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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick post stating that I will be scarce in the coming weeks as we are in the final push of our software release at work. If things go smoothly, I should return within a few weeks. I will be around and you may even catch me in a game of TF or two here and there but for the most part, I will be unavailable. Have fun, and I'll see you all when I get back!
  2. Thanks! It took a while to get up with my work schedule and having to spend 2+ hours per game breaking down all the fantastic plays from our boys on vVv! I'm not sure if I will do the play by play breakdown in the future though due to time constraints unless everyone really likes having them. Feedback would be appreciated guys!
  3. With a stellar win for the underdogs of vVv over the highly praised LoLPro team, vVv has officially advanced to the North American Challenger Series playoffs! Our boys in red and white are one step closer to being crowned the kings of the challenger scene, so I wanted to make a recap article to highlight some of the great play that brought them to this point. Let's start this party with a recap of the latest victory over LoLPro... that is if you have a few minutes to spare from playing Titanfall ! NOTE: Time stamps are for the In-game clock Game 1: LoLPro draws first blood This game kind of makes me sad because vVv had a terrific lead all the way until the final minutes of the match. vVv struggled with closing out this game and allowed too many opportunities for LoLPro to make a comeback, specifically, with leaving Tail's wide open to get to. It seemed that around the 35 minute mark that vVv started to get some miscommunications and bad timings which really hindered the progression of the game for our boys. While vVv lost this game, I believe that coming so close to a victory fueled their ambition for the following two matches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t1RE-j8GkY&list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw&feature=share&index=3 3:25 - Get Snuggled and Heaven Time both come mid. Nyjacky and Heaventime pull out ahead forcing Get snuggled to base and Pekin Woof to farm under tower 3:40 - Cris all in's Hauntzer at level 3 and pulls out the first blood 9:05 - vVv takes first dragon with 4 members uncontested 9:23 - Nyjacky and Hauntzer dive cris at top. Cris Missed his Cask Explosion which would have probably killed Hauntzer for a 1 for 1 trade but instead ends up being a 0 for 1 trade in favor of LoLPro 11:06 - Get Snuggled and Cris dive past the t1 top turret chasing a weakened hauntzer down to the t2 turret burning two flashes to secure the kill. 13:47 - Nyjacky is caught in the enemy jungle by Get snuggled. Pekin Woof, Gaunty and Tails are nearby to secure the kill. Gaunty lands a magnificent hook over the Ancient Golem wall while Tails and Pekin Woof collapes with Get Snuggled onto Nyjacky. Nyjacky attempts to escape by flashing over the golem wall, however, gaunty is there to lay down the box. 15:19 - LoLPro secures the second dragon with 5 while vVv attempts to contest. vVv is split 3 and 2 which allows LoH to zone tails and get snuggled with tidal wave. Nyjacky follows up on get snuggled to attempt the kill while the rest of LoLPro collapses on the Gaunty, Pekin Woof and Cris. Pekin woof had plenty of room to lay down heavy poke with cris to push LoLPro out of the fight resulting in a 0 kill team fight. 19:06 - Heaventime initiates onto Pekin woof with skyfall as LoD, Nyjacky and LoH push up mid to dive with Heaventime under the t1 turret. LoH follows up the intiation with a 3 man tidal wave, however, no kills were secured. Pekin woof turns after the failed initiation by LoLPro and is able to take down heaventime with the assistance of Gaunty and Tails. 21:31 - LoLPro intiates the third dragon while vVv rushes down the ancient golem ramp to contest. Gaunty lays down a hook onto heaventime which is enough for Tails and Get snuggled to finish him off. With smite down, Cris flashes over the wall and lands a cask explosion onto Nyjacky which effectively forces LoLPro to retreat from dragon. vVv then secures the third dragon kill. 27:01 - Cris lands a great cask explosion onto LoH bringing LoH to less than 10% hp forcing LoH to retreat... unfortunately a heads up ult from Pekin Woof does not allow that to happen. This leads to vVv taking down the t3 mid turret and inhibitor. 28:05 - vVv goes for the fourth dragon immediately after securing the inhibitor turret and kills it before LoLPro is able to respond. Hauntzer dragon forms over the wall as vVv attempts to retreat from dragon going down before Heaventime and nyjacky have the change to flash over the wall to assist. Nyjacky ults heaventime and brings Pekin Woof extremely low. vVv takes the kill onto Heaventime and backs out before the rest of LoLPro has a chance to collapse. 34:10 - vVv attempts to siege the t3 turret at top but Hauntzer dragon forms onto 3 members of vVv while Heaventime lands a beautiful 5 man skyfall. LoH was able to follow up with a 5 man tidal wave while nyjacky chunked Gaunty, Pekin Woof and Tails into oblivion with glitter lance. The fight ends 5 for 0 in favor of LoLPro as Nyjacky chases down Get Snuggled in the jungle. 39:20 - Heaventime skyfalls onto vVv as they attempt to take the mid inhibitor causing Gaunty, Tails and cris to be caught by LoH's tidal wave. Tails gets seperated from the team by Hauntzer's dragon form which results in an early death. LoH flashes to aqua prison Pekin woof before he has a chance to duck into the jungle with Get snuggled, ensuring his death. LoLPro is able to even the mid lane out by taking the inhibitor off of vVv's hands. 41:42 - LoLPro secures the fifth dragon uncontested and catches Get Snuggled out near the ancient golem camp. 44:40 - LoLPro pushes down the bottom t3 turret and starts working on the inhibitor when Heaventime skyfalls into the back line of vVv ontop of Pekin Woof, quickly eliminating the yordle. 46:40 - As vVv is setting up vision at baron, LoLPro is able to catch Pekin Woof out by his wraiths forcing vVv into a bad fight in a bad position. LoLPro is able to overwhelm vVv's base and come out with the victory. Game 2: vVv strikes back Game 2 was a much more concrete performance from vVv although early game a bit shaky at first. It seemed as if LoLPro had momentum coming into this game when they made a call for a 4 man dragon nine minutes into the game. Unfortunately for LoLPro, Tails and the rest of vVv were hungry for a win and turned that 4 man dragon into a dragon steal plus 2 kills which set the tempo for the rest of this match. Gaunty and Get Snuggled did a fantastic job at keeping a front line in tact for Tails which was an issue in Game 1. This allowed Tails to get 11 kills with only 2 death including a penta kill. I don't think you can have a much better game in the NACS than this one, however, in order to make it to the LCS vVv will need to work on control and tempo. vVv needs to ensure that everyone is on the same page and communicating effectively because, at times I see Tails in a good position but Cris/Gaunty/Get Snuggled leaves him exposed for the enemy team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01-mZc5mvmk&list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw&feature=share&index=1 9:45 - LoLPro takes 4 to dragon with Nyjacky sitting in the mid river brush. Nyjacky gets the jump on Pekin Woof bringing him to half health, however, grunty is able to land a 3 person solar flare. This gives Get snuggled enough time to stun heaventime and steal dragon away. Before losing his life to heaventime, Pekin Woof is able to assist Grunty and Tails in taking down LoD, resulting in a 2-1 plus dragon in vVv's favor. 