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  1. Well its finally around the corner Monday I ship out to basic training fort Jackson. I wont have any type of access to the internet for awhile though I will get 10 days off for Christmas so I may make an appearance here an there but I wont be back till around sometime end of January beginning of February.
  2. omggggg ayeeeeeee welcome back
  3. 3rd party for lyfe ❤️
  4. i think we've played together before lol back in Cod:bo2 welcome back
  5. Minjaaa ❤️ lets play some apex sometime
  6. ahhh how i remember the good ole fashion cgn for cod im down
  7. Caustic: Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10% Gas Damage per tick increased: 1->4 Ultimate Throw distance increased: 28 meters -> 33 meters Gibraltar: Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10% Gun shied health increased: 50 ->75 WEAPON BALANCING -------------------------------------------- G7 Scout // Triple Take // LongBow DMR Lowered leg shot damage reduction: 25%->10% Reduced base weapon sway about 33% Reduced base sway speed by about 25% LongBow DMR Increased fire rate 1.2->1.6 increased magazine size Base mag increased: 5->6 rounds Common mag extender increased: 6->8 rounds Rare mag extender increased: 8->10 rounds Epic mag extender increased: 10-->12 rounds Havoc Increased base magazine size: 25->32 rounds Charge Beam Reduced cost per shot: 5->4 Increased close range damage: 55-->60 Increased damage at range: 45-->50 Close range damage falloff increased: 35m->75m Ranged damage falloff increased: 75m->125m WingMan Reduced magazine size Base mag reduced: 6->4 rounds Common mag extender reduced: 8->6 rounds Rare mag extender reduced: 9->8 rounds Epic mag extender reduced: 12->10 rounds SpitFire Reduced base damage: 20->18 Magazine extender attachments reduced Common mag extender reduced: 45->40 rounds Rare mag extender reduced: 55->45 rounds Epic mag extender reduced: 60->55 rounds ADJUSTMENTS TO GOLD WEAPON ATTACHMENTS-------------------- Gold Havoc Now has Turbocharger Now has 1x-2x variable holo site Gold R301 Now has 1x-2x variable holo site Gold wingman Now has digital threat ADDITIONAL CHANGES------------------------- Jump Ship Speed Increased the speed off the ship by about 50% Bug Fixes Fixed UI bug where the wrong percentage would be displayed for all boost badges
  8. New Legend - Octane Passive Ability: Swift Mend While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time. Tactical Ability: Adrenaline Junkie Move 30% faster for 8 seconds. Cost 10% Health. Immune to slows while active. Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad Deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Added Battle Pass tab Lobby Cost: 950 Apex Coins Earn over 100 unique items throughout the season - everything you snag before the season is over is yours to keep Updated dashboard images for Season 1 on PC and Xbox Updated Main Menu with new Season 1 art updated the Lobby visuals for Season 1 Updated Apex Legends site FAQ with info on Battle Pass INTRODUCING THE BATTLE PASS BUNDLE Get the Battle Pass, plus unlock your next 25 levels for Season 1 instantly cost: 2,800 Apex Coins FREE REWARDS 1 Wild Frontier Legend Skin 5 Apex Packs 18 Wild Frontier themed Stat Trackers Check out the rest here
  9. Have you tried the new gun yet?
  10. bangalore and bloodhound gotta jump in those hot zones
  11. Great time playing Apex with ya!
  12. welcome! always great to see a fellow Texan gamer lol

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