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  1. babit#1796 definitely a between league games player but i love it. horrible decks though im a scrub
  2. Jesus, I was so fooled until i read that it's april fools day. Salty taste in mouth.
  3. Sometimes I read DH is underpowered, but then I play mine and realize that probably 75% of diablo players have shit for mechanics.
  4. Just hit me up anytime you see me in mumble buddy. I can show you the ropes power level you or w/e you want.
  5. I doubt it will happen in botlane. I imagine it will mainly be the jungle who gets to really change things up. Adc takes a hit with the LS changes though, I did LS runes before it was cool.
  6. I'm just happy I finally got a 1st place finish in. Also a nice surprise to see that I'm top 10 in standings. @@
  7. Just a reminder that game night is still on for tomorrow at 9pm est. I've had a good amount of rsvpm but lets have a good turnout. :3
  8. Maybe now hybrid ez is possible @@
  9. I know suicide intimately (several suicides in my family) and this is really sad. I hope promise can find purpose again. Prayers to him and his family, and i never do that. On a lighter note, I always felt like the whole korean scene was rigged anyways.
  10. might have to make 2 teams next time eh? :3

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