12:33 - Get Snuggled roams down to bot lane and pushes up into the 2nd brush to set up a lane gank. LoH uses a ward to safely check the brush making Gaunty miss his zenith blade which gives heaventime enough time to get to lane and throw his ult onmto Get Snuggled. LoH throws our a 3 person tidal wave that resuts in LoD securing the kill on Heaventime. 13:15 - Cris roams the enemy jungle to try and steal red buff from hauntzer, but Nyjacky is quick to respond. Hauntzer lands a great pillar which forces Cris to dragon form out of danger. Meanwhile at bot, Heaventime, LoD and LoH continue to lay down pressure onto the lane bringing Gaunty very low under tower.\ 14:25 - Cris roams into the enemy jungle again and gets converged on by Nujacky, Hauntzer and heaventime resulting in a swift death. Pekin Woof and Get Snuggled are able to quickly react to this and bursted down heaventime and forcing Nyjacky to retreat. Pekin Woof and Get Snuggled then lock in the kill onto Huntzer. 15:50 - Nyjacky lands a decent cask explosion onto Pekin Woof which brings him so low that the purple caster minion is able to land the kill on Nyjacky's behalf. 16:12 - Heaventime, Hauntzer and Nyjacky push down mid and Heaventime vaultbreakers into a lonely Cris. Hauntzer follows up with a great pillar that forces Cris 2 steps off of the tower, which is enough time for Nyjacky to land his full combo and Hauntzer picks up the kill. vVv Answers this by getting a 3 man gank going in bot with Get Snuggled, Tails and Gaunty picking up a kill onto LoD and LoH past the t1 tower. 18:04 - Nyjacky lands a great Cask Explosion onto Pekin Woof which puts him into a bad position under the t1 mid tower with no minions alive. Heaventime capitalizes on this and Assault and Batteries into Pekin Woof to ensure that kill was picked up. 19:10 - Cris and Hauntzer begin dueling in top land and just as you think that Cris is going to die, Pekin Woof shows up to turn the tides onto Hauntzer. Pekin Woof is able to land the killing blow as Cris runs for his life. 19:20 - Get Snuggled skyfalls into the back of LoD and LoH as they push up bot lane, effectively trapping them. LoH seems to be off page with LoD as he goes to stop Get Snuggled as LoD goes all in onto Tails and loses his life. Heaventime makes it to bot lane just in the nick of time to get LoH out of battle. 20:40 - Nyjacky roams to bottom after all of the action has ended which allows Pekin Woof to get both the mid t1 turret and a kill onto heaventime. 23:40 - All 5 members of vVv secure an uncontested dragon kill and then Heaventime flash assault and batteries onto Pekin Woof as he distortions under tower and Get Snuggled skyfalls in onto LoD and LoH. The rest of vVv collapses onto Heaventime, LoD and LoH securing 3 kills. 25:00 - Get Snuggled, Cris and Pekin Woof push down middle and are caught in the enemy wolf camp by Hauntzer and Nyjacky resulting in a swift kill onto Get Snuggled. 26:26 - Get Snuggled Skyfalls onto the enemy team to assit with Cris's engage while Pekin Woof, Gaunty and Tails are able to clamp down on the team fight. Get snuggled is able to pick off Heaventime and LoD before turning with the team onto Nyjacky who took out Pekin Woof. Tails is able to take Nyjacky down resulting in a 3 for 1 in top lane and baron. 28:20 - Get Snuggled Skyfalls onto the t2 mid turret where LoD and LoH are being sieged by Tails and Gaunty picking up the kill onto LoD. 28:40 - The rest of vVv meets up in mid to push down the t2 turret, however, Gaunty and Cris are able to start a team fight onto Heaventime. Since both Gaunty and Cris chased Heaventime, Hauntzer is able to pin Tails down between the t2 and t3 mid turrets and pick him off. 32:00 - Heaventime engages onto Pekin woof at the bot t2 turret as LoH tidal waves 4 members of vVv, bursting down an over extended Pekin Woof. Hauntzer runs straight past the front line of vVv to make it onto Tails again while Get Snuggled is picked off by Heaventime, LoD and LoH. Gaunty is able to find a zenith blade into LoD which gives Tails enough time to scare him back. While chasing the rest of vVv, Tails is able to pick off Heaventime. 34:20 - Get Snuggled misses his skyfall onto LoD and Cris misses his dragon form as LoLPro seemingly collapses onto an out of positioned Cris. 35:15 - Nyjacky finds a cask explosion onto Gaunty and Get Snuggled making a 2 for 0 trade in favor of LoLPro. Pekin Woof tries to burst down LoD as he shows up a tad too late to the fight with Tails and is taken down by LoD. Assault and Battery is used onto Tails which locks him up long enough for Heaventime to kill him but not before Tails bursts down nyjacky and ignite kills LoD. 39:00 - Get Snuggled skyfalls into Hauntzer and the LoLPro team in the baron side brush of mid lane which is countered by a beautiful tidal wave/aqua prison combo from LoH. Cris is able to Dragon form over the mid wall onto LoD and Cris to zone them from the fight as Pekin woof drops dangerously low. Pekin Woof is able to get a kill onto LoD with Cris as he is taken down by Nyjacky. Heaventime is dropped dangerously low as Hauntzer and LoH are being reengaged on by Gaunty and a full hp tails. Heaventime takes out Cris as he is making his retreat. LoLPro backs off as tails is chunking them on the chase 42:03 - LoLPro gets 5man Skyfalled by Snuggled as they push the mid lan. Nyjacky lands a solid cask explosion seperating 3 members of vVv. Heaventime is taken down by Tails in the back of the fight as Nyjacky loses his GA. Gaunty lands a fantastic zenith blade onto LoD which ensures his death as Nyjacky revives from his GA. 43:00 - vVv attempts to force the baron as Nyjacky, LoH and Hauntzer are the only members alive for LoLPro. Cris and Pekin are able to take down Hauntzer as he tries to make his way into the pit in exchange for Pekin's life. This results in a baron kill for vVv. 44:10 - Snuggled lands with skyfall right on top of Nyjacky making a quick pick for the t2 mid tower. 44:50 - vVv pushes out onto the t3 turret with a 4v5 power play with baron picking up the mid inhibitor. 48:34 - Tails Penta kill and the win! