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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from vVv OrganicBear in So, uhhh, Ryze is about to be broken af   
    imagine being that team mate that has to run over to be apart of the teleport gank. But you miss it just like missing the bus. Hilarious
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from N0thinButTheRain in Overwatch Community Game Nights!   
    I will make an effort to attend these.
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from N0thinButTheRain in Overwatch is here! Who's Playing?   
    Im on during the evening as well during the weekday and all day during the weekend Lethalea#1746
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Atrax in Found something online, that might help those Climbing.   
    I came across a guide online, and it explains a lot of the questions people have trying to climb thru elo hell. What champion should I play? I go positive but I still lose, what should I? Etc. 
    I found it to be super helpful and it helped me a lot.
    Most of the people reading this, might already know most of the information posted in this. But most people just forget and need to be reinformed.
    Again, this is stuff I have gotten from another source that I happened to come across while surfing the internet.
    Maining a Champion
    This topic is strongly debatable.

    Should I main one champion?

    Should I main one role?

    Should I make sure that I am average at all of the roles?

    "I can't support. Don't make me support"

    While it may not be as diverse and fun, I reccommend that you master two champions and you are really solid on 2 roles. I suggest sticking with three or less champions. The more champions that you try to master the more difficult it becomes and the more thought it takes to truly be successful in climbing the ladder. If you are only "average" on all of the roles you may win ranked 30% of the time if you are lucky. There is no way you can grind just filling the unwanted roles if you are in your current elo. Good luck. Master a champion. Become one with your champion. Understand your matchups. And when I say for you to master a champion, I don't mean for you to just go and grind yorick. If you are good at yorick GREAT. GO FOR IT! But if you are average at a champion and you are showing no signs of improvement play a few normal games and find yourself a main. Along with maining two roles / mastering two champions, it is necessary that you are an AVERAGE OR ABOVE support. You can't just not play support. If you are decent at support and nobody on your team is even average on support then you carry your team, roam, help your marksman, ward, all as support. Don't be that guy.

    The following graph is something that I made to show what roles you should play depending on what you main. This guide is not for everyone, but it is the best way to go for most everyone. Either because the roles are similar, played by similar champions, have a like playstyle, or if it is just a smart decision. This graph is not for everyone, but it is for most everyone. It is backed up by professional history, playstyles, and if you just use common sense and ask yourself why, you should understand.
    Toplane Main Jungle or Mid Secondary Jungle Main Toplane Secondary Midlane Main Toplane Secondary Marksman Main Support Secondary Support Main Marksman Secondary
    I strongly believe that if you can play very well at two roles along with being better than average on support you have a lot of potential for success.
    "My Teamates are Bad" How to fix this.
    "My teamates are trash"
    You here this a LOT! I'm sure. Whether you are in a solo que game and your teamates are calling somone "heavy" or someone saying you always get bad teamates. While it may seem like this, and 50% chance is one of your teamates will feed, it should not get to this. Talking about this, calling your teamates trash, etc will not only tilt your teamates, but it is also punishable. We don't want that now do we? 

    Now that we got that out of the way here we go. This is how you not only deal with your teamates, but you make sure that your teamates get scaling. While this can be difficult on your part this is very important. While it is solo que, that doesn't mean that you should have to solo carry. GET YOUR TEAMATES SCALING! 
    Do you go positive in lane all the time, but your teamates feed!? Well then get your lazy self OUT OF YOUR LANE and help out your teamates. Let them snowball. In my mind, I believe that it is more important for my teamates to snowball than myself. I trust myself I know what I can do, but my teamates are human. They are unpredictable. Help them out, make their laning phase easier. Give them more teamfighting potential. 

    Roam, teleport, and gank as a toplaner.

    Gank as a jungler.

    Roam and gank as a midlaner. 

    Roam as a support. 

    PUT PRESSURE ON THE ENEMY LANERS! Relieve pressure from your laners. Get the enemys' flashes. Do it. 

    There is no reason why you shouldn't be roaming and scaling your teamates. Even if you get the kill... GANK! Main champions with CC. Get the enemy laner's flash and then come back 30 seconds and get a kill.

