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    I'm an avid gamer and an English major at my university. The time spent not studying, reading, or writing is mostly spent on League of Legends or other personal pursuits. I like to pick up as many trade skills as I can, and seek out some very odd and generally niche abilities. I love to write with an insatiable passion, but for the most part I enjoy just relaxing and letting like come as it will.

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  1. Kinda got that vibe rofl. At least now you know! Good luck. ;P
  2. My guitar has lasted 30 years. I'm SO not taking it out.
  3. I asked you if you were were serious / semi-serious / casual and you said you weren't interested. :x It's okay. I'll change it! Can you give the info on the sheet? Serious / semi-serious / casual Availability Shot Calling and analysis
  4. I beg to differ. You're going down, friend.
  5. Fixing it for you now! Division is the #'d tier you are. For example, bronze V / IV / III / II / I
  6. Haha, you'll have the chance for plenty of fun still. Don't worry. Red isn't going to beat green for a while. You have some very strong lanes. Bot, however, BELONGS TO ME.
  7. Woah, poking fun at my soulless and lonely existence. You monster.
  8. Do you have another team you were planning on playing with? B4rdo said that the five of you had been playing together already. If you have another team, let me know and I'll make some swaps.
  9. You might want to hold off of team green for a while, but red would be happy to scrim you once you're all set up.
  10. Alright, so now that the roster is out we're looking at actually getting these teams playing against each other. I'd appreciate it if you would talk to your teams and let me know what the best day for you to practice and scrim would be. Personally, I think Friday night would be excellent. To those of you who still aren't on a team but want to participate, post below and I'll track you down and get you set up with some people. Good luck! Thanks! Edit: Naturally, tomorrow is Valentine's day so we probably won't scrim. (Unless we're all lonely.) That being said, I'd like to have this thing up and running by next week. It's time to jump on the horse my friends.
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