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    Zeeb reacted to vekt0r in Patch 4.20   
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    Zeeb reacted to Muhdewsa in Patch 4.20   
    420 mtv yolo swag smoke weed errday
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    Zeeb reacted to ImBr0ken in Billions of skins becoming legacy   
    Rumor on the street has it. They are going to re-release Championship Riven at a Random Date
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    Zeeb reacted to vVv OrganicBear in iPhaNaTix App   
    You should hook up with Viva and trade leblanc stories
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    Zeeb reacted to Tasmanian in iPhaNaTix App   
    Mr Leblanc!! lol it's been fun as hell playing ranked with you and can't wait to play some more, you've taught me a lot about League already which is showing in my game play in each game, good luck on your app dude!!
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    Zeeb got a reaction from Tasmanian in Tasmanian's League of Legends Application   
    so much fun playing with you man, need to get them win streaks going again and carrying them ranked games ! gl on the app buddy !
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    Zeeb reacted to jiggy in iPhaNaTix App   
    I have gotten to play with phant quite a bit now and he is always nice and never rages. Best of luck on your app and you know where to find me when you wanna play.
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    Zeeb reacted to Mika in iPhaNaTix App   
    I knew that summoner name looked familiar! I played with you last night (: was fun we should do more! (I was the scrubby cait/sona stealin all the kills) 
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    Zeeb reacted to Sun Down in Skillcapped   
    I feel like there is something to be said for adding some organization and planning to your playing though. Not a bad resource but definitely something to be used in combination with talking to people.
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    Zeeb reacted to Plague of Rats in Skillcapped   
    This looks good but I agree with Krow, for example: The first time I went against King Stig (he is ADC main and I am support), I learned so much in that one session from him than I ever did looking/reading articles on how to improve. However I will give this a shot as well.
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    Zeeb reacted to Ahryse in Bringing Back Staff vs Community Inhouses!   
    We'll be doing Staff vs Community inhouses, initially created by Medusa, every other Thursday night before Adopt-a-Noob! A full community 5 vs another full staff 5 in an inhouse just for fun type of game, such as ARAM, Ultimate Bravery, Catch the Teemo, etc.

    Game modes will be explained in the lobby for anyone who doesn't know what the game mode is or how to play it. Materials for things like Ultimate Bravery will also be provided in the lobby! Don't let "I don't know how this game mode works!" be your excuse to not play! All community members and applicants (even if you're not in the League of Legends division) are allowed to join, just be sure you have Mumble. If you need to download/set up Mumble, click here for the download link and a set up guide!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please send vVv Ahryse or any other staff member a private message. We'll be more than happy to help you!
    The next event will be Doran the Shopkeeper is Dead held Feb. 11 at 7:30pm EST! Save the date!
    Staff: 4
    Community: 1

