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    Fenixsniper reacted to Spike in Guys, we did it, Spike in in machinima   
    Oh my fucking god WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv LordJerith in Rebuilding the LoL Division   
    We hear you. Loudly and clearly. empty mumble people resigned lack of leadership in the division lack of accountability for members I hear you.  We fucked up. We're going to try and fix it.

    We can't change the past, but we can make the future better. So, I want to share the vision that I have for the League of Legends division.

    I believe, and I am asking you to tell me if I am wrong, that what you want is: a place that is fun and feels like your home a place where everyone knows you and accepts you fun events that allow you play with others the vVv tag to mean something. You want members who: are active and social in game on mumble on the forums invested in the success of applicants make others feel welcome recruit others to play with and help the division grow support vVv on social media enjoy competition, but are not trying to go pro Assuming the above is true, then I am making the following changes to the division: Bringing back vVv C Wide to run the vVv LoL Division ADLs will be overseen by its own product manager, vVv NaturaL vVv Medusa vVv Unverclopt and vVv SugarBear will be handling applicants and running the LoL ADL

    I invite those of you who strayed away to give us a chance to make it better.  Please reach out to vVv C Wide or myself, personally, if you have any questions or concerns. It's going to take some time to rebuild our credibility with some of you, but everyone mentioned above and myself are willing to put in that work.  

    The first opportunity for people to come together will be the ADL this Sunday, July 26th.  I also will hold an AMA right after the event. So, I'll be on Mumble, personally, and I invite current members, applicants, previous members and those thinking about applying to come to the AMA and ask questions.

    We have work to do, and it will take time.  We're committed to fixing this.  We can't change the past, but we're committed to making a very fun future for vVv Gaming's LoL division.
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    Fenixsniper got a reaction from BigJus240 in What is your favorite heroes to combo with.   
    I miss the Tyrande/Kerrigan and Arthas/Kerrigan roaming gank squad days. RIP sweet prince.
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Map Ideas   
    Cow level, obvi
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Voison in Free Week Rotation June 16 - 23   
    Oh, are you sick? Poor guy. 
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv Saturn in HOTS Logs: Find your MMR   
    once i get back from NYC ill put my grind pants on.
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Crazyviva in Free Week Rotation June 16 - 23   
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Voison in Voison's HotS application   
    You know me too well! ... A little too much... 
    I've learned a lot. The end.

    No, but in all all honesty some of the most important things I've learned or improved on is how to handle people. That could range from just new recruits to drama issues between two people. Back when I was staff in TL, my job basically ranged from keeping people happy and feeling welcome, staying active on their social media accounts, recruitment threads, and overall just the "face" of the group. I got to experience first hand dealing with other guilds and even some people from dev team for some games. I learned some new tricks when it comes to social media too, which has helped out with my own personal twitter account. Basically I learned the rights and the wrongs on how to gain new followers, get certain peoples / companies attention, and how to try and keep the followers you have. Like when its good time to post or know when your posting/RT too much etc. I luckily got handed a dead, dusty, abandoned twitter/facebook account to play around with. So if I messed up in the early stages it wouldn't cause too much harm. Did I mention people? Because I LOVE PEOPLE now. Even when it comes to real life, I love meeting new people now. I can honestly say vVv & TL helped me get over some serious social anxiety I had... Well have. Sometime there are certain days I still want nothing to do with anyone and just want to stay home (some days I do that) but it isn't as bad lately though. Blah... Here I am posting my life.

    TL;DR: PR. People. Social media. 
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Voison in Favorite Hero?   
    Just bought Zagara.... Oh my.

