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About Me

Hi, I'm a sophomore in Statistics & Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University. I play a lot of games - League of Legends & DotA 2 being my major ones. I'm a really chill person who doesn't get bothered by a lot.

League of Legends

I have two accounts on NA. Feel free to add me - "2x2" is my main and "RIP Godbless" is my smurf. I reached a high of Platinum I, 86LP in Season 3. My placement matches put me in Platinum II on my main and Platinum V on my smurf. My current ratings are as follows:

2x2: Diamond III

RIP Godbless: Diamond III

I mainly play solo lanes & jungle. I’m a fine AD carry. I’m a mediocre support. My favorite champion is Twisted Fate. My best champion is Rengar. Other champions I like: Yasuo, Nocturne, Aatrox, Katarina, Jinx, Nidalee.

I work at AzubuTV in the content & statistics creation department. I work with talent, teams, and players to create graphics for their streams and other promotional purposes. And various other things as a graphic designer is wont to do.

Previously, I worked at Cloth5 as a statistician and designer, primarily compiling and designing their infographics. I also work for League Central as their primary graphic designer. I also do or have done graphics & analyst work with a few other people, such as Spellsy (i.e. Support Mini-Cards for Patch 3.14), or elsewhere in the industry, such as Team Coast, Team Curse, LoLClass, and Leaguepedia. You can find some of my work here.

I also make mediocre wallpapers in my free time that a few popular streamers are using - like RF Legendary and Ninfang. You can see some of my other requested content here.

Dota 2

I previously worked for Collegiate Starleague (CSL) in their Dota 2 department primarily in graphic design & stream production. I've done a set of stream graphics that includes such things as an overlay, a VS splash screen, and a main event screen - you can see an example of this here. My favorite hero is Visage. Other heroes I like: Nyx Assassin, Slark, Enchantress, Slardar. You can find me on Steam as CDL | 2x2.


I worked with Exertus eSports to create a set of overlays for their professional SMITE team. You can check out their set and a few other overlay requests I've done here. They're a fantastic team and I'd appreciate it if you could check them out and support them!

I play a ton of other games. Currently playing Hearthstone during queue times. I pride myself on going through as many great games as possible and I enjoy discussing games as much as I like playing them, so don't hesitate to message me if you're looking for recommendations, reviews, or just wanna talk.

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