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtYjU4MkQCA Game 3: vVv clinches playoff berth After 2 nail biting endings, vVv shifts into 5th gear as Gaunty and Snuggled amass a massive advantage in bot lane for Tails. Even though Heaventime, Nyjacky and Hauntzer tried their best in mid game to save the ship from drowning, it was too late. Tails had blown a hole the size of Saturn into the hull of LoLPro and it was only time before the ship went down. If our boys playing for vVv want to progress into the LCS, this is the game they need to replicate. The play was very tight and restrained without being conservitive. They made the right plays at the right times and capitalized on LoLPro's mistakes and short comings (such as not warding tri brush for 9 minutes after 2 successful ganks from snuggled through the jungle). Great job to everyone on vVv especially Pekin who is definitely an unsung hero in these games. While you may not have had a score like Tails, the amount of pressure you applied on zigs was CRAZZZZZZZZZY. Congrats on moving on up into the NACS Playoffs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN6DjPeOzoU&list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw 3:35 - Gaunty lands a zenith blade onto LoH, causing LoH to use black shield. Little did LoH know that Get Snuggled was creeping into the lane behind LoLPro through tribrush, landing a vaultbreaker onto LoH (Surprise!). Gaunty follows up the vault breaker with Shield of Daybreak which allows Tails to take down LoH for first blood. 5:00 - Not too sure as to why LoLPro wouldn't ward their own tri brush as Get Snuggled had gotten a successful gank 2 minutes earlier, however, it allows Get Snuggled to come back to bot for a repeat gank. Snuggled lands a great vault breaker which gives Gaunty enough time to get in range with zenith blade to secure a second kill for tails onto LoH. 8:20 - LoLPro starts to set up a gank onto bot, however, they are met at the entrance to vVv's ancient golem ramp by Heaventime which leads to an easy kill for Snuggled. 9:27 - LoH lands a binding onto Gaunty, however, zenith blade doesn't care that he's binded. Tails is able to follow up bringing LoD down to below 20% hp when Pekin Woof drops his Mega Inferno Bomb in LoD's escape path. While LoD is able to flash out of the ultmiate, he flashes in range of Tails who is able to shave off the last 20% of hp. 11:20 - Gaunty lands ANOTHER zenith blade onto LoD and LoH as Snuggled races through the enemy jungle to eassit bot lane. Tails lays down a beautiful culling, tapping into the brain of LoD and bringing him down AGAIN. Snuggled finally makes it to the fight and begins the dive onto LoH but ends up backing off due to tails being too far back. 13:36 - Heaventime and Nyjacky decide that enough is enough and attempt to 4 man gank bottom lane. As they enter lane, LoH lands a nice ultimate onto Gaunty and Tails which results in a kill for Nyjacky. 16:35 - vVv has 4 men down at dragon as LoLPro rush out of their jungle to contest. As LoLPro come in, vVv backs off allowing LoLPro control of dragon and it's damage/debuff. Hauntzer uses his teleport to ensure that vVv backs of, however, Snuggled gets caught to the side of the dragon pit by Hauntzer's pillar. LoLPro are able to secure the first dragon off of this. 17:28 - "Gais pls, I beg... pls stawp!" That's what I imagine is going through LoH's head as gaunty and tails land another beautiful combo onto him resulting in a swift kill. As LoD is trying to escape, Peking Woof throws out another Mega Inferno Bomb in which LoD is able to flash away to safety. 18:20 - Nyjacky sees Tails in his jungle as he goes for a seemingly easy kill, but little did he know that snuggled was waiting in the flanks to set up a counter-gank. Hauntzer is able to make his way down to mid as get Snuggled and Tails start to retreat resulting in a kill onto Snuggled. 19:50 - Heaventime is waiting in the brush near his ancient golem as Snuggled comes in to get vision. Nyjacky is quick to react, distortioning over the wall to lay down some law resulting in a clean kill. 22:53 - Nyjacky and Heaventime catch Tails at the mid ramp entrance to the jungle, deleting him from existance. 27:19 - LoLPro has a bit of miscommunication as Hauntzer engages on Tails and Cris as the rest of LoLPro is maneuvering towards white wraith. Snuggled vault breaker's a bit too deep as he is destroyed before he is able to get back to his team. Cris is able to chase out LoD and secures a clean kill ending the fight in a 2-1 exchange in favor of vVv. 29:20 - Nyjacky is being surrounded by Cris, Gaunty, Tails and Pekin woof and while he is able to back off, it leaves LoH in a vulnerable position behind the enemy team resulting in a death at the hands of Tails. Heaventime is too late to help LoH escape which allows Cris, Snuggled, Tails and Pekin woof to take down LoD. Cris over extends as the team pulls off to chase Hautzer into the jungle which gives Nyjacky an opening to take him out. 31:45 - Snuggled Lands a beautiful vault breaker from mid brush over the wall onto LoD, chunking him to half hp as the rest of LoLPro starts to engage. Snuggled follows up with a beautiful 3 man Assault and Battery as Pekin Woof lands a 4 man Mega Inferno Bomb which takes out both LoD and LoH. Heaventime is able to land a nice ultimate on to Pekin Woof which provides the rest of LoLPro some time to retreat. 32:20 - vVv is in the midst of taking baron when Heaventime baits cris to dragon form over the back wall of baron. This allows Nyjacky a chance to pick off Gaunty and Snuggled who are both sitting critically low in the baron pit with Pekin. LoLPro decides to back off after losing Heaventime since there was no smite available. 35:20 - LoLPro makes their final stand at the top t3 turret but it's too late. Pekin picks off Heaventime out of the base (why he was there... who knows?). Because of this, Cris is able to dragon form past the turret onto LoD and makes quick work of him. vVv pushes forward and is able to secure the victory with 20 seconds remaining on the respawn timer of Heaventime. Series MVP: vVv Tails [ 22/5/19 : 8.2KDA ] I'm about 10 seconds away from making a parody video of "Teach me how to dougie" to be "Teach me how to Luci" inspired by Tails. Tails put on a clinic Sunday evening in games 2 and 3 on how to not only play Lucian, but how to play smart. A lot of marksmen can get in trouble by positioning inappropriately but Tails was spot on all night using his team, brushes and the fog of war to edge out a positional advantage in almost every team fight. Ending the series with a 8.2 KDA, It's safe to say that Tails may be the best Lucian NA... sorry Imaqtpie but you've lost your crown! Congratulations vVv Tails for being this week's MVP!
  4. poppy is actually really strong in the support role. Once Poppy is six, she can ult the support and take 0 dmg from the adc on engagements. Her W+Q combo hits like a truck and her stun when E'd into a wall is long as hell. There was a Poppy Main Challenger AMA last week on reddit that was very insightful.
