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    I like to design things, i used to do designs for websites and also maintain websites which i was really interested in. I enjoy playing guitar and playing a lot of different games.. gaming is probably one of my biggest hobbies/interests as i grew up playing many games.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Well good luck on your application man Quick heads up, we will be running an in-house some time this week so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement, can find all the details here also: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/csgovVv
  2. Welcome back, looking forward to playing some CS:GO with you and chatting with you . Quick question: What made you decide to re-apply and what do you hope to see from vVv CS:GO wise?
  3. hey its AtLandsEnd from the chat when you were streaming. I applied like I said I would mate. Looking forward to talking with you.

    1. Zeeb


      Hey ! Awesome man glad to hear it :D. Like i said im on TS very regularly so look forward to talking/playing :)

  4. Zeeb


    There's a lot more people that play csgo now than before. The majority of us are EU though besides the 2-3 that are NA. I run CGN's every so often and will be scheduling tournaments soon too so you're welcome to stop by on teamspeak and come play whenever
  5. Welcome to the community my friend, thanks for applying. Hope you enjoy your stay here, looking forward to playing more games with you !
  6. Really wish i pre-ordered it, from what i've seen its so much fun. Whelp enjoy it
  7. wtf did i just watch, when did league turn into 5man greater rifting in diablo
  8. not sure if this is still going on as last post was nov 2015, if you're still interested i can try and help sort something out ?
  9. welcome man, good luck up your app bro glad you finally decided to apply
  10. Glad you decided to apply man good luck on the application !
  11. Zeeb

    BelievVve by cubed

    I change my crosshairs regularly. I use a simple dot sometimes then i swap to someone like jkaems crosshair and stick to that for a while, just try a bunch out on the corsshair generator workshop map or go to csgocrosshairs.com. If you're looking for the crosshair that doesn't move at all (when moving/shooting) change the crosshair setting in game options to static (i think).
  12. Zeeb

    [RL] TyTy's Application

    Good luck on your app dude was funny as hell playing on the casino game we played, looking forward to some more bingo lmao
  13. Zeeb

    Stix's Application

    Glad to see you decided to re-apply dude . I'm assuming since you're into speed running you watch the GDQ's whenever they're on ? if so what would be your favorite runs ? i personally like the KH speed runs and some of the mario runs are pretty fun, also the dark souls runs are sick.
  14. Zeeb

    Revs Application

    Welcome & good luck on your application bro !

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