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    Zeeb got a reaction from ShmemSolid in Plush Sale   
    i would buy one or 2 but i fear that my room will turn into five nights at freddies
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    Zeeb reacted to Voison in Heroes of the Storm Division Townhall Meeting!   
    Glad to see so many people are going to show up.
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    Zeeb reacted to vVv LordJerith in Being Good Internet citizens and An Overdue Apology   
    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to update you on something we have discovered that has effected everyone's ADL experience: our site-wide ban on Reddit.

    So, why was vVv Gaming.com banned?
    We have been banned for several reasons. I want you to understand why, so that we all become better citizens of the internet. Reasons:
    members/staff actively engaged in vote brigading. It's when a group of people get together to up vote the same thing, be it a single person, or a group of people representing something.  It's just not fair, and hurts what Reddit is all about at it's core. If our events are good or appealing, people will organically upvote the events. Period. Former member, Sundown, who is now IP banned from our site, did two unforgivable things: He basically crossed too many lines in his rage against certain Reddit moderators He used my position at Riot Games to gain clout and attempt to bully Reddit moderators. This was personal. No one should ever do anything like this, ever. Period.  
    What are we going to do about it?
    We are not going to post Reddit links in the Shoutbox or forums to upvote. Go to Reddit and find the links as anyone would, by your normal Reddit use. We have removed Cam from vVv, and made sure all staff are trained on this C Wide has been working to rebuild our relationship with the moderators. As you already know, if you get caught doing this, expect to be banned use /r/summonerschool and /r/leagueofleglends normally, get involved and be a good Reddit member  
    Finally, our apology to Reddit:

    I want to apologize to the Reddit moderators and the community for this behavior. It's clear in my absence that a lot of things were not going well, but this topped the cake. Regardless, I'm the owner, and I take full responsibility for this.  vVv Gaming is committed to be good citizens of the internet, particularly Reddit. You have my sincere apology and a sincere pledge to make things right.
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    Zeeb reacted to vVv LordJerith in vVv Gaming Vision and Direction for 2015-2016   
    Thanks for taking the time to read my first official update since I've come back. After a lot of conversations with staff, community, sponsors, applicants and alumni, it was time to set a direction for vVv for the next 12 months.  We want to be transparent with everyone, so you can hold me accountable for working toward these goals. This reflects our commitment to help YOU create awesome community experiences.
    When I give interviews, I make sure every member knows: "Ask not what vVv can do for you, but what you can do for vVv."  As I stated above, vVv Gaming is YOUR community. Staff is here to help YOU make it awesome.   Once again, this is YOUR community. We're here to help YOU shape, develop and grow vVv.

    We've made numerous changes to staff. Here is where we ended up: Application Experience Manager and Forum Admin: vVv SugarBear (Facebook) (Twitter) Business Development Director and Co-Owner:  vVv RobZ  (Facebook) (Twitter) CoD Community Manager:  vVv B Easy (Facebook) (Twitter) LoL Community Manager: vVv C Wide (Facebook) (Twitter) Lead Designer: vVv Pherzghul (Facebook) (Twitter)  Lead Web Developer: vVv Bagzli (Twitter) Organized Play Product Manager: vVv NaturaL (Twitter) HotS Organized Play Associate: vVv Saturn (Facebook) (Twitter) LoL Event Manager and Forum Admin:  vVv Medusa (Facebook) ( Twitter) LoL Organized Play Associate: vVv Unverclopt (Facebook) (Twitter) (LoLKing) Team Experience Manager: vVv Bardo (Facebook) (Twitter) Coach, mentor, helper and he who shits upon bad kids: vVv LordJerith (Facebook) (Twitter)

    MISSION (for 2015-2016)

    GOALS have the highest rated organized play events as rated by competitive gamers have the most attended organized play events highest rated is more important than most attended be recognized as one of the best competitive gaming organizations in the world as rated by competitive gamers and our members be known as a talent factory by competitive gamers and sponsors

    STRATEGY create and run organized play events for competitive gamers sponsor and develop amateur teams to participate in and promote organized play events partner and deliver value to sponsors that create products and services for competitive gamers create and evolve an identity that competitive gamers want create and manage a clear path for competitive gamers who want our identity create and manage an ecosystem that develops competitive gamers and future gaming professionals

    We now know where this big vVv Gaming ship is headed. We all know the mission. We know the objectives and goals we want to achieve, and we have strategies that tell us how to achieve these goals. This is actually the easy part. Now comes the hard part.  
    Each of the strategic items above will need executions and tactics. EXECUTIONS are what is done to deliver on or to coordinate a strategy. EXECUTIONS are products and services and experiences we deliver to help us execute our strategy that will help us achieve our goals to accomplish our mission. TACTICS are actions taken to achieve our strategy.
    For example, the League of Legends Amateur Draft League (LoL ADL) is an EXECUTION (Product/Service) that helps us achieve our strategic objective of “create and run organized play events for competitive gamers.” How we set up the Mumble channels and how we name them are TACTICS.

