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  2. It does hurt, but Lee Sin probably will still remain strong. There are still quite a few bans thrown around (banned in all three ranked games I played yesterday night), because of the fear of running into an actual Lee SIn main and him melting your face off. Just depends on how comfortable and confident you are with the champion. They mainly wanted to address his trading potential and early strength, at least in the jungle it was often too easy to just camp the other jungler's buffs without them being able to contest much at all.
  3. HI~!! I've been sort of a fan for a while. I haven't been playing for very long though, so a while is not that long. Buuut I still think you're a great player C: I'm sorry if these are like a lot of questions, I've been absent for like one patch and the entire game seems to have changed. @_@ I played jungle/top as my mains for a while and then slowly just transitioned mostly into jungle. I play a lot of high-damage/carry-style top laners like Trynd, Rengar, Aatrox, etc. and have a lot of trouble with more tanky picks like Mundo. However, I want to get back into top lane as more of a meta-viable player - so, I have two major questions before I start trying to be comfortable ranking with top lane again (just a little background, I play in mid-high Diamond bracket atm): What is the top laner's role look like in the current state of the game - winning the lane & forcing teamfights? teleport to help the team & pressure the map? splitpush? With the advent of Heal, I'm assuming high-scaling champions, safe laners, bruiser-style - that sort of thing is in. I'm probably looking into Jax & Renekton to start off with, but what are your opinions on picks like Renekton/Shyvana/Jax vs. picks like Ryze/Kayle/Soraka (as I noticed you mentioned in a previous post). I'm definitely most comfortable with melee champions, but I've been seeing a great amount of AP/ranged top laners and I'm not sure how the traditional picks stand up to those - especially since utility mid is in and Feral Flare junglers + top laners seem to be higher threats. Thank youuu ~
  4. Working an actual 8-hour job is unbelievably tiring ...

  5. I'M ALIVE ... I'll be seeping back in and around, hopefully, work is quite busy. I haven't played in a decently long time ... =(
  6. Definitely. I should be getting internet in a few days ... omg ~.~
  7. Hi, just to update everyone - I've started on my new job for a few days now. Everything's going great! I got settled in a place of my own and still working out the Internet - unfortunately, there's some random issues with another service still being connected, so I need to take my lease agreements to an office and what not. That's why it's been taking so long =( Hopefully see y'all soon!
  8. Moving to California soon ~!!

  9. Hi friends, I'm taking a break from school and was offered a full-time job in Graphics Design / Content Creation within eSports. This means I'm relocating to the LA area (probably in Sherman Oaks) in California next week, so I won't be on much until at least next weekend when I'm settled in. I'll probably browse the forums and stuff but definitely won't be available to play any games. Also, anyone near the LA area - feel free to message me and we can hang out or something! I've never been there and I don't know that many people - my closest friends are at a gaming house in Huntington Beach, like an hour away. Cheers, 2x2
  10. Anything with Tails!! ^~^ ... but for real, any sort of little clips or what not like TSM used to upload about their days or funny things that happened is really fun for the rest of us.

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