    I used a lot of capitilization in this section simply to emphasize the important of this section. This is one of the most quality tips in the game that can win you the game once fully understood. Just do it. Roam.
    Objectives. Importance + More + How to
    Objectives are very important. They are most usually more op than solo kills. This is one of the reasons why chasing can be so time wasting and inefficient. 

    Towers > Baron > Inhib > Kills > CS

    This list isn't always correct. This is very general. The importance of objectives is very situational. Often if I am going ADC, I like to get an early tower so I can get an early dragon and then go mid and get an early mid tower. It is very important for you to take advantage of situations like these. The more that you snowball objectives like I just mentioned the more that you will win. If you can go either Baron or Tower+Inhib it is always situational. Look at it like this... If you can win another teamfight, then I like to go baron. With baron, if you can win teamfights then you will eventually get the inhib anyways. If you can't win the next teamfight you don't think, I like to get inhib to push them in and then once they are pushed in I go baron. 

    Dragons. If you get the 5th dragon, chances are you won't lose. It is pretty difficult to lose with this buff. Sometimes it will happen though and there is nothing that you can do. Fifth dragon though, is the main reason I like to rush dragon early. The first, third, and fifth dragon buff are op and devestating to the enemy team. Dragon is very important and many games are won or loss near the dragon pit. 
    Spawn Time: 2:30 Minutes In
    Respawn Time: 6:00 Minutes
    Dragon's Might (1 stack):+6% total attack damage and ability power Dragon's Dominance (2 stacks): +15% damage to minions and monsters Dragon's Flight (3 stacks): +5% movement speed Dragon's Wrath (4 stacks): +15% damage to turrets and buildings Aspect of the Dragon (5 stacks, repeatable): Doubles all other bonuses and your attacks burn enemies for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. Lasts 180 seconds. Dragon is by far the most important early objective in the game. It gives you the massive attack damage boost and ability power boost. If your jungler can secure an early Dragon you will be in good shape. The biggest reason though, that you want to get this early is to deny the enemy the bonus over you and to make sure that you have more power. In the earliest stage of the game it is barely noticeable, but as it reaches mid-late game if you are able to make them miss all Dragon's they will be very very weak compared to you. This is very important and honestly can be a huge game changer.

    As I mentioned, Baron can be pretty op. It can help you push down other objectives, etc. 


    There are so many things I can say about Baron. I am going to try to be as brief as possible, so you don't have to spend an hour reading about Baron.
    Baron gives 600 global XP and Baron also gives 300 global gold. Baron is best known for its buff though. Baron gives the global buff, Hand of Baron!
    This unit has the favor of Baron Nashor and has the following bonuses:
    Empowered Recall
    Increased Attack Damage and Ability Power
    Nearby allied minions are greatly enhanced
    Now that you know about Baron, listen up! Baron is by far the biggest was to throw a game. This could be either in your favor or not in your favor. To prevent throwing, make sure you know that it will not be contested. As proven in the LCS, Baron will chunk you to the end of Earth and when the enemy team engages the entire game can be turned around. To avoid this, make sure that you keep vision on Baron as much as possible. This means get scuttle, get wards, make sure your support understands this too. Baron is important. If you can get Baron uncontested it is a must. You can't hesitate as your window of opportunity may be very slight. JUST DO IT!
    This wins games. + And also Tips on Map Awareness

    How many times have you heard it? What wins games? What? WARDS.

    You have heard it a million of times. So have I. While you are thinking "Oh tell me something usefull, I've heard this 1 million times"

    I know you have heard it before. But 99.99999% chance is, you DON'T LISTEN!!! I coach a ton of people, they ask me to watch their VODS, etc. No matter how many I watch, it is always the same. They don't ward. They get very upset because they over extend and then they don't ward and then they get ganked. Or maybe by some odd chance they do ward, but they tunnel in on their cs. Wards are useless if you don't have map awareness. I can't coach map awareness. I can only give you advice that you have to keep in mind. A little tip that I can give you to improve your map awareness is time it with something you periodically do. For everytime you last hit or cs, look in the minimap. For me, I am always focused on that minimap with my periphial vision. The second that I see a red circle on the minimap I either run for my tower or I bunker down and prepare to turn the fight against the jungler. Just time looking at the minimap with your CS if you are having difficulties. It will become a habit eventually. A good habit.

