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    Zeeb reacted to Yui for a blog entry, Practice #1 9Line eSports Bravo   
    Practice #1 on the Ranked 5s team 9Line eSports Bravo, June 1st 2015.
    Practice Start: Gold V 0 lp
    Game 1: vs Royal Negus Gaming
    Result: Victory

    Coming into this game I was a little unsure on how we would perform. It was our first practice with this new roster and we hadn't had much time to work together as 5 and work out the kinks in our communication. We picked up Canz as our new jungler and Duty will be subbing for ADC over the next two weeks and the tournament on June 14th. As a support working with a new ADC can be interesting since the nuances in lane that you have grown accustomed to are no longer there. However once the game started we gelled pretty well and were able to pull out a through stomp.
    Starting with our comp, we were looking to put together a team that could peel for Kalista. This is why we picked up Cho'gath, Gnar, and Nautilus. We were able to sit back on our carry while she put stacks up on their champions. Picking up Rengar ensured that we had adequate damage as well as gave us a tool to nuke one of their carries at the beginning of fights. It also allowed us to abuse Evelynn in her jungle and gave our Rengar an early lead.
    In game it started out rather even up until the 10 minute mark. We traded even kills how ever our kills went onto Kalista and Rengar while theres went on to Sion and Zyra mainly. This showed at the first dragon fight, which occurred at the 10 minute mark where we secured dragon and traded 1 for 1 again (Kalista killing Lucain and Zyra killing Kalista). Once we established a gold lead on our carries we swept the outer turrets on top and mid and pushed down mid T2 by 14 minutes. At this point we had a 6 k gold lead and we were able to pressure out the rest of the game until the surrendered at 26 minutes.
    Game 2: vs MrChewsAsianBeavers
    Result: Defeat

    Our second game of the night was much tougher and was a pretty even match up until 35 minutes or so. Looking at our team we switched out our style and went for a hard engage comp. We were looking to layer CC with Vi, Lissandra, and Gnar while providing Lulu ult to the target they focused first. We picked up Jinx because she is a long ranged marksman that has strong AOE damage and can fast push when provided the opportunity to do so.
    Going into game we we started out strong with kills in the mid and bot lane. We were able to abuse our high CC comp to lock down their champs. However we gave up ground after the first few minutes and let them establish themselves in the mid game. They were able to pick up a tower, dragon and a 4 kill advantage by the 10th minute resulting in a 2k gold deficit. From this point we knew we had to fight around our ults and planned to fight around the next dragon. Our slow play and their uncoordinated calls allowed us to pressure down two towers, top and mid, and set up vision for the 16 minute dragon fight. With all of our ults up we managed to initiate a huge fight that gave us 5 kills, dragon, and bot tower for 2 deaths. This swung the gold from 1 k down to 3 k up.
    At this point I failed as the shot caller and was unable to pressure down any building for the next 15 minutes. We were able to find skirmishes but we played into their win conditions with a double ad comp. I failed to direct the team to push down the lanes and we stalled out. The only objective that we could control was dragon. The decisive fight happened at 34 minutes where they managed to establish vision control over dragon and were looking to nuke it down before we could converge. I saw this and called for baron, looking to trade their 2nd dragon for baron on our team giving us the tool to push down towers. However I underestimated their neutral objective damage with the double ad comp and they finished dragon in seconds and convered on Baron. They managed to get their with baron at around 3k hp and engaged on us allowing Nunu to get in range to Smite Consume Baron. They secured baron, killed 3 (Gnar, Jinx, and Lissandra) and pushed down an inhib. After that they had too much of a lead and they pushed bot while supers pushed on to our nexus turrets from top. Once the supers were in place they dove turret and wiped us then ended the game.
    Game 3: vs Pentatek
    Result: Victory

    Here we continued to use a variation of the hard engage comp using what I like to call the submarine engage. The idea behind it is to have Rengar ult, put the Orianna ball on him and have him jump in and then blow everything. We picked up Cho'gath to provide a tank line from their poke as well as providing sustain in lane verses the Yorick. The Janna and Ezreal picks were to provide high mobility and peel verses their all in lane as well as in team fights verses their high volume of skill shots.
    Going into game we called for an invade as our level one provided much more burst and cc then their level one. We invaded through tri-brush and picked off Leona right away. We pushed into their red and secured vision control. As lanes started we called for a hard push to allow our Rengar to rush to their red after Gromp and pick off Fizz. They tried to rotate their bot lane to help but since our lanes were pushed we pinched with Orianna, Ezreal, and Janna and secured 2 more kills. At this point it was 4-0 in kills and we had a 2k gold advantage. Our Ezreal had a 6 minute BF Sword which allowed for us to poke bot lane down super hard and effectively make them useless all game. We used this advantage to pressure down turrets securing their T2 bot at 12 minutes. They were unable to ever use their comp correctly as we were too far ahead and they surrendered at 25 minutes.
    Game 4: vs kevin vu is my boo
    Result: Defeat

    This game was a disaster. This was probably my worst game of 5s play in a year or so. The whole game was flawed from picks/bans to shot calling and mechanical play. Lets start with champion select. I started out wanting to go the same comp as we did the last game, so I first picked Cho'gath. However in their first 2 picks they secured the Orianna pick, taking away that avenue of play. Now instead of falling back into the more traditional engage comps (Lissandra, Vi, Sej, etc.) I decided to try and build a Yasuo comp. Looking back on this champion select we were doomed to fail as our initiates relied on either a hook, a rupture, or a flash Nautilus ult. That's pretty much it. So we had 3 ways to set up a fight in a comp that relied on team fighting, which allowed for the enemy team to counter that play with a heavy disengage comp. All they had to do to win was bait out my hook and then they were relatively safe to engage.
    Getting into game we saw these flaws rather quickly. The one positive note was that we caught out Orianna trying to early ward and got first blood. From here it was down hill. In lane they went even and once we started to fight over objectives, they destroyed us. Their positioning was excellent which forced me to put my self in danger to try and land CC on their carries. I had one shot to land it each fight before I was chunked out and if I missed, I would be at half hp for nothing. They did this over and over to the point where they had a 8k gold, 4 tower, and 2 dragon advantage at 14 minutes. At this point we kinda just gave up, accepted our loss, and worked on our communication in attempting to engage (calling out targets, timers, etc.). They finally pushed down our Nexus at 28 minutes with a 20k gold advantage.
    Night Results: 2-2
    Practice End: Gold V 30 lp
    Overall it was a rather successful night of practice. With 2 new players, going 2-2 in our first night isn't bad and I feel confident moving on into future practices and tournaments.
    Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts!

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