  5. Hey SoreScar, thanks for your input... a few things to note: 1. The range change for Annie's auto attacks was mentioned in my original posting, however, on 3/4 riot reversed those changes. 2. Annie's base damage was nerfed while her scaling was buffed. This is a change that makes Annie player's who build support weaker late game. It takes over 300ap to make those abilities do more damage than what Annie is currently doing on live. It's very hard to generate enough gold on a support to hit 300ap (lets be honest, this happens once in a blue moon) therefore the damage you will be doing on annie will be weaker compared to the damage she currently does. If the auto attack range nerf had not been reverted, then Annie would be dead as a support in my eyes.
  6. The formatting for these forums is so frustrating, I've fixed the spacing like 1000000 times and it keeps going back to triple/quadruple spacing.
  7. ----- 3/4 CHAMPION CHANGES ------------------------------------------- Elise [Hoodwinked]: As there are several ways to skin a cat, there are several ways to jungle. Choosing the right jungler usually depends on the type of game your team is trying to play. Typically, there are 3 aspects to a champions "strength" in the jungle: 1. Camp Clear Speed 2. Gank Potential 3. Mobility. Most of the time, the top tier junglers excel in 2 of the 3 categories, however, in Elise's case... she has always excelled in all 3 areas. Elise is a high velocity jungler, with great mobility and terrific gank potential which can be devastating in any team composition. The problem I have always had with Elise is that she is just too damn good at everything. Riot is taking steps to rectify this by nerfing the base damage to Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite against enemy Champions and Monsters. What's interesting is that the base damage nerf to these abilities is not "devastating" to Elise's play against enemy champions, however, the bonus damage against monsters being reduced by 50% will hamstring her strength from the jungle. While she still has a pretty fantastic kit to keep her viable, she will be spending a few extra seconds at each camp, which effectively reduces the amount of opportunities Elise will have to gank during early and mid game. Elise's Cocoon stun duration was also reduced at ranks 1 and 2 to 1s and 1.25s stun duration from 1.5s at all ranks. This will make Elise's early game gank potential much less effective. Did Riot go too far with these nerfs is the real question though: Neurotoxin ( Q ):Current Damge: 40/80/120/160/200 Current Monster Bonus Damage: 60/120/180/240/300 PBE Damge: 40/75/110/145/180 PBE Monster Bonus Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 Venomous Bite ( Q ):Current Damage: 60/110/160/210/260 Current Monster Bonus Damage: 60/120/180/240/300 PBE Damage: 60/100/140/180/220 PBE Monster Bonus Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 Cocoon ( E ):Current Stun Duration: 1.5s at all ranks PBE Stun Duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 1/1.3/1.5/1.8/2 (3/5/2014) Rappel ( E ):Current Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 PBE Cooldown: 26/23/20/17/14 Ezreal [too ez]: Nothing major is going on here with ezreal. Riot has brought up Ez's AP scaling with mystic shot which will give his poke a bit more potency. In my opinion, this is just a slight adjustment in an attempt to bring Ezreal back in line with the other tier 1 adc's. Mystic Shot ( Q ):Current AP Ratio: 0.2*AP PBE AP Ratio: 0.4*AP Heimerdinger [Who touched my turret?!]: Heim has always been considered a troll pick, but what people don't realize is that he's a beast when a skilled and experienced player picks him. Not much going on here other than a slight nerf to the cooldown on the H-28G Evolution Turret's Attack Beam. People will still flame others for playing him, and people will keep underestimating his strength. H-28G Evolution Turret ( Q ):Current Attack Beam Cooldown: 10s PBE Attack Beam Cooldown: 12s Master Yi [Yi-ppie!]: Highlander received a minor buff today granting immunity to all slowing effects as opposed to all movement reduction effects. I can only assume that this means Highlander will make Yi immune to any attack speed reduction effects, such as attacking enemies with Warden's Mail. Twisted Fate [i whip my cards back and forth]: I always thought TF was an insanely fun apc tp play. Since season 2, there hasn't been much love for TF as he kept getting nerfed due to the strength of his ultimate. Currently, TF is in a state where there is just too much risk and not enough reward to play him. Riot is slightly increasing the scaling to Pick a card to try and bring him back in line with other mid laners. I don't think this change alone is enough to accomplish that, however, I do think that we will see a few more tweaks in upcoming days. Pick A Card ( W ):Current AP Ratio: 0.4*AP PBE AP Ratio: 0.5*AP Udyr [Moar Stuns]: What can I say about Udyr? I mean he's this big ol' tank that can put out some good damage and cause his target to just want to kill themselves due to how annoying his kit is. Udyr's main problem is that he's extremely susceptible to being kited/CC'd which is a huge turn off. Riot is reducing the time between bear stance's stun being able to be proc'd which should give him a little more strength. Positive change for Udy and I like it. Bear Stance ( E ):Current Time between Stuns: 6s PBE Time between Stuns: 5s
  8. Unfortunately I do not top enough in season 4 to volunteer, however, I am an excellent support main who has played in a competitive small team setting before professionally (counter-strike 1.6 and source). Idk if you'd be willing to utilize me as support but if you would like to try, feel free to add me in game (Spard).