    Back onto the topic of vision. Not only is it very important to ward, it is just as important to de-ward. Deny the enemies vision. If you have vision and they don't then you have a huge edge. Upgrade your trinkets it is only 250 gold.

    I reccommend the following...
    Toplane Warding Totem Jungle Sweeping Lens Midlane Sweeping Lens Marksman Scrying Orb Support Sweeping Lens
    This is, after your first or second back. Sometimes as support I start sweeping, but on most everybody, even often times support, I purchase a warding totem at first. This is good to get either defensive or offensive vision.

    I have a lot of people tell me certain things like "Hey Koopa I watched this pro adc's stream or this pro midlaner's stream and I do everything the same wtf. Why can't I be challenger" To start off, they do a LOT different and they play a LOT more than you do. But for starters, they all buy wards. You'll see it from doublelift, gosu, bjerg, whoever you watch. We all buy wards. I play a lot of adc and if I don't have enough for an item I almost always buy a pinkward. They let you get vision and remove vision. Vision is a huge priority. It secures objectives, protects from deaths, saves you from ganks, helps you counter gank, denies enemies from taking objectives, enables you to take objectives, and so much more. I can't stress this enough.

    If you ever watch competative play you may see these insane battles for vision control. Battles get started over vision control. Battles are won. Battles are lost. Etc. You may see someone place two pinks and two stealth wards in one bush just to secure that location and eliminate the enemy's vision. They understand how important this is. You should too.

    I took this clip from the LCS channel, so you guys understand even more the importance of this. They can explain it just as well if not better. Buy a ward save a life. Buy wards win a game. Vision Control.
    How to Actually Climb
    How to actually climb

    As I mentioned in a previous section, you should master one or two champions and roles. (Along with support) All of these streamers that you might watch, have mastered one champion. They have climbed with that one champion. The only difference is they have the time and experience to do it in a short amount of time. You should keep a consistent 55% winrate, while winning those important promo games. That means that out of 20 games you should only win 11. Chances are, if most of those are on say 3-5 champions rather than 15 different champions then you will win more than that. The most important thing though is to not consider a loss a loss. Everytime that you lose a game you must think to yourself, 
    "What can I do to imrove my personal gameplay?"
    "What can I do to translate my won lane into a successful finish?"
    "What could I have done to go even, not feed, or even win lane?"
    "How could I have communicated better?"
    You need to ask yourself questions like this rather than killing yourself over mechanical errors. More on mechanics in the next section
    Mechanics - Improve and Master
    This will be short and simple. Why? Because the answer is short and simple yet it can go miles.

    Do you want to improve your mechanics? Do you want to have better raw skill? Do you want to be a god at that one champion?

    For Insec it is Lee Sin
    For Faker it is Zed

    For Madlife it is Thresh

    For Doublelift its Vayne

    Do you know what the difference is between these players and you? They practice. They practice. They practice. 

    These players put in endless hours on single champions and on single mechanics. 

    Do you think that insec bought one ward, jumped to it, and was automatically a god at ulting people into his team?

    It may be hard to believe or understand, but they weren't all gods and they weren't all known for a champion over night. 
    Insec had to have put in thousands of custom bot games or normal games trying the ward dash a million of times before he even thought of taking it to solo que let alone the world championship stage.
    Faker put in endless normal and then solo que games practicing his mechanics, perfecting the zed combo, and he played so much, no matter what move you do he has SEEN IT ALL. He knows that if you do one thing he will follow up and do this. Why? All of his practice on his mechanics. No matter what champion his enemy laner plays and no matter what move his enemy laner makes he is ready. He has seen it. He knows what to do. He trusts his skills, his practice, and his mechanics that he worked so hard to perfect.
    Madlife has played thousands of normals and solo que games perfecting thresh and he is capable of predicting the enemy laners' movement. Why? He practices and plays thousands of games on champions like blitz and thresh. He is so efficient and has mastered his mechanics to the point where he can carry with ease. That doesn't happen over night. He understands everything about his champion and his champion in certain situations.
    Myself... I practiced Draven. I used Draven to climb. I picked up Draven in Bronze IV/Bronze V. I was there. You probably can get to Plat V or Gold 3 based purely off of skill. If you even want to climb anymore you better practice and you better put in the time and effort. You might as well start now. I didn't just pick up Draven and master him immedietly. I practiced catching his axes. I practiced his combos. I know all of his matchups. Supports that work with him/ supports that work against him. So much more. To truly master your mechanics you have to put in the time and effort that your champion requires. Become on with your champion. Pick a fun champion that you can either relate to or is just a blast to play. 

