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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Zinkys in Corrected Zinkys call of Duty application.   
    just so you know you dont have to make a whole new post if you mess up on one. You can edit your posts so you are not having two posts with the same title. Good luck on your app
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from RedManOne in Asgard Gaming Sponsorship Request   
    Hey all I am Tatsuota i like to put my two cents into everything so figured i would do this here because Minjaaa and I were some of the leading people trying to get a Smite division going and from that I was one of the people trying to pull in a Smite team which sadly failled but glad to see one applying. However i have some concerns for you guys, from this not trying to be mean or anything just want to know a few things and figured it would be helpful for you guys to have this out ffor when the higher ups read this.

    The first thing i got to bring up is congrats on being top 5 in the challenger cup however i do have some conerns about it. Looking at your weekly progress it is all over the place. From week 1 making it to the quarter finals to week 2 making it to second round then week 3 grabbing second place to week 4 losing in the first round. So my question is how are you guys going stabalize your progress for the next three weeks coming up because you have to grab 2nd place to be able to play against the last 2 pro teams for a chance at this wildcard spot.

    Second question is what are your plans if you guys dont grab this wildcard spot and do not get a chance to play in the smite pro league? Are you guys going break up and just disapear like some teams do or push for the next years challengers cup.

    Third question is looking that you guys can do well in other tournaments and even place second in the challengers cup what is your biggest problem from being consistent on placing high in the cup to grab those points?

    Final question for now is a funny one and want to see how you guys react. There is a little story behind this one so gotta let you guys know first if you do not already. Some of the people in HiRez including a shoutcaster and a pro player have some problems with vVv Gaming. So the question is how would you feel playing under the vVv tag when some of the people who help run the game and will be shoutcasting your games not like you just because of the tag you roll with.

    Hope i wasnt to mean and if i think of anything else ill probably ask you guys. Good luck with your app glad to see a team have an interest in vVv finally.
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Axios in clans would be awesome plus IDEA   
    So I know there has been talks about clans/guilds have been talked about in hearthstone before and that idea would be amazing to show what clan you are apart of near your name even with the clan tag,