  9. Hey guys, I just finished my newest blog entry discussing the latest changes happening on the PBE. Check it out here!
  10. Another week and another list of changes have been checked into the PBE for league of legends. While there are not an abundance of changes to be discussed at this point, there are several important changes to talk about! Today I will be discussing the latest PBE changes and the effects these changes will have on the current meta from my point of view. For those of you who have not had a chance to peruse the new patch notes, you can find them here. ----- 3/3 CHAMPION CHANGES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** NOTE: Colors are reflective of my opinion on the changes proposed. [Negative Change] [Minimal Impact Change] [Positive Change] Kassadin [Reworking day and night]: I think that we can all agree, Kassadin has been a juggernaut at drawing picks/bans for the better part of the past 2 seasons. He is the only champion to be consistently banned out for the majority of his lifespan due to his incredibly strong kit for assassination, which allows for quick movement across the map and huge amounts of spike damage. Since the Kassadin rework is highly volatile, I am going to refrain from going into specifics until the changes are more concrete. The general Idea behind the proposed changes is to remove some of Kassadin's scaling from AP and make him benefit from having a sizable mana pool. I think this idea is a good move for kassadin as it better defines his role within the current meta without losing his "uniqueness". By having kassadin scale off of a combination of AP and mana ratio, it places kassadin in a position similar to Ryze. Kassadin will be able to forego some of the typical AP items for more tank centric items without losing significant late game strength. In my opinion, I believe that the current changes to Kassadin's kit will make him a very strong AP Bruiser-Assassin for Top/Middle/Jungle. Annie [bye bye bot lane, Hello Mid!]: Okay so Annie has been a flavor of season 4 since the get go. Annie is not intended to play the support role and it appears that Riot is taking steps to enforce that. Riot has nerfed annie's base damage on her abilities but buffed the scaling AP ratio on her abilities to reward players who build annie as a mage. Annie was also given a generous boost to her Disintegrate (Q) which will now half the CD timer upon killing a unit with Disintegrate. All in all, I think these changes will accomplish what Riot is trying to accomplish with Annie. These changes will severely hamstring Annie's strength as a support due to her damage and harass being much weaker, however, it will increase Annie's sustain, wave clear and late game potential. Disintegrate ( Q ):​​​New Effect: Killing a unit with Disintegrate now reduces the cool down of Disintegrate by 50% Current Damage: 85/125/165/205/245 + 0.7*AP PBE Damage: 80/115/150/185/220 + 0.8*AP Around 300 AP is when the new Disintegrate out powers the old Incinerate ( W ):Current Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 + 0.75*AP PBE Damage: 70/115/160/205/250 + 0.85*AP Around 300 AP is when the new Incinerate out powers the old Summon: Tibbers ( R ):Current Damage: 200/325/450 + 0.7*AP PBE Damage: 175/300/425 + 0.8*AP Around 300 AP is when the new TIbbers out powers the old Maokai [Rotting Away]: I am and always will be a big fan of Maokai as he was my first jungler I ever became proficient at. That being said, Maokai has had some problems fitting into the meta as he stands. Maokai's biggest issue is that he does not generate enough pressure in the jungle or on the map to create openings. Yes, maokai is a decent ganker but he moves so slowly through the jungle that ganking is detrimental unless perfectly timed and executed. Riot has made a good step in improving maokai's sustainability by reducing the mana cost to both Arcane Smash and Vengeful Maelstrom, however, I do not think it is enough for this tree to spread it's roots. Maokai is just missing that "umph" factor to bring him. Arcane Smash ( Q ):Current Mana Cost: 55 PBE Mana Cost: 45 ​Vengeful Maelstrom ( R ):Current Mana Cost: 75 mana, 30 mana per second PBE Mana Cost: 75 mana, 20 mana per second​ Nautilus [Have Shield, Will Tank]: In season 3, Nautilus was my favorite jungler. As I main support and love champions with "hooks", nautilus was a fantastic transition champion into the jungle. Nautilus suffers from the same issues as Maokai as that he is ultra tanky. Ultra tanky junglers who have decent ganks but weak damage and high cooldowns are not fitting into this meta. These ultra tanks can not utilize all of the extra gold introduced into season 4 as they do not need a lot of items to preform their job and they do not scale extremely well with damage attributes. He is meant to be a big ol' tank who initiates and controls the "front line" which is why i think the changes made to Titan's Wrath is a step towards the right direction. By increasing the strength of the shield gained and reducing the cooldown, nautilus will be more sustainable in the jungle and he will get a nice spike in damage with a lower CD on Titan's Wrath. I would say that this change is a step in the right direction but I think there is more to be done. Maybe if the buff to Naut's damage from Titan's Wrath had a fixed duration outside of "when the shield is active" he would be a more reliable pick. What I mean by this is that If Naut casts Titan's wrath to "soak damage" and the damage eats the shield, the damage buff should remain active for a fixed amount of time. Titan's Wrath ( W ):Current Absorb bonus: 10% bonus Health PBE Absorb Bonus: 15% bonus Health Current Cooldown: 22/21/20/19/18 PBE Cooldown: 18 at all ranks Sivir [Let me see you Tweak gurl]: I'll admit I don't play the ADC/Marksman role fairly often, however, I do have insight from a support standpoint. Sivir is losing strength on the "subsequent target damage" to her boomerang blade by 5%. This isn't game breaking but it is a slight reduction in damage output that I believe was justified. Ricochet costs a bit more to cast now but this is balanced out with the buff to the mana regeneration from spell shield. I believe these changes are small tweaks to balance sivir and reward good sivir players without punishing bad ones too harshly. If these changes were to go live, I'd think sivir would still be a solid pick behind lucian or jinx but more in line with the other "tier 1" adc's. Boomerang Blade ( Q ):Current Subsequent Damage Reduction: 10% PBE Subsequent Damage Reduction: 15% Ricochet ( W ):Current Mana Cost: 40 PBE Mana Cost: 60 Spell Shield ( E ): Current Mana Return : 60/75/90/105/120 mana returned upon blocking enemy spell PBE Mana Return : 80/95/110/125/140 mana returned upon blocking enemy spell ----- ITEM CHANGES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *NEW* Feral Flare [Very Nice, How much?] : I'm not quite sure why Riot has an attachment to Wriggles lantern when none of us do, however, I like what they've done here with Feral Flare. Basically, your wriggle's lantern gets a free upgrade when 25 BIG monsters are slain. This upgrade gives the wielder a free 5% attack speed boost and +5 Attack damage. There was some concern as to what is considered a "big" monster but those concerns were squashed when Rioters explained that the Largest monster in each jungle camp will be counted towards the 25 needed. With this free 5% attack speed, I can see Wriggles being picked up on certain champions or teams looking to push early dragons/barons. I will probably pick this item up if you plan to do more counter jungling than ganking