    Master your champion.

    Master your mechanics.
    CS Tips + Tricks + Drills + CS under tower.
    CS = Creep Score  
    Creeps are SO important in this game. Here is the chain.

    Lost of CS -> More Items -> Stronger -> More Kills -> Stronger -> Easier to Solo Carry -> GGWP

    Anyways, there are a few simple ways to imporve your creep score and to make sure you gold the gold NECESSARY to win the game.

    First, you NEED to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. You must know your attack damage! You must know how low you can attack a minion. Once you go back first, cs'ing gets easier for roles such as top or adc, because they get more ad (sometimes). Unfortunetly some people dumb it up by thinking they have 500 ad and they attack a minion at 3/4 health and are upset when they miss half of their mid game creeps. Don't dumb it up.
    Generally, 13-18 creeps would equal one kill. That finds us with our next problem. Getting that next cs, or getting a fair chunk of damage done to the enemy. Naturally, you would want to go for the cs as it would be worth it if you don't get a kill. Usually lanes can just heal or sustain up to nullify your trade and make you regret missing the cs. I generally am a little greedy, so if I can get a solid trade down and chunk them pretty heavily I will usually do that. I suggest though, that you just trade between cs'ing. Might as well get both cs, zone your opponent, and chunk them all within a few seconds!

    Quick CS Drill
    When improving at cs'ing the best hting you can do is practice and understand everything that you are capable of. How much damage you have, damage output, auto attack speed, lane freezes, etc. To help with this I have a great drill that I used to do and that many professional players used to do. Here's how it goes:

    * Start A Custom Game Against Sivir (Intermediate)
    * Run The Match For 10 Minutes.
    * Try to get atleast 85+ CS. (Maximum CS is 100)
    * Try to keep Sivir under half HP at all times.
    * Practice freezing.

    I reccomend doing this twice or three times a day depending on how much you want to improve. This is only 20 minutes a day. This is 20 minutes that will go a very long way.


    Some coaches/ people will often suggest that you should take off all of your runes and masteries when you do this drill. This helps for people who last hit at improper time. Here is something that I want to share with you. This is a very general statement for lower elo players, and if you don't think about what I am saying and you lane as you naturally would at Bronze V- Gold/Plat, then this is 90% true. This will happen and be true 9/10 times. It isn't arguable. Its the facts.

    The following is based on a percentage of attempted/able to get cs.

    The time that you will miss the most cs is when you are excessively auto attacking / when you are pushing the wave. 
    The second way that you miss the most cs is when you are being zoned.  (Yes, when you are being zoned you are more methodical, you use skillshots, you only go in when you know you can get the cs, etc)
    Keep that in mind.

    CS Under Tower

    This now brings me to my next topic about getting cs and gold (its very important). How to cs under tower. 

    How to CS caster minions: If you do not have a lot of AD, or if you do not deal a lot of damage this is how it will go. You will want to auto attack the minion. Let the turret auto it, and then you last hit it. 
    If you have enough damage, you can let the turret attack it, then you finish it off.

     How to CS melee minions: Let the turret auto attack the minon twice, then finish it off with an auto. If you have SOOOOO little damage, then you will want your minions to attack it a bit, or you will want to auto it inbetween the two attacks that your turret will deal.

     How to CS siege minions: Take your best guess. With a few games where you focus on how much health your turrets do and how much health the minions have, then you should understand how to CS these. These are important not to miss.