    As a vVv community member or applicant your EXECUTIONS should include: Recruiting good community members Engaging with applicants Supporting vVv on social media (Facebook) (Twitter) Being active in our forums, shoutbox & Mumble/XBL/ PS4  I hope this post helps everyone know who is accountable for what, and what we are focused on. I would love and appreciate any feedback, thoughts and/or suggestions. It's YOUR community, we're here to help YOU make it awesome.
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    Zeeb reacted to Gerson Espinoza in Mata Reborn Application   
    So sorry for late response i live in Nebraska City . And i love lee sin i played him for a few months he is fun i like to watch mostly comedy and action lol . I cant wait to play with vVv and hopefully become a member 
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    Zeeb got a reaction from Fhrosty in Learning how to OP Ashe   
    im down to play some time if you want, although i rarely play on NA anymore i can still come on if anyone wants to play 
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    Zeeb reacted to C Wide in Rebuilding the LoL Division   
    I'm happy to be back and more motivated than ever. I love vVv and I want this division to be successful. I'm going to work my absolute hardest to make sure that everyone enjoys their time with vVv and that all the time those dedicated members have spent with us has not been for nothing! If anyone has questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, etc... please get in contact with me. You can reach me by PM, Twitter, Twitch message, etc... I have an open door policy, if you need help with anything at all, I'm here to help. I'll be making an introduction post for myself for those of you that don't know me and I'll also share some of my vision for the League of Legends division. One thing that I can tell you is that the League of Legends division is going to be more open with the community. The community is not going to be left in the dark wondering about whats going on anymore. Thank you for this opportunity, I won't let you guys down.
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    Zeeb got a reaction from Yui in Aeroglow Re app - Hello Again :D   
    Welcome back man, Glad to have you coming back
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    Zeeb reacted to vVv LordJerith in Rebuilding the LoL Division   
    We hear you. Loudly and clearly. empty mumble people resigned lack of leadership in the division lack of accountability for members I hear you.  We fucked up. We're going to try and fix it.

    We can't change the past, but we can make the future better. So, I want to share the vision that I have for the League of Legends division.

    I believe, and I am asking you to tell me if I am wrong, that what you want is: a place that is fun and feels like your home a place where everyone knows you and accepts you fun events that allow you play with others the vVv tag to mean something. You want members who: are active and social in game on mumble on the forums invested in the success of applicants make others feel welcome recruit others to play with and help the division grow support vVv on social media enjoy competition, but are not trying to go pro Assuming the above is true, then I am making the following changes to the division: Bringing back vVv C Wide to run the vVv LoL Division ADLs will be overseen by its own product manager, vVv NaturaL vVv Medusa vVv Unverclopt and vVv SugarBear will be handling applicants and running the LoL ADL

    I invite those of you who strayed away to give us a chance to make it better.  Please reach out to vVv C Wide or myself, personally, if you have any questions or concerns. It's going to take some time to rebuild our credibility with some of you, but everyone mentioned above and myself are willing to put in that work.  

    The first opportunity for people to come together will be the ADL this Sunday, July 26th.  I also will hold an AMA right after the event. So, I'll be on Mumble, personally, and I invite current members, applicants, previous members and those thinking about applying to come to the AMA and ask questions.

    We have work to do, and it will take time.  We're committed to fixing this.  We can't change the past, but we're committed to making a very fun future for vVv Gaming's LoL division.
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    Zeeb got a reaction from BigJus240 in What is your favorite heroes to combo with.   
    when i started playing the one combo i used to hate playing against as nova was illidan and rehgar, illidan can just dive into your team with R and then rehgar has the burst heal that can just make illidan a menace, i love playing E.T.C and raynor though thats a lot of fun... me and firewater have played that a lot and the 5 man stuns on top of hyperion is just melt
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    Zeeb reacted to Risingdawn in Keith trying out for TSM   
    Keithmcbrief AD sub player for Team Liquid, and AD for Team Liquid Academy will be trying out for TSM and splitting scrims with TSM's AD WildTurtle due to Turtles lack of growth as an AD, and his performance this split. What's every ones opinions on this potential roster shuffle?
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    Zeeb got a reaction from Yui in vVv Yui Resignation   
    Shame to see you leave man, you helped me a lot when i first got into vVv and wanted to grow as a league player and tried to get me out of bronze and always appreciated it, but got to do what you have to do. Best of luck to you for the future and hopefully will see you around again some time and get some games together again
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    Zeeb reacted to Spike in Tool I Made - Shitlist   
    Yah man, that's the idea!  A lot of games have these, the most I remember is a tool called SC2 gears that I used for Starcraft II a few years back.  I wouldn't really find something like it, os I decided to make something similar!
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    Zeeb reacted to Crazyviva in Why don't you guys want master tier?   
    This is actually something Medusa and I sort of brainstormed the other night when we were talking about it. I think we could definitely have a "best of both worlds" scenario where say, Friday night for example, we have the mandatory mastery tier and the plat+ and maybe some gold filler players would play in the master tier for that night and have the lower golds as captains for the lower tier of players, but the ADL would run as they currently do for Sunday and Tuesday. I can see this as a good way to fill the void for players who want to compete within their own ranking brackets but not have to resort to soloqueue to do so, while keeping the opportunity for low elo players to show their worth among higher tiered players within the normal ADL nights.

