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  1. I dont really mind being dropped atm. You all can expect to still see me around here and ill most likely apply when I am able to play competitively..
  2. Devon devon devon..Ill have to stop by for some of that pizza sometime. PS: No matter what he tells you he is 40 and african.
  3. Welcome to the site and best of luck on the app.
  4. You have been...Chopped lol love that show Gl to all chopees.
  5. Good luck with the app and remember stay active on the forums and get involved with as many community members as you can. Welcome to vVv Gaming.
  6. Surrealemail

    Relapsce App.

    Welcome to the site. Add me on Xbl so i can get to know you.
  7. Always sad to see members get the boot. Oh well gl to all of them.
  8. Nice to see us expanding to australia. Good luck with the app and I wish your team the best of luck in the future.
  9. Nice writeup this article will help almost any team improve on so many different levels if they truly understand it. Well done.
  10. Nice pad lol. Have another lan at your house so I can see it first hand.
  11. Surrealemail

    vVv Awakening

    Hope to see good things from all of you in the future. Lets go Revelation.

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