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    I will try everything once
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    To me I am collage student studying Computers, The main thing is I had a major set back here I had bad illness and I was in a coma for a month and they where about to pull the plug, but I fought back like I always do and now I am with my GF for 3 years so far.

    I play XB1: vVv WooTang
    Black Flag (when I get bored)

    I also play LoL: vVv WooTang
    I don't have a role I prefer to play, I offer to help when help is needed.
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  1. Hey man are you ok? Are you ok health wise or something? I don't see any new post or anything going on.
  2. we asked him 2 times already and he does not look like to be a posting person
  3. Hey man welcome to the community! You have a good app you just need some things that can make it better: As Vall mentioned is color. Please do not use all white text, can you please change it to something like this: Question:Answer, Question:Answer, Question:Answer (main colors) Please at any point DO NOT use Blue due to it makes it hard to use: Question:Answer Pleas place a pic of yourself as your avatar, if you have not please fill out the "About Me" Section your profile. If you need help in anyway please feel free to send me a PM or just ask in your application. Good Luck vVv WooTang (If you wish to add me my name is my GT)
  4. Sucks that you wish to leave but it's your decision, and here at vVv you are always welcome around. Don't worry we will always welcome back when you see it's the best time for you.
  5. What the hell happened you? After your fun with your Rambo knife you dropped of the whole community map. I guess I don't need to explain to you what to do and how everything is going due to this is your 2nd application. Good Luck.
  6. Hey if you have problems or need sometime to do something just mention it and they will work with you to get the time needed.
  7. It does not get cold it get chilly the lowest is in the low 60's or high 50's.
  8. First I would suggest that you please change the font color (to the examples above) Next please fill out the "About Me" section of your profile (if you don't know how feel free to ask) Also post in the more around in the forums, not just in this one. To be accepted: * If you get 3 endorsements from any of the Members you don't have to do all these steps. -After a 3 month evaluation process to see if you will a good person to add it in the community, it goes by quickly. -You will be a contacted by the Applicant Manager which would be vVv Vall saying that you have been you been accepted for your pre-interview -A Member of vVv then if they feel that you would good to become vVv Member you will have your final interview with vVv SugarBear -And if he likes what he sees you become a vVv Member
  9. Remember we have 3 seasons. Named Hot, Hotter, and Chilly (not cold though) Don't worry the Hurricanes are not that bad as they say.
  10. Vall did you do this via cell phone.
  11. Hey man welcome to the community! Main thing is to be active: posting ( once a week), in the shoutbox, and just playing with other applicants/members. Just go by those you will be in great here at vVv. If you wish my name is my GT or you can find it under my sig. Good Luck and Have Fun. He just mean can you make your app in this style: Question: Answer, Question: Answer, Question: Answer, these are our main colors that people use, but please don't use blue.
  12. Hey man I am south of Miami maybe we can hook up chill on the beach or something
  13. Hey man, Had a great time playing with you tonight and helping to get those longshots! Just wait you need only need 3 more! So that will be a great thing to see next time we play! BTY: I looked intro how far a Longshot is and more say its the max distance your gun can shoot also sights are suggested.
  14. Hey dad had a couple of friends that won a prize for a charity or something at a big event and they one the prize of being able to fly in a F-16 jet. They said that that was the most intense thing that ever did in their life, from when you step in, hook up, hear the engine firing up, and the pilot talking to them. They said as soon as that guy game the good to go it was the most pressure on them, just the pure torque and from 0 to full engines go, after that it was also what those polities can do its amazing adrenalin rush.. They asked to go again...of course they couldn't though
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