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  1. So Curse Voice is an interesting topic even inside the Curse team. Most LCS players prefer not to use crutches for timers because you don't be able to use them in competitive matches. Also Curse Voice is pretty buggy at the moment. Should be fixed by the time it comes out of closed beta
  2. Hey man, thanks for all you've done. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you luck in your future endeavors!
  3. I'd be really surprised if anyone guesses this one holy crap.... I don't even know which champions were in the original release.... I'm just gonna guess Ahri because....Ahri
  4. Certain champions are always gonna be stronger than others...that much is undeniable. However, if you play at any division lower than Platinum or maybe even low Diamond, your mechanics and decision making are the key things to climbing the ladder.
  5. Moba communities are generally regarded as really toxic but you can kind of understand why. Having to rely on your teammates for victory can be a frustrating thing to accept for many gamers
  6. God okay so i'm pretty sure Bischu was on that team...so I'm gonna guess a bunch of TWZ people were on it too nydushermain, kor kez, yazuki, otter i have no idea. all i know is bischu was on there lol
  7. These things happen TRIVIAAAAA
  8. CLG ROSTER WAS HOTSHOTGG CHAUSTER KOBE24 BIGFATLP AND! ARGH I can't remember if it was Saint or Elementz...hmm I think it was Elementz? Cause I think Saint replaced Kobe in the jungle back then. ELEMENTZ FINAL ANSWER
  10. Hey if you're looking for a team, I'd be willing to play! I've been busy with recent projects and haven't been playing much at all...but I'd like to get back into it with a team! I'm Plat 2 and I can generally play any role but I think bot lane or mid lane is the most fun.
  11. Xell

    2x2's Application

    Hey welcome to the vVv community! I've seen your infographic work and the support cards you did with spellsy and I thought those were awesome. Good luck with the application!
  12. 1. J4 2. Janna 3. Elise Wish I had victorious j4 didn't play in season 1
  13. E-Sports is about the fans and their interaction with competitive gaming. Competitive gaming has been around since forever but how long has E-sports been truly around? I think E-Sports really started when gaming companies realized that the fans mattered. I feel like many games don't really work towards creating a fan base, marketing their players as individuals away from their sponsors, and creating a connection between fans and the pros. I think this is a recent development with League of Legends in particular. League of Legends has done a great job marketing their players and teams in a way that players can relate to them. TSM would be a prime example of how they market themselves towards fans and try to establish a connection with those fans. They released video content of them AWAY from the game and people loved that. People went out and bought TSM Baylife shirts and fans could feel like they were part of the competitive gaming community. I can't really speak for other competitive video games but League of Legends in particular is a true e-sport. From a content creator perspective, I want to continue to create a bridge between those who are truly competing at the top level with the rest of us who cheer them on and feel connected to them.

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