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  1. Power Ranger Cosplay, duh. You /are/ getting old, Bagzli. It's so hip right now.
  2. Davroth

    Zodiac Armor

    It's not more revealing then a bathing suit either way, since the approximate position of the nipples are covered as well. Looks like outrage for the sake of outrage to me.
  3. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    And with that we have out second successful Tequatl takedown. Hope we get even more participants next week.
  4. Davroth

    Guild Marathon

    Character Name: David The Pistolwraith Class: Thief
  5. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    I think 26 participants is rather optimistic.
  6. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    Until further notice, we will go guest on BG, simply because I want us to have a core group that know the encounter before trying to mobilize people on FA.
  7. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    Dont forget. This Frday we will continue showing Tequatl who's boss!!
  8. I think Champion and Dedicated, Veteran and Honored sounds okay as well. But I really don't like Elite. For the same reasons DrPhilboBaggins already brought up.
  9. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    First Tequatl Friday was a huge success. Not only did we man one of the turret batteries by ourself, and successfully so, Seier even got one of the ascended weapon chests Tequatl drops. Good job all around. Hope we get even more people next week. We had 13 participants this week.
  10. Davroth


    It is indeed happening. Check out the official announcement: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/65740-tequatl-fridays/
  11. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    Yes, but honestly, I think that should be a second step. First we should have an idea of how the encounter goes, and have a good number of people ourselves. That's when we can start pulling people in.
  12. Davroth

    Tequatl Fridays

    Hello everyone. After gauging interest is this thread here, and after talking to our glorious guild leader, we are going to take the first step towards making the idea downing Tequatl on FA a reality. It's an ambitious goal to be sure, but I believe we can make it happen. So here's how it's going to start. We will meet coming Friday, February 21st, at server reset (That is 4pm PST; 7pm EST), at the Splintered Coast Waypoint in Sparkfly Fen. Of course, noone expects that we will have enough numbers to do it on FA at this point. So what we will do is go guest on Blackgate (So don't use up your guests for the 24h if you wanna come with us). The encounter always starts an hour after the server reset, and we want to go early so we catch a good overflow, or even (gasp) Sparkfly Fen Main. I've done it both in main and in the first overflow, and there have been enough people there both times, so it will give us a great opportunity to learn the encounter. I'll take charge and use the time we will spend waiting to explain the intricacies of the the Tequatl fight, if possible on Mumble. So I hope you all participate if you can.
  13. It's tough. I'm currently running a well centric support build with my necro. The redeeming quality it has is that it still deals pretty substantial single target damage with Deathshroud and Lich form. But since the dungeon meta favors zerk builds, it can sometimes be tough to get a dungeon spot like that. So I'm considering getting a more zerk based build, even though I don't have a lot of fun running it. XD

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