  11. One of the greatest tool's in any lane's arsenal is the element of surprise; Whether it's from damage, sustain, skill, etc. the best thing you can do to win your lane is to lull your enemy into a sense of false confidence and then knocking them flat on their back. Recently, I have had great success in doing this by experimenting with "unexpected" Nami builds. First lets start off with the basics: ----- Why Nami? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Picture for a moment the strength of Soraka's heal's paired with the CC of leona and the utility of lulu... op right? ... well that's Nami! Due to Nami's kit, Nami player's can give different combinations of enemies in bot lane different looks (aka play styles). In my opinion, Nami has the best kit for support outside of thresh in competitive play. She has the ability to play both offensively and defensively without changing play styles or holding back abilities, the same way thresh does, which makes her a huge threat in team fights. Nami's kit is about control and sustain as she excels at controlling a fight through cc/utility and sustaining the carries. The key to Nami is knowing which look (play style) to show against which combinations as well as landing a high percentage of well timed Aqua prisons. ----- Nami Play Styles ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Peel 'N Heal [Passive] Peel 'N Heal is what I dubbed Nami's passive game. This is the play style you want to use when you are out matched or out picked in champion select/early game. I use this play style to sustain late game champions and keep them safe from hard engages early on. An example of when this type of play style would be best used is when the enemy team has a high damage threat in the jungle such as elise or kha'zix paired with a strong initiation in the enemy support such as leona or thresh. If you are playing this style you need control of vision in the river and the closest brush to your turret. This will ensure that you can not be caught off guard by a strong initiation. When Playing this style, I tend to position myself behind my ADC so that the initiation is focused onto them. The reason for this is that Nami is super squishy all game and needs to play safer against heavy agro compositions. By forcing the initiation onto your adc, it guarantee's that Nami will be able to land an Aqua prison on anyone in melee range of your ADC. After your aqua prison is cast, you need to make a snap decision as to use Ebb and Flow or Tide caller's blessing. Typically, I land my aqua prisons before any major damage is output on initiation which means I can hold Ebb and Flow. Since my adc will be focusing on running out, I cast Tidecaller's blessing on myself so that I can apply slow to 3 enemies chasing my adc. Once my adc has a step or two on his pursuers, I then cast Ebb and Flow to top him off and give him a small speed increase. If the enemy team continues to chase and has another way of controlling you or your adc, use Tidal wave to ensure a successful disengage. From this point, you can choose to re-engage if it is in your favor because the enemy team should have chased you quite a bit down the lane. 2. Counter-Engage [Mixed Play] Counter-Engage play style is all about critical decision making. In order for the Counter-Engage play style to be effective, you need to have full control of vision in bot lane. Typically when I show this look, I have full control of river, the brush closest to the enemy turret and a sweeping lens to keep the brush closest to my turret clean of enemy vision. This play style is extremely effective against short range, high damage combinations such as Graves or Jinx with Annie or Leona. The point of this look is to allow your enemy support to feel like they've caught your ADC in a bad position and then catch theirs in an Aqua prison to stop the dmg from ever engaging. Once aqua prison is applied, I typically cast tidecaller's blessing on myself and apply the slow to the enemy adc as I run to assist my adc. From this point all your adc needs to do is kite and fight the enemy support as I am positioned to continue to apply slow to the enemy ADC and/or the support chasing my adc. After the counter-engage happens you need to evaluate the risk/reward for a full counter engagement as Nami will surely die if miscalculated. The positioning you will be in will be between the enemy support who is most likely on your adc closer to your tower and the enemy adc who is trying to catch up to the fight. Either one of two situations will occur, you will be in a position to make them run due to the damage output of your adc on their support or the enemy team will collapse on you as you are positioned between them. Note that the enemy support most likely has used major CD's to initiate on your adc while you have only used Aqua prison which should be coming off cd. As to what happens next, is all up to you. You have to make the decision of committing to a full counter engagement or to back off. I can tell you this though, 9/10 times if no assistance comes to lane, I am able to Tidal Wave the enemy adc into an aqua prison while my adc kills off the enemies support. Then I can Tidecaller's Blessing my adc to speed him up and apply a slow to their adc. **NOTE: If you are playing thisstyle, start Doran's Shield for better engagements as you will be purposely placing yourself in a position to be focused** 3. Poke 'N Choke [Aggressive] The most aggressive look I give the enemy team is called Poke 'N Choke. While Nami has extremely good range, this style is very difficult to master due to Nami's base health being so low and the current meta of high damage threats from the jungle. Even though this style is extremely difficult, it can be the most effective/rewarding and has helped me shut down typical "heavy agro" compositions of Lucian or Jinx and Leona, thresh or Annie. The concept is simple, land a high percentage of aqua prisons on the adc while you poke down the support who moves up to push you off of the enemy in aqua prison. This is "baiting" the counter-engagement from the support, and I can tell you many of them bite on this. This strategy should ONLY be used to insert your lane dominance early game. The point of this style is to bait the enemy support to take "free" damage from me and my adc while their ADC is incapacitated and then to back off before the enemy adc has a chance to counter-engage. Since this is a high risk strategy, starting Doran's shield is essential which creates a major lack of vision control. You make this trade to establish two things: 1. Lane Choke (force enemy to farm under tower): By poking your enemy repetitively during levels 1-3 you should be able to burn both pots from your enemy support which makes engagement without assistance a death sentence. This typically forces the enemy to play safe and farm under tower until help can arrive 2. Lane Brush Control: Most likely your enemy has either 1 ward and a trinket or only a trinket. By forcing the enemy to use their trinket/ward on the brush closest to their turret due to aggression from Nami, you allow multiple avenues for your jungle to slip into lane unnoticed which can create a snowball effect for your lane. ----- Combining Play Styles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are a skilled Nami player who know's her like the back of your hand, then the most effective way to win a lane is to switch up play styles. This will keep your opponents guessing and it's something that many supports can not do because they lack either offensive or defensive capabilities. There are few supports I can say can pull this off effectively and those would be Thresh, Nami and Lulu. When you give the enemy a different look every time you return to lane, the adjustments they made to counter the look you were previously giving them will be futile, keeping the edge in your favor. I have listed out below how I play my lane as a Nami: 1. Setting up lane aggression: Before you begin doing anything, you need to set up the lane so that you have an advantage. I do this by warding the enemy brush closest to their tower. 2. Setting up level 2 aggression: After vision has been established, auto attack the caster minions once or twice each to assist your adc in clearing the wave. This will allow you to get level 2 faster. 3. Levels 1-3: Once vision and level 2 has been set up (you should still be level 1), you can now start using the Poke 'N Choke strategy. Watch the movement pattern of the enemy adc, everyone has one, to be able to predict their movements while "safely" poking the enemy support. Once you have a good feel of how the eneny moves for CS, trap them by landing an Aqua Prison as they step up to last hit and then poke the adc unless the support steps up. The reason to poke the support if they step up to will be because you can land 2-3 more auto attacks which will burn a pot. Keep repeating this until you reach level 3. At this point you will want to evaluate changing your play style as you begin to lose strength. If you have burned through all of the pots for one or both of the enemy team, continue using the Poke 'N Choke strategy. If you have been unsuccessful in burning through the pots, switch to the counter-engagement strategy. **NOTE: If at any point you end up getting outplayed or take too much poke, you can always play a steady game of Peel 'N Heal until help arrives** 4. Levels 3-6: Nami's level 3-6 is weak in "output" when compared to almost every support out there. If you have burned all pots from one or both of the enemies, continue being aggressive and have your adc trinket ward river. Do not under any circumstances move past the end of the 2nd brush as it is a long run with minimal movement speed. Typically, this is the point in the game I tend to like to capitalize on enemy engagements which calls for the Counter-Engage play style. Since I forced the enemy to burn their trinket ward early, I should be able to safely position myself in the brush closest to my tower. The enemy now has to make a decision as to use another ward for lane or to save it for river... not a choice you want to make. If they use the 2nd ward in your brush then you are going to want to play safer to keep yourself alive and to make the enemy think you've "backed down". If no ward is used, place yourself in a safe "power" position to be able to instantly counter-engage. 