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  1. Zedige

    Jingo Application

    Goodluck with you app and stay active bud
  2. Zedige* but your welcome
  3. Willing to show anybody what I can do on CoD Anytime

  4. This kid is god awful hahaha
  5. Soap uses no soap

  6. Zedige

    iProzy app

    Check this out http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/68487-vvv-call-of-duty-team-tryouts/
  7. Zedige

    Shamster Application

    Goodluck on ur app champ
  8. Glad I took the time to read that, it was informative
  9. When are you going to finally going to be part of vVv?!
  10. Don't hate on the font size
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