     How to CS super minions: Common Sense

    Keep in mind that creeps gain health over the period of the game so you may need to take different strategies to get different CS. Also, it is important that you understand that when you are CS'ing you are in your most vulnerable stage. This is often when I give the most damage or when I take the most damage. (When myself or my enemy is getting creeps close under tower)|
    Melee Minion   Gold 19.8 (+0.2 / 90 sec) Exp 59 HP 455 +15 at 3 mins, 
    +15.3 at 4.5 mins, 
    +15.6 at 6 mins,... Armor  ? Magic
    Resistance  ? Damage 12 (+0.5 / 90 sec) Range 100? Attack
    Speed 1.250
    Caster Minion   Gold 14.8 (+0.2 / 90 sec) Exp 29 HP 290 +11 at 3 mins,  +11.2 at 4.5 mins, 
    +11.4 at 6 mins,... Armor  ? Magic
    Resistance  ? Damage 23 (+1 / 90 sec) Range 600 Attack
    Speed 0.670
    Siege Minion   Gold 40 (+0.5 / 90 sec) Exp 92 HP 805 +23 at 3 mins, 
    +23.3 at 4.5 mins, 
    +23.6 at 6 mins,... Armor  ? Magic
    Resistance  ? Damage 39.5 (+1.5 / 90 sec) Range 450 Attack
    Speed 1.000
    Super Minion   Gold 40 (+1 / 3 min) Exp 97 HP 1500 (+200 / 3 min) Armor 30 Magic
    Resistance -30 Damage 180 (+10 / 3 min) Range 100 Attack
    Speed 0.694
    How to truly "Carry" + and also the most important tips for solo que in the world

    "What is carrying?"

    "How do I carry?"

    "My teamates are AWFUL they went 2/12. Wtf. Better teamates pls!!!"

    "I don't belong here!!! D:!!?"

    Carrying your team is essentially being the cause for four other members on your team seing the victory screen at the end of a game.

    Carrying is not what you think it is though. I'm sure I have already said it in this guide as I tell the players I coach ALL OF THE TIME... Carrying is simple. There are many things that you can do to carry your team and complete the above goal. 

    Just because it is solo que doesn't mean you should, need to, or feel like you have to solo carry.

    As certain roles there are many different things that you can do to help your teamates get scaling and performing. As this is a general guide I will be general and I will not go into detail on what roles should do what to help everyone get scaling. Just think really hard about your role and think about what you can do.

    I trust my performance, so I often like to get my teamates more fed than myself. I tell all of my friends "I main support marksman" As in I handfeed my teamates kills. I can CS effectively and deny the enemy cs so I am still ahead. And on top of that my teamates are ahead too!!!!

    Heres what you can generally do to get the same results!!

    * Roam like crazy!!!
    * Lane Gank
    * Ultimate Gank (Rengar/Shen/Malphite/Etc)
    * Ward for your teamates
    * Buy pink wards
    * Push objectives for your teamates (Even if it forces you to lose a little bit of power over your lane)
    * Be conservative