5. Levels 6 - T1 Turret Down: By this point in the game my lane typically has a lead and I switch between Peel 'N heal and Counter-Engage play styles. The reason for this is that we already have an edge and now we just want to push our lane so that we can roam and create objective/map pressure. The more effective pressure you create on the map, the harder other lanes will win/catch up. 6. Team Fighting: Always play Peel 'N Heal in team fights... Nami is too squishy to take on the bruisers or carries so you just want to keep your carries healthy to do the heavy lifting for you. ----- Runes / Masteries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I play Nami in a way that many people are afraid to. I play her aggressively and sacrifice defensive stats in my runes for more early game aggression. As Nami, I really want to capitalize on poking power so I run the following: Ability Power: 25.6 -- Armor: 12.7 -- Magic Pen: 5.5 -- Armor Pen: 8.1 9x Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration 9x Greater Seal of Armor 9x Greater Glyph of Ability PowerThis could be substituted for Magic Resist, however, since you are bot you do not need the MR unless facing Annie/Morg [*]3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power I tend to be a bit more conservative with my masteries because of how aggressive I am with my runes. I build a full 21 points into the utility tree for maximum gold and capitalizing on gold income through poking as well as CDR and move speed to keep me safe. I then spend the remaining 9 points in defense as Nami is extremely squishy. ----- Itemization ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Core Item Goals: Doran's Shield Sightstone Talisman of Ascension Boots of Mobility (preference) Starting Items: Doran's Shield 2x Health Potions ​Starting Doran's shield will give you the extra bit of "tankiness" that makes Nami aggression viable. Starting this way, you will be able to take 2 health pots and a trinket of warding. On your first back, try to buy an Ancient Coin, a pink ward, a green ward and 2 health pots for 610g. The pink ward is to be placed in Tri-brush (when Blue) or River (when Purple) to give you vision control. First Back (Goal 610g): 1x Green Ward 1x Pink Ward Ancient Coin 2x Health Potions ​Now this can vary depending on how well your levels 1-4 go. I typically like to push to tower at level 4 and back because by this time I have usually forced a kill or back by the enemy team and they will be returning to lane with an item advantage. In an average game, I find myself buying the above items for complete vision control and increased gold income. If you do well and are rewarded with assists, you can tack on t1 boots or a ruby health stone. Early Game Goals (by 15 min): Nomad's Medallion Sightstone (switch warding trinket for sweeping lens) T1 Boots These are my itemization goals for the 15 minute mark. If I have nothing but what is listed above, my lane is probably even or has a slight advantage. Mid-Game Goals (by 25 min): Doran's Shield Sightstone Talisman of Ascension Boots of Mobility (preference) Late Game Options (over 30 min): Death Cap: With AP now scaling utility stats, Death cap can be a very effective tool on Nami. Not only does her heal scale ridiculously well with AP, Nami's Passive (Surging Tides) also grants 10% of Nami's AP as movement speed. Zhonya's: If you are getting focused, this item will give you additional suitability and a nice increase to ap. Cruicible: Solid item against HARD cc compositions and an Item I frequent Aegis: Most cost effective item for mixed compositions with heavy burst. If there is little to no mixed damage, I will forgo this item Zeke's: Only if you have heavy heavy AD that revolve around Life steal for sustain. This item is great with vayne/trist when there is also a Khazix, panth, riven, trynd, etc. Tank Items [Omen, Veil, Frozen Heart, Spirit visage, GA, etc]: Tank items are always available for better sustain in fights, however, since Nami should be playing Peel 'N Heal in team fights, I forgo these items to increase my heal/utility power. ----- Closing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like to take the road less traveled than I highly suggest you try playing Nami in the manor in which I stated above. Nami has a hidden potential that only few, very skilled players can tap into because of the high skill required. I believe that Nami is a very strong counter to the current power houses of solo queue support (Annie, Thresh and Leona) if used correctly. Hopefully with the advice listed above, you too can make waves with Nami, The Tidecaller!
  12. Hey guys, Just a quick update: I have created a local blog called "Around the Rift" in which I will be discussing any proposed changes and the impact they will have on the current meta/game play. Feel free to check it out as I have updated the article with my thoughts on the 2/19 item changes. Thanks and have a great day!
  13. Hey guys, Welcome to the first article for my new Around the Rift blog! The purpose of this blog is to discuss upcoming changes and the effects that they might have on the current meta. Today I will be discussing the latest PBE Notes from 2/18. I will be providing my analysis of these changes and the positive/negative effects they may have if they were to go live. For those of you who have not had a chance to peruse the new patch notes, you can find them here. ----- CHAMPION CHANGES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** NOTE: Colors are reflective of my opinion on the changes proposed. [Negative Change] [Minimal Impact Change] [Positive Change] Corki [situational Pick]: I think that adding an AD ration to his Phosphorous Bomb in addition to the AP ratio will make Trinity force an amazing item on him. The problem with corki is that he is good at a lot of things but not excellent. I think that caster based adc's like corki are just a tad weak compared to aa centric adc's like Cait or jinx in this meta unless you are running a poke comp. Gragas [Godlike Still]: They removed the AD ratio for gragas's body slam which will lower the damage to be a bit more manageable. The thing to write home about here is the reduction of AP ratio to gragas's explosive cask and whether or not it will have a major impact. Currently, every 100ap gives Gragas 100 damage to his ultimate. With the proposed changes, that number would be reduced to 80. Typically gragas can get to about 400-600 ap with relative which would translate into 80-120 damage lost on his ultimate if the changes go through. Honestly, to gragas... this is just a drop in the bucket. I think that while this is a good step towards bringing down Gragas's power, it is not enough. I think Gragas's ult ap ratio needs to be .6 or .65 for it to be in line with others. Kassadin [What is a nerf?]: Oh Kassadin, try as the might... you will still rock the a 100% pick/ban rate in solo queue. There's a reason why Kass is not played as much in competitive play and that's because he is a high risk high reward play style. You have to take risks on kassadin to snowball which is why he hasn't been nerfed. Why play Kass when you can get moderate risk high reward champs like Kha'zix, zed, leblanc, etc.? Anyways, Kass's silence was nerfed by .5 sec, he lost 20 base dmg to his Q and 40 base damage to his E. All in all, he's still a monster who will take the big risks and be rewarded for it. His late game is a tad weaker now but you won't feel much of a difference from