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  1. Got setup. My computer has a few dents in it from the move and few other minor things but its all good got some nice 120 ping this morning. I am ready to game yo. I got on mumble was happy to talk to some fellow vVv members regardless if I remember them or not it is been soooo looong. Edit I played 2 games and I got a baron steal with thresh with my death sentence. OP!!!! Note game name changed to Best Support KS.
  2. we have the most recorded snow in 45 years in tokyo in 1 day but unfornately they broke that record 1 week later. Our housing reservation got pushed beyond the estimated time to 19 Feb.
  3. Disappointing visit to the housing office couldn't get house reserved yet...those that did are having to wait til Tuesday. So if I do get it finally ready to today might be waiting til Thursday or Friday next week for a house and even longer to get Net/TV/Phone.
  4. Landed in Japan safely. Super tired. Getting house setup together this weekend on hotel free wifi atm too scared to attempt to play on NA server from here.
  5. Still in movement to Japan actually tomorrow is our flight journey from Seattle to Tokyo. 14 hour flight I think. I am so tired of "family time" from the last month that I just want to curl up next to a desktop and play with my friends on voice comm's. Hopefully by next week we'll have a home setup with internets. Edit. I been watching NA LCS over the past month.....all I can say is TSMMMMMM !!!! XD go vVv White!!!
  6. also NFL has a trade deadline of week 8 your not 100% sure your playing for the same team til halfway threw the season and you could probably say that about LCS teams too up until the final week before playoffs teams made changes of the spring split.
  7. Think the visa is taking longer than normal cause dexter wasn't offically on the roster yet and wasn't being paid by CLG therefore he wasn't able to obtain a visa if CLG had just paid dexter he would've gotten the visa and they wouldn't be in this mess. Oh and btw since dexter won't be there. I have little doubt CLG will be 7th/8th beginning of the season.
  8. I've started to play more jungling and noticed something between me and most junglers right now is after my jungling item is complete i always use my stacks after they get to 40 to get that bonus gold. Win or lose I usually have the most gold in the game (yes even higher than the enemy when they win) I normally play carry junglers too. So I tend to farm less early game and just focus on buffs/ganking til I complete jungle item. Then after that I farm more/focus objectives like dragon rather than ganking
  9. omg i almost nerded it out watching this! I had so many feels at the intro when u filmed TWZ! It was so close.......and that moment when Cloud 9 went 2-0! THE FEELS!! More vid's. I even liked the pics at the end even though i am super jealuous. You and dan dinh was my fav.
  10. Solo q is solo q. From personal experience I think the EU server rage harder..especially in normal games. I seriously disagree with you about the NA servers are easier to climb if you can get diamond on a server you shouldn't have a problem gaining rank anywhere but you might have some ping issues.
  11. NA > EU anyday baby. Why else would every other region wanna play on our server?
  12. Just a tip if u go competitive scene other than a player might need to change your name there's caster named RaPiD also aka RapidCasting on reddit.
  13. just update I'll be in and out for the next month 1/2ish in route to Japan stopping along the way to see family( i only visit every 2-3 years ) so please excuse me and moon's inactivity. My laptop sucks so I'll be borrowing family's computers when i can.
  14. Well my dream of krepo as a caster is died for the mean time but on a brighter note pobelter is sure happy he was kicked by Curse now

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