    I understand that you want to carry. You want to be able to succeed so you can carry your teamates. You have to look at something important though. To be honest, the most important thing in the game is what I am about to tell you. While you should be able to get ahead and snowballing with the tips in this guide, the most important thing in the entire game is to be conservative. If you can't carry atleast don't feed! If you have to lose some cs do it. You will still gain experience, but at the same time you won't die. If you are smart and you focused in this guide, then you should be capable of taking your losing lane and turning that into two other winning lanes. If you are losing lane make sure to not give the enemy laner a huge advantage. You have heard the tips from me, so you should know how to turn your lane into a victory while the enemy laner shouldn't be capable of turning his small lead into a victory. Use strategy. Raw gameplay and raw skill doesn't always cut it. You are going to get countered. You are going to lose lane. Just be conservative, group up, and play the objective game.
    Again this Guide is credited to its creator Koopa. A Diamond - Challenger League of Legends Player. I found it extremely helpful, and I hope it helps those that are finding it hard to get the job done. 
    Don't think "this is just some other bull shit guide" I mean think about it, we have some top level players in our own community Quasi and Dayum and Tr4nce. Quasi is known for his Zed, Dayum for Irelia and Tr4nce for his Jayce. Those three found a champion they are comfortable on, and they mastered it, which in turn helped them improve their game play. So I think this information has something to teach everyone
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Eternal in Being Good Internet citizens and An Overdue Apology   
    Honestly I am a little shocked by Sundown, I was just reading your post Jerry and I was like "What......the F.....?" 
    This is just an example of not being a dbag and taking your competativeness over to things it has no place for. 
    Also toxicity isn't needed in any organization you are apart of weither it be vVv Gaming. Or your daily life, this is just a prime example of what a negative picture ends up costing your company, your school, your business etc.
    I am glad things are turning around for vVv Gaming. This place is my 2nd home.
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    ImBr0ken reacted to Yui in [LoL] Arcade Riven Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release   
    Kappa ;D
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Ahryse in King of the Summoner's Hill 14! LoL 1v1 Tournament! April 25   
    I'll toss my name in the hat, So Ahryse will stop smiling at me! 
    IGN: Hi Im Br0ken
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Fenixsniper in Where have you been?   
    I'm in the Army. I havent had a car to do anything. But i pick my car up Wednesday
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Fenixsniper in Where have you been?   
    Lol its not too bad here, the island is only 60 miles long so that paints a pretty decent picture. But there is still a lot I haven't done. Ive gone snorkeling and seen the arcade and I've eaten a ton of food since I've been here lol. But I like it here so far.
    the Sushi here is also a million times better than any Sushi in the states Hands down. I had hot damn sword fish the other day too, only cost me 5 bucks.
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Fenixsniper in Where have you been?   
    Well if people haven't noticed. I have no been around as frequent as I used to. A lot of that is due to my current move to Japan to be stationed here for 3 years. I spent a lot of my free time will my family and playing games with some close friends of mine before I took off and was unable to do anything (like whats happening now) for about a month or so. Right now I'm just waiting on my internet to get installed in my room, then it's the good ol' wait for my PC to get here, hopefully the moving company didn't destroy it enroute (Crosses fingers). But if all goes well I should be up and around Mid to Late April. Where I have hopes of attending the Draft nights, it will be the next day according to Time Zones for me, so the best one's will be the one the falls on the weekend for me .
    But have no fear I have not forgotten about my vVv Home. I just do not have a computer lol.
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Ahryse in Was just about to ask.   
    I am highly interested in this game. There are also a lot of different "Champions" that they haven't released like the Samurai Cyborg guy. Definitely looking into this for The Reaper not gonna lie.
    @vVv Sundown They got Kayle in this game too, I know what you're playing, lol.
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    ImBr0ken reacted to vVv Tahvvy in If you were a champion designer...   
    A luchador champion
    Q - clothesline knock up (skill shot)
    W - grab weapon: pulls out random weapon and increases atk and possible decrease in atk speed depending on weapon.
    E - clinch (grab enemy and gives new set of abilities in clinch)
    R - frog splash (similar to a Darius dunk but roots the enemy)
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Zeeb in Billions of skins becoming legacy   
    Rumor on the street has it. They are going to re-release Championship Riven at a Random Date
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Anarchy in Can't Play AA Anyways.   
    The problem with above statement is even if the MMO is good. The game could die out in 2 weeks just because of login in problems.

    Like right now for example. I haven't even played this game before, I just downloaded it, and I can't even log in to try it, so what good would it do for a new player like me to come back to this game? I may as well jump back to World of Warcraft that has zero issue
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from oplock in First Champion You Bought And Why?   
    Nidalee, because who doesn't like cougars.
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from criss in Want to play LoL for charity?   
    I would love to do this for the American Red Cross
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Martic in What was the first champ you fell in love with?   
    My very first champion was Master Yi. I love Samurai Characters, and when I joined league of legends I fell upon Master Yi and I had a blast, I'd have to say Master Yi was the reason I stayed with League of Legends all this time, and AP Yi was just the Glory Days of Master Yi, who didn't enjoy playing AP Yi?
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Fenixsniper in Lore   
    I used to be very into the Lore of World of Warcraft when I was playing it. I still own all the books that have come out for the story of the game. And I read all 3 of the Illidan/Malfurion books which are a very good read if you are into that kind of stuff, they could definately make those books into a Lord of the Rings Type Trilogy for sure. 
    As far as the League Lore goes, I was reading the daily journal a few times but those didn't interest me as much as the interactions between characters did. Like the interaction between Graves and Nocturne, Kha'zix and Rengar. 
    I like the Yasuo story, they could definately bring some more things into the game from that. Like maybe some new champions that were in pursuit of Yasuo? I don't know but there is alot that can come from it.
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from criss in Show off your transmog!   
    My Golden Days on Alliance. This Rogue is now a Troll. And I still wear this Transmog Every Single Day.
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    ImBr0ken got a reaction from Axios in Show off your transmog!   
    My Golden Days on Alliance. This Rogue is now a Troll. And I still wear this Transmog Every Single Day.

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