current play to this change. Miss Fortune [Dethroning Jinx?]: Okay so this one was interesting... First, the new formula for the 2nd hit of double up results in the same damage from the old formula. This is important to note because it is neither a buff or a nerf: New Formula - Based on 100 AD 1 point: [25 + (0.75*100)] = 100 * 1.2 = 120 dmg 2 points: [60 + (0.75*100)] = 135 * 1.2 = 162 dmg 3 points: [95 + (0.75*100)] = 170 * 1.2 = 204 dmg 4 points: [130 + (0.75*100)] = 205 * 1.2 = 246 dmg 5 points: [165 + (0.75*100)] = 240 * 1.2 = 288 dmg Old Formula - Based on 100 AD 1 point: [30 + (0.90*100)] = 120 dmg 2 points: [72 + (0.90*100)] = 162 dmg 3 points: [114 + (0.90*100)] = 204 dmg 4 points: [156 + (0.90*100)] = 246 dmg 5 points: [198 + (0.90*100)] = 288 dmg Secondly, Impure shots now scales off of AP rather than AD. While the maximum damage for impure shots is increased, you would have to build AP to make use of it. The saving grace for this change is the MASSIVE attack speed buff that MF will now get from activating the ability. MF used to gain 4/6/8/10/12% attack speed for 6 seconds whereas now she will gain 30/35/40/45/50% attack speed which is much needed. One thing to keep an eye out for is the scope of the change to the wording of this ability. Impure shot's used to only apply on a successful basic attack, however, the word "basic" has been removed and replaced with "...causes her attacks..." if this is the case, then this is a massive buff. By using her ultimate, MF will be able to apply a 50% reduction of healing to ANYONE who takes a tick of damage. This is huge and can be used as a hard counter to sustain supports/compositions. Ryze [From the Ashes]: Well shit, ryze will have a lot of sustain in lane now. By giving Ryze 1/2 the mana cost of Q back when killing a target, riot has given ryze the power to farm more efficiently without running oom early. This will allow ryze to cast 3 Q's at the same cost as 2 currently. That could equate to an additional 60/85/110/135/160 (0.4 * AP) every 10 seconds in which he can use to harass. I think that we will definately start to see this champion again, especially with the way ryze player's tend to build. Running a Ryze could potentially free up item slots for your jungle/top for more damage or sustain. Tee[no]mo[re OP Traps]: The days of teemo farming endlessly and leaving little presents for people around the map are finally over... sort of. This nerf was a huge one cutting the AP ratio of teemo's shrooms in HALF. Idk about you, but this pleases me greatly. ----- ITEM CHANGES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aegis of the Legion [still luxury]: I main support and I have been forgoing this option because it was too costly for the return on investment. I feel like in this meta, you need to build effectively for the largest source of damage on the enemy team. I still feel like the resistances are a tad weak for the price of the item. For 1875 gold, I can buy: Negatron Cloak: 720g - 40mr - Builds into Spirit Visage/Banshee's Veil 2x Cloth Armor: 600g - Builds into a warden's mail Finish Warden's Mail (+20 armor + 15% atk spd slow) or Buy Ruby Crystal (+180hp) Aegis to me is a luxury item if you are ahead in jungle now or on a squishy support. Why would leona/thresh/lulu/annie want to build an aegis when they can go full on tank and allow for their jungle/top to tack on some damage. Ancient Coin [No difference]: Honestly, the removal of hp/5 and the addition of 5hp per kill is fine. If you are relying on that hp/5 to keep you alive, well then you are just doing it wrong. Yes, you do have less sustain in lane but it's minimal. 2/19 Ancient Coin Update [Have mana, will travel]: Ancient coin now has 5 less mana regeneration . Not game breaking but I can bet that I'll be making more stops to the fountain! Boots of Mobility [Can't slow me down!]: While the base movement speed enhancement has been reduced, these boots weren't meant to be so effective in combat. These boots are for roaming and supports/jungle's utilize them for early game vision control and map pressure. The cost reduction on this item just makes it 200g more accessible to the role that needs it (support) while not really changing anything for supports in combat with these boots equipped. Relic Shield [heal op]: MASSIVE buff to the healing that you return upon killing a unit. Prior to this change, you used to heal for 2% of your maximum hp. that is 2hp restored per 100 max hp... pathetic. The new heal gives you a base 40 hp restoration which, if you do the math, would mean you would have needed 2000 max hp in order to mimic this with the old passive. It is also nice that it gives 25 additional base hp. Face of the Mountain [situationally amazing]: Now that it does not cost HP to the wielder and scales off of the receiver's AD, this active is really legit for bot and Leona. In order to get a 300 dmg shield from FOTM you used to need to have over 3000 hp, which as a support... can take a long time to get to. What's cool about this new active is that it rewards ADC's who form a lead from CS'ing effectively. The more GPM the ADC has the bigger they get, which gives them more ad that turns into a larger shield. I think this item will work really well for ADC's that don't need to build Attack speed first such as Jinx or the upcoming Miss Fortune changes. 2/19 Face of the Mountain [Less AD, More AP]: The ad ratio on the shield was scaled back to 100% from 150%, however, 30% of the targeted champions AP is now calculated into the total strength of the shield! As a support who takes advantage of roaming, I like this change. It allows me to go this item route and still be effective outside of my lane. Spellthief's Edge [shitcicle]: Cool, I can do 15 additional damage every 10 seconds on a tower now. Such amaze, many damage. Potentially devastating active for initiation if you land it, but I doubt it will be utilized more effectively than FOTM or AC. Honestly, I'd probably try this item out on Annie with the new active depending on the target reticle. If it has the same target reticle as tibbers then combining the 2 would work really nicely (1s stun into a 1.5-2.5s slow) 2/19 Spellthief's Edge [Just keep tuning]: Riot partially reverted some of the changes to tier 1/2 of the Spellthief's Edge giving it +5ap and +1 gold per hit (t1) / +10 ap and +2 gold per hit (t2). While I don't think it is enough to make me want to invest in this item on traditional utility supports like Nami or Lulu, it may be powerful enough to consider on mage supports such as Annie, Lux or Morgana. I think this item will have the most benefit on these champions because of the chain of cc that can be applied. Stun/Imobilize > AoE slow = OP Farsight Orb [i see you stealthing, you hating..]: Much needed change to see any enemy units regardless of stealth. This will make trading in lanes against a stealth mid/jungle much safer early/mid game. As support, I will definitely start with Warding Trinket, switch that out to a Farsight orb on first back and then use Farsight until I have the gold to purchase a 3rd tier sweeping lens against stealth comps. Ionian boots of lucidity [5% off]: I'm mainly upset because this was the only niche item that could give me the 5% CDR I was looking for. The price reduction is nice but I don't think I'll be investing in these boots as I can get a kindlegem for 75g more. Changes reverted as of 2/19! Ohmwrecker [Ohm... NO]: Please just stop. This item was never used, will never be used and is a waste of time. Turrets do not do enough damage for this item to be worth 1975g. If Riot want's supports/tanks to pick up this item, they will need to give it WAY better stats or a better active.... honestly, if I could use ohmwrecker to redirect it's attacks on the enemy team for 3 seconds, then I'd purchase it. Sightstone / Ruby Crystal [i get it]: More accessible for support freeing up their resources to keep up with the rest of the team. Rylai's Crystal Scepter [pfft]: Whatever, just 2 extra CS for it. I think it was priced low to begin with. 2/19 Doran's Shield [stat efficiency]: Riot partially reverted the Hp/5 nerf to doran's shield and returned it from 0 hp/5 to 6 hp/5. I think doran's definitely needed a nerf but the orginal nerf down to no hp/5 regen was over kill. I think 6 hp/5 is a good spot to sit for this item and brings the total "Stat value" to be barely efficient for the cost. The big thing to note is the passive on doran's is still op.
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