    Really enjoying her (it) lately. Getting top DPS on heroes a lot. She seems to be really good at either siege or hero killing.
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    Fenixsniper got a reaction from Voison in Voison's HotS application   
    Seems like everyone loves you already but good luck anyways! <3
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    Fenixsniper got a reaction from BigJus240 in Fenix's Application (Like I said I'm Back!)   
    Thanks Rob <3 Apps been revamped for Heroes. Let's get this show on the road and make it the best one in town!
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Voison in Fenix's Application (Like I said I'm Back!)   
    YAY! Another HotS App!
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv RobZ in Fenix's Application (Like I said I'm Back!)   
    Per the  request of Fenix, moved to HOTS from LoL
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv LordJerith in For those just beginning . . .   
    A few suggestions:
    TRY a Hero before you take it into a real game Inside the Shop menu use the "TRY" button BEFORE you take the hero into game.  Learn the abilities of all the Heroes. I know it's a bit of studying but knowing what Heroes can do and what CC (Crowd Control) abilities they have at their disposal (Stuns, roots, slows, etc.) can help you make better decisions when fighting In game: use the TAB button to look at what talents and Heroic abilities the enemies took. It really makes a difference. Mini Map is key Use your peripherals and be aware of: where your teammates, enemies , objectives up and watch for pings. Communicate with your Team (PINGS! PINGS! PINGS!) Read team chat and watch for pings. There is a smart ping system in place and you should use it. Enemies pushing your lane and you're alone use the "Assist Me" ping. Notice a big wave heading towards your base then use the "Defend Ping" Let your team know where you are going with the "On My Way" ping.  Use the "Danger" ping to warn of enemy locations on the map. Know the Kill Order Kill the high damage "squishies" (low armor or hp, but high damage) first in team fights. Do NOT focus the Tanks! They may be all up in your face, but they have a squishy ranged Hero behind them shooting over that tank's shoulder that is doing far more damage then that tank. Learn When to Engage and When to Back-Off If there are more enemies than allies nearby, you will most likely lose. Back up and wait for backup. Do NOT run into a situation that you know will cause your death just for THE CHANCE to 'maybe' pick off a low health fleeing enemy. If your team comp can straight up NOT handle theirs in teamfights, then you continually engage in said teamfights expecting a different result other than your whole teams gruesome death is the very definition of insanity. You can still win if your team can't teamfight. Take Mercs or objectives! Do NOT Just Sit in a Lane all Game and Push (But please Lane in the beginning!) 90% of your gameplay will NOT be in a lane farming (you will farm in the beginning, but less than other games). This game has a big emphasis on pushing lanes but the map objectives and Mercs will do a better job pushing a lane than you will by yourself. Don't go Alone Stay with your team as often as possible. You can branch off to take objectives but during the 2nd half of the game rolling with your team can steamroll the opposition. If you are a Full Healer stay with someone at all times. Do not try and push a lane back alone, that is NOT your job.  Do NOT engage any enemy who is level 10 and you are not They are level 10. You are level 9. They have Heroic Abilities. You do not. You will not win. Go farm something and avoid fighting them till your team hits level 10 and gets their Heroic Abilities.  The Main Map Objective Comes First. Always. End of discussion. The main map objectives are designed to give one team a large boost of power, damage, or straight up dominance over the other team. GO! GO! GO! MAP Basics
    Blackhearts Bay- Collect coins. Turn in if you have alot, otherwise dying and giving them to the other team will be a huge setback. Defend the people turning in the coins to Blackheart. If you know the enemy team has alot of coins (Hit TAB and it will show who all has coins and how many) you can hide in the smoke and ambush the enemy with the coins. Cursed Hollow- Stop what you are doing and everyone move towards the Tribute when it spawns. This is true nearly every time. Haunted Mines- Go in the mines every time! No more Mercs vs Mines. If your team can't win fights then sneak in the mines and take as many of the small skeleton camps as you can. They often have just as many skulls in them as the big golem. Garden of Terror- Collect Seeds, help your Terror push when it is up, protect him! Assist your Terror or it will get wiped by the enemy team before it does any good. Dragonshire- Help cap points, defend statue if enemy controlled, escort the dragon knight same as above with the Plant Terror. -edited heavily, original by Average Adam on Reddit
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv Vall in Favorite Hero?   
    Valla vallla valla valla lol it fits my name perfectly
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Plague of Rats in Favorite Hero?   
    1. Brightwing
    2. Brightwing
    3. Brightwing
    4. Brightwing
    5. " "
    6. And so on with Brightwing
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv Pherzghul in Favorite Hero?   
    1. Arthas (awesome tank with good dps and hp sustain)
    2. Zagara (Zagara is great at bullying heros off the lane and siege.)
    3. Kael'thalas (Reminds me of a WoW fire mage, blow shit up)
    4. Valla (awesome at dueling and chasing targets, good disengage.)
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv LordJerith in HoTS ADL: Help Wanted   
    I approve :-)
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Bardo in HoTS ADL: Help Wanted   
    Hello everyone, 
    From the looks of it everyone seems to be having a great time getting into HoTS. So I believe it's time to start working on starting an ADL. I will start working on the foundation of the ADL this week and would like to ask anyone that is interested in helping with this process to comment or PM me.
    Some of task to get done this week include:
    Scoring System Drafting process How to rank people for drafting purposes  Date/Time of ADL I would like to have an in-house mock ADL before or by Monday, June 22nd (2 weeks).
    Please let me know if you have any questions! 
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    Fenixsniper reacted to jiggy in Fenix's Application (Like I said I'm Back!)   
    Hey just wanted to stop in and say hi. I haven't gotten to play with you much lately but, when I do play you always make it fun to play with!
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    Fenixsniper got a reaction from BigJus240 in Heroes of the Storm World Championship Announced   
    Blizzard has officially announced the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. It will include 1 team from Korea, 2 teams from Europe, 2 teams from America, 2 teams from China and 1 team from Taiwan. The teams will be decided by way of Road to Blizzcon Qualifiers. The prize pool: 1.2 million dollars split between the qualifiers and the event at Blizzcon. Full details can be found here. GET HYPED! 
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    Fenixsniper reacted to vVv LordJerith in Thank you!   
    I want say thank you. I want to take a brief moment to celebrate the success and contributions of 3 vVv members who took the toughest job.  Thank you to:
    Jordan "Doomhammer" Kahn Robert "RobZ" Thompson Greg "Sugarbear" Milliken In the 3 years I have gone, all 3 have lead this great organization. Without them, there would not be a vVv Gaming today. Each one added their own particular style and focus to vVv Gaming.  
    Jordan has gone on to be a Live Producer at RIot Games, Robert Thompson has gone on to be a Recruiter at Riot Games, but is thankfully still heavily involved with vVv Gaming. Greg is staying right here and going to be our new "Application Experience Manager."
    For those of you who have never lead, it is hard. You can never truly ever feel you got it right. When I think of leading, a quote by Theodore Roosevelt, a quote that used to sit on my desk when I was in the US Navy, often comes to mind.    This is my way of saying thank you:
    These 3 men have all stepped into the arena. For that, I will always be grateful.  With my upcoming return to vVv, you've all seen some changes start to happen.  You will see more to follow. 
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    Fenixsniper reacted to Crazyviva in So...About Champion Mastery.   
    I need help.

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    Fenixsniper reacted to Blazek in The Review that has made me decide to give ESO a chance   
    Yeah... he's pretty good at doing that
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    Fenixsniper reacted to SanManSpecial in The Review that has made me decide to give ESO a chance   
    The LordJerith has used his powers of persuasion to lure me into ESO!
    New to vVv but excited to play with you lovely people. 

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