    It could also help with low level players who aren't getting drafted in the normal nights if they perform well during nights that have master tier. If i was a plat captain and heard about a bronze player doing consistently well in their bracket during master tier night, I would be more likely to pick them earlier on the normal ADL nights when everyone is integrated together instead of not picking them when I get to bronze because I don't know which bronze players are competent.
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    Zeeb reacted to Schauer in Why don't you guys want master tier?   
    I personally think it's a catch 22. I can see plats + not wanting to try hard in ADL's compared to Solo queue. Whats the point of even playing this if we're trying to make it just like solo queue? Atleast in that you're gaining lp. Yes there are prizes for ADL I understand that but not everyone wins them.
    I think the mission set forth though was to make ADL's competitive. The easiest way to do that might be making a master tear. Afterall lanes would be a lot closer and a higher level of play would definitely make the games competetive.
    However, there doesnt necessarily have to be a master tier for games to be competitive. Even in plat vs plat games lanes still get stomped due to knowledge differences. Not to mention the bronze and silver players in ADL generally play at gold + level when theyre given their comfort role instead of just shuttled to support. I know this isnt the case all the time but for example last ADL our last draftee was silver 5. We gave him jungle, which was his comfort role and honestly you would have guessed he was in medium to high gold with his play. Saying that because these players are on teams with diamonds/plats etc that games arent competitive is doing a disservice to roughly 75% of the playerbase in adl. 
    I'm sure there is also probably a 50-50 gap between lower elo players that like playing vs higher match ups and those who would complain about it. If we are worried about the lower elo players being frustrated in lane match ups then why aren't they asking for feedback at the end of the game. Sure losing your lane sucks and can get frustrating but if you dont ask for help/advice you cannot get frustrated when you're choosing to figure things out on your own than seek help which is readily available after every game. Ive been here for 6 adls now I believe and Ive seen maybe 4-5 players under gold ask for feedback at the end of matches.
    I think a good idea may be taking Friday or Tuesday and making it mandatory master tier for a couple of weeks and see how the player turnout is for it. I still dont think forcing people into something like that is a good idea but it's a start and it lets you see how players would react to mandatory master tier play.
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    Zeeb reacted to WolfSoul in iPhaNaTix App   
    Congratz on earning your pre interview Zeeb, good luck and I know you'll do well
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    Zeeb reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Town Hall Meeting this Thursday, 1/8 at 9 PM EST   
    Someone didn't read the P.S.
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    Zeeb reacted to Crazyviva in iPhaNaTix App   
    After what you said about LB last night you're dead to me. 

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    Zeeb reacted to Crazyviva in iPhaNaTix App   
    Lying is like...95% of what I do. I see you. ;]
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    Zeeb reacted to Sun Down in need your guys opinion   
    Everyone in ranked will always try to blame someone.
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    Zeeb reacted to LeKrow in Help on starting LoL   
    Pfff don't listen to kotazu, he only types in green. Oh wait...
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    Zeeb reacted to Eternal in Character Preference   
    My personal favorites are:
    Top: Maoki, Jayce, Rumble
    Jungle: Pantheon, Vi, Warwick
    Middle: Jayce, Syndra, Orianna, Zed
    Support: Leona, Morgana, Nami
    ADC: Jinx, Corki, Graves, Twitch
    My mains are ADC and mid, and I generally find that I can win in lane almost all of the time, and I contribute a lot in late game team fights.
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    Zeeb reacted to Crazyviva in Character Preference   
    I can't help it
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    Zeeb got a reaction from Crazyviva in Character Preference   
    viva pls, your leblanc < my leblanc :/. also when i saw you replied i insta knew it was gonna be something about leblanc xD
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    Zeeb reacted to Maniacal in iPhaNaTix App   
    I haven't played with him much but after speaking a bit he seems like a nice guy, and the more Brits the better! Good luck with your application, we should play some time

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