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  1. imagine being that team mate that has to run over to be apart of the teleport gank. But you miss it just like missing the bus. Hilarious
  2. I will make an effort to attend these.
  3. Im on during the evening as well during the weekday and all day during the weekend Lethalea#1746
  4. I am currently sitting on a lvl 30 for Xbone and lvl 30 for PS4. When i get back to hte states i will prob have a lvl 30 on PC as well.
  5. Pro tip for Ashe: Fire your Arrow, Win Game. Rinse and Repeat
  6. I still, with the Japanese servers opening I transfered my main account over so that I can play ranked without any headache. I still have my "smurf" on NA IGN: NA Br0ken
  7. I remember back in Season 2 and 3 when Akali would get 2 kills in lane and you'd be like "gg"
  8. They got rid of Dominion, because it was a really exciting game mode when it first stated. Now people are no longer interested and have more interest towards Rift game modes like U.R.F or One for All. So Riot took it down to focus more on game modes like that. Plus I do believe someone posted a thread where dominion was over run with bots etc.
  9. Ah the Tunnel vision. Classic
  10. No but I really want to. Because I love the story.
  11. Hauntzer gonna make a big impact in the top lane this season.
  12. Confirmed Wombo. Skip to 40 Seconds. And watch as the magic carpet gets laid out on the Blue Team.

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