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    Zeeb reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Progress   
    Don't worry about trolls/DCers/people who don't respond to you. On some level ranking up is about being able to grind enough games so that your true skill > the random bad teammates you get paired with. If you can't grind at least 4 games per night you might struggle in Silver for a long time.
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    Zeeb reacted to LeKrow in Progress   
    I actually did the "i need a certain amount of normal wins before i do ranked" and to a certain extent i find this to be true. It helped me fine tune my mechanics but honestly you don't really need to play norms then go rank. if anything answer these questions...
    1. are my mechanics solid?
    2. do i deal with raging well?
    3.can i stop playing after going on tilt?
    4.do i have a decent understanding on rotations and matchups?
    5. am i a flamer?
    6. do i have a main position and a decent champ pool or maybe 1 trick pony sort of deal?
    7.am i playing to play or am i playing to win?
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    Zeeb reacted to C Wide in Progress   
    Just like everyone I have every talked too about SoloQ says. Once you start playing to improve rather than to win; you will start climbing the ladder. Play for fun and to get better not because winning is your only objective. People forget this is a game sometimes!
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    Zeeb reacted to Daviepants in Progress   
    If you're around, you should also come to adopt-a-noob on Thursday nights. It's a great way to meet more members of the community, and an opportunity to learn certain roles and champs and get feedback from more experienced players in a lax setting (all the matches are in-house customs).
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    Zeeb reacted to C Wide in Progress   
    I pretty much agree with everything Blackstar said there. People at lower ELOs will listen to the player who is doing well. You need to lead your team to victory. I find the single best tip to climb from bronze to gold in no time is buying wards and controlling vision. No matter what role you are playing you need to be buying at least 1 pink ward and helping control vision. I see so many people either buy wards and not place them or they will purchase a sweeper and not even use it or upgrade it.
    Great tips btw Blackstar!
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    Zeeb reacted to BlacK StaRR (ex-vVv) in Progress   
    First of all, don't listen to the people that say get a certain amount of wins before you go into ranked, that's bullshit. All you need is a couple of completed rune pages, otherwise you just wont have the stats to compete with the other players around you. I would recommend a minimum of a completed rune page for ADC, AP, Jungle and Support. This should give you some basic cover for all roles you will have to play, once you get more ip by playing game you can cater you rune pages to the champions you like to play, i would recommend buying extra rune pages but this is entirely your choice.
    Now that you have your rune pages ill give you a few tips i used to climb from bronze to gold where i currently sit. Whilst im clearly not the best player i think i play to a "decent" standard and my mental game is alot further ahead of my mechanics.
    1) Be a leader - Try to lead you team in every game regardless of what role your playing. This works great in the lower elo's, obviously dont be a dick to your team mates because we all know how toxic the community is so be careful in how you do this. Time things such as dragon/baron spawns for you team mates and call plays if you team is disorganised. If you do this properly you'll find even in the lower elo's players will react well to a good leader.
    2) Communication - This is is super important, the more you communicate with your team, whether it be by pings or text chat will massively increase your chance of winning. Call absolutely everything you see out, if the other team places a ward, when your or any other enemy laner goes missing, if you spot the jungler ect. Again communicate calmly and clearly to your team mates so you dont piss them off. Another big thing about communication is learning when not to type. The amount of times players get killed or lose farm because they were typing is nuts. Try to do your typing when your in a safe position and use pings when in lane if possible.
    3) Learn every role - This doesn't mean become a master of everything, because you wont be able to. At least get a basic grasp of each role and what to do, dont be one of those guys in ranked that comes in, gets last pick then say's " i cant play support" Nobody likes that guy.
    4) Have a solid champion pool - This does not mean play every champion in the game, i myself have 2-4 champs in each role that i feel super comfortable playing. This means that if one of my main's gets banned or picked away from me i wont be totally useless as i always have something to fall back on that i feel i can still carry with. For example, If im playing top lane. I will always try to pick Fiora or Riven, If i cant get these two or i dont feel the lane match-up is in my favour picking them, then i can fall back onto a champion like nasus or malphite, who whilst i dont play to the same standard as my first two choices, i still feel happy playing them.
    5) DONT FEED - Never ever, ever feed. Regardless of how badly you are losing your lane just dont feed your opponent. If you are getting smashed then just sit at a safe distance and wait for the waves to come to you, yes you might lose out on some farm but giving you opponent kills will only make things worse. Ask for help from your jungler if you need it, bait the other guy into fights that can get you back into it. Just use your head and dont give the other team easy kills. When you know you cant 1v1 your opponent then dont try to force plays. Just be patient and be smart. This is one of the biggest mistakes you see bronze, gold, silver players make, getting behind in their lane then fighting the enemy laner when they have an item disadvantage in an attempt to get even, when all they do is feed and snowball their lane out of control.
    6) Help other lanes - Winning your lane isnt enough at the lower ranks to guarantee a win. If you've won your lane then roam to the others regardless of which lane you are. If you are top then take tp for fast movement around the map. If your mid then you can go wherever you think you'll be able to get a kill, bot lane can gain that vital dragon control for you team. Always look to help you entire team win their matchups if possible, because if you all win you lanes then the chances of you losing the mid to late game should be pretty small
    7) Vision control - No matter what role you are playing you should be buying wards and encouraging you team mates to buy wards. This is probably the most lacking aspect in good team play at lower elo's proper vision control not only protect's your lane and others from being ganked but it also helps set up ganks by knowing where and when things are being warded and where you have an advantage on the map. Wards, wards and more wards.
    8) Dont be a dick - the last one off the top of my head, everyone is guilty of it at some point during ranked. But try not to be a cunt, not matter how bad you or your team mates are doing, being a toxic fuck nugget wont make things any better. Keep your cool and try to be positive towards your team mates. No matter how bad a game may look you can almost always turn it around, this is alot easier if you aren't spending half the game flaming or being flamed by your team mates, if needs be just mute people that you cant stand.
    Sorry for the wall of text, some may not agree with me but these things are the things i noticed on my climb from bronze to gold. Your mechanics will come by playing more and more, if you sort the mental aspect of your game out using some of these tips above you'll be climbing the ladder in no time.
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    Zeeb reacted to C Wide in Progress   
    I don't think it's so much that you have to have a certain number of games played but that you have a few general rune pages setup and be comfortable playing any role. Many times in ranked you're not going to get your desired role and you will need to know how to not feed horribly when not playing the role you want.
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    Zeeb reacted to 7he_Doctor in iPhaNaTix App   
    It was great seeing you at ADL the other night. Hopefully you can come back
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    Zeeb reacted to Plague of Rats in Much happy.   
    I was super happy to see so many people return to the ADL on Sunday! I like seeing all the new people!
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    Zeeb reacted to 604 Ronin in Trying to Start Up Social Media for my League Play   
    Computer is one thing, skills are another. People don't really care about your skills, it's how well you are with a mic, your charisma, how well you can entertain a lot of people even if you're a low rank.
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    Zeeb reacted to Falcodile in T.T I did it! Gold dream is done!   
    Blitz carried me to gold!

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    Zeeb reacted to vVv OrganicBear in decisions..   
    I tried something similar before and it didn't really go anywhere.  It could be that I'm just terrible at making videos and being interesting, but I think there's also the question of value.  In a world full of beginner guides, smurf streams dedicated to showing people how to carry in low MMR games, and diamond+ guides for every champion you could want to play, what's the value in this type of video content?  Ultimately you'd need to bring a lot more value to the average viewer in order for it to be a successful program. 
    Either way, if you're looking for help improving I encourage you to attend our Adopt-A-Noob coaching program every Thursday at 9 PM EST.
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    Zeeb reacted to 604 Ronin in vVv League Division Meet & Greet   
    Thanks to everyone for attending the Meet & Greet, hoped you guys enjoyed it. For those of you that didn't make it, maybe another one will be planned for the near future, who knows XD.
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    Zeeb reacted to vVv OrganicBear in iPhaNaTix App   
    There's a lot more to getting a community going than just having a few people around.  I appreciate the thought, but really we'd need someone passionate about starting up an EU LoL community to come forward and really impress me quickly in order for it to be feasible at this time.

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