was nice having you around had some great laughs at times, can you hear me now xD that one killed me nearly anyway if you ever still want to play you know what my Skype is
  5. hey I'm mike or Echelon and welcome to vVv if you ever want to play my tag is vVv Echelon
  6. Echelon


    Hey welcome also if you make the questions a different colour to the answers or vice versa it just makes it a lot more readable. if you can try and attend the ADLs as this is a great way to meet people that enjoy playing the same games as you
  7. hey man welcome to vVv my GT is vVv Echelon if you ever want to play some
  8. hey welcome you said you like hiking I do to although we call it fell walking a lot more in the UK, what's the furthest you've hiked / tallest mountain? and if you ever want to play some GT: vVv Echelon
  9. hey welcome back to vVv my GT: vVv Echelon if you ever want to play some
  10. hey man welcome to vVv hope we get to play soon my GT: vVv Echelon if you ever want to play
  11. Echelon

    Invis App to Join vVv

    good luck with your app hope we get to play sometime soon my GT: vVv Echelon if you ever want to play or just chill
  12. Away for my 18th birthday holiday I think I might return on the 6th but it might be the 8th cant remember
  13. Echelon

    Soap's vVv Application

    good job soap wish you look for your interview with LJ
  14. ADL is the bets place to get involved with the vVv community if you need some more info about it just say, and I'm good to play UMGs some time might be hard with timezones but we should be able to make it work
  15. Welcome I'm mike if you can try and the the ADL its a really good way to get to know the community see this post http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/71791-season-2-of-the-cod-adl-beta-begins-wednesday-july-15th/ my GT is vVv Echelon if you ever want to play

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