    However along with this and them putting in card backs it would be amazing that if they do make clans you would be able to make a card back for your clan. What do you guys think?
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from RedManOne in Why vVv Should Support Strife!   
    This is great however it does need a lot more. heres the one i wrote for Smite http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/64990-why-vvv-should-support-smite/ check it out for some tips on how to make yours even better. Strife seems like a great game and just got to see how itll grow. But remember this post is here to make vVv want to take on maybe a Strife team or just as a community game. You want to have as much information as possible.
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from RedManOne in Why vVv Should Support Smite!   
    What is Your Competitive gaming background? How long have you been playing or competing in this game?
    I have not competed in any gaming tournaments. This post is mostly just for vVv to expand and pick up a Smite team now before the market gets flooded with companies picking up teams. I have only been playing Smite myself for about a week now but have been watching streams and the tournaments for the game for about a year now.
    What is the community site for this game?
    HiRez has taken down their own forums and are now using reddit as their main source for a “fourms” because the community did not use the main forums. http://www.reddit.com/r/Smite/
    Tiermonster is a website dedicated to help grow the smite community also. This website is the best place to go for item builds on the gods. It also has its own forums as well as twitch support. You can create your account and link your Twitch to it and people can watch your stream from the website. They also have dedicated streamers on Twitch. http://tiermonster.com/
    For the competitive side of the game HiRez created a section on their own site similar to the lolesports website for having the top teams and their standings as well as brackets in the tournaments going on now and the ones in the past. This also has a timer for the next tournament and as well sign ups for a team you want to submit.
    What are the average stream viewers on TwitchTV?
    The average stream viewers on the whole smite page is around 3k-10k. This is from pro players streaming and the tournaments that are going along. Average tournament gets around 6k-15k viewers.
    HiRez also helps out a lot in the streaming aspect of this game. They have a couple of their own channels that they stream from as well as letting other people stream on them.
    One is http://www.twitch.tv/smitegame which is the offical Twitch page for the tournaments as well as a community channel where some big streamers get to stream from as well as HiRez employees will stream on this channel.
    Another one is http://www.twitch.tv/smitepro which is the channel where pro players will play so you can see how a pro plays and get tips and tricks.
    While they have these channels they also have in game Twitch support. Where if you stream enough you can get your own channel to show in the client so people can find your page there. Also they have their own Twitch broadcaster so if you do not know how to use OBS or xsplit you can stream through their broadcaster. This will get you a skin also which is cool.
    Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode?
    This game as a lot of support from the developers to make it able to have lans and such. Some of the lans that have been played are at PAXeast and PAXprime this year for 10k tournaments. As well as they held a tournament in China this year to celebrate the closed beta in china. Hers a video of team dignitas in China its shows some of the lan setups.
    They have a spectator mode that is really developed. The game is played as a third person moba instead of top down style however in spectator mode it is in a top down view at around a 45 degrees angle. While in spectator mode it shows the items gold when ults are up for each god. They also have graphs that you can switch to to show gold difference xp difference of each team. One of my favorite features in the spectator mode though is being able to add each teams name to the top so when a tower is taking damage it will say the teams name on the screen instead of like blue tower taking damage.
    HiRez also have dedicated casters for the game that have been playing the game since closed beta and are very knowledgeable about the game so you learn and understand what is going on in the game while watching the tournaments.
    A great feature also they have clans in the games where in the future it is going be like the 5v5 system in LoL. Right now it is just used for having your tag next to your name but they did have a clan que but no one really used it. I think they will bring it back later in the games life and use it for the amerature scene to get their names out.
    Describe the community for this game in three words.
    Helpful, Fun, Competitive
    Does this game have any support from major, local or online tournaments?
    The game have had tournaments at both PAXeast and PAXprime of 2013. Weekly tournaments for both NA and EU are held by HiRez. HiRez is also holding a 100k tournament being played at their studios in Georgia of this year.
    What other team or organizations support this title?
    The biggest names that hold teams right now are TSM and C9 just picked up the #1 and #2 teams on the EU side of the game. Other big names on EU side are Cognitive Gaming known as Cognitive Forge.
    On NA side big names are Cognitive Gaming, Denial eSports, and Team Dignitas who used to be Team Curse.
    Extra Comments
    After playing the game for about a week from watching people play the game for about a year or so now I am sad I did not play the game earlier. I started streaming it and that day I got people from the community jumping into the game with me and on voice comms helping me with item builds and what Gods are good with what roles. They got into teaching me how the jungle camps work with the buffs also.
    Also one thing that I do think is amazing about this MOBA is that you can pay $30 to buy all the gods that are out now and all future gods coming out. This is great for teams and people wanting to compete competitively so they do not have to spend hundreds of dollars buying all the gods. As far as I know this deal is only here til the end of the open beta in March.
    The game also has a league system like LoL with Bronze-Diamond. The highest ranked players are only Plat right now no one is in Diamond.
    I will be streaming the game over on http://www.twitch.tv/tatsuota so if anyone wants to come watch the game get played or come play with me feel free to! IGN: Tatsuota
    Also thanks to Minjaaa for letting me repost this!
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from RedManOne in CS:GO Sponsorship request   
    I might have to stop using my vvv steam tag on CSGO now so that I don't make you guys look bad haha
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Axios in Why vVv Should Support Strife!   
    I got some beta codes if anyone wants to play this game. Message me on here for one. However you do have to have 50 post plus to get a beta code. 
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Engel in MEGA SKIN THREAD!   
    thank you for posting this. yeah i think alot havent i am pretty sure all the codes are gone
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Soundwave in SK Nation CoD Ghosts   
    Dont use black or any of the darker colors. You can not read them on this grey background. 
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Knives in SK Nation CoD Ghosts   
    Hello welcome to vVv. Two things I would change the color of the questions and/or the answers so it can separate them better so its easier to read through the post. Also stay active on the forums help promote the COD side of the community. Join in the CGNs to help it grow. Because of as of now there has been a huge decline in COD in the community because of titanfall. However Goodluck.
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from Chounji in Pre-Order Standard or Deluxe?   
    There is a standard editions???
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    Tatsuota reacted to vVv Tahvvy in Where one fails, another opportunity arises. Tatsuota App.   
    2:06 pm EST 1st ever endorsement

    How much time have you spent with the applicant, in-game or out? I've spent a lot, and i do mean A LOT of time in his live stream. The reason for this is beacuase i love streamers who interact with the viewers, and Tats is that guy. I genuinely enjoy spending time in his live stream.   What was your first impression of the community member? Did it change at all over time? If so, how? When i first saw him post on the site i was seeing quite a few of Smite posts. I didnt really care about Smite. My first impression of actually seeing him play and talk in a live stream was "Wow this guy reminds me of Samzorz but he plays different games. So cool". His personality is what kept me coming back and made me wanna try out Smite (although my laptop wont let me ). My impression of him hasn't changed. I still think he's a wonderful person.   What was your favorite moment with them (in-game or out)? My favorite moment would have to be seeing his reaction after i did some GFX for him. I love seeing positive reactions about things i work hard on. It makes me very very happy to see that he likes it.   What makes this applicant a good fit for vVv Gaming? He streams DAILY, that's very beneficial to vVv and our sponsors especially now that he spent his own money to get a new headset to replace his Razer headset to support Steelseries.    How could they improve to be a better potential community member? I would like to see him play with more of the community members who play Smite now. Like Vall, Zody and Minja.   Anything else we should know about this applicant? Any skills or talents that no one else knows yet? He's going to school to learn more about archaeology so he knows some even more lore about the gods you can play in Smite. I find that really cool since my favorite topic in history is mythology.
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from vVv WaKai in Seeking Passionate Writers and Streamers for Wildstar Content   
    Are you interested in being part of Writing or Streaming network? Yes if its also ok if i still stream Smite How much time have you spent streaming in the past? Been at it for about 9 months How many viewers on average does your stream have? 2-30 usually depends on the day and game. How many followers does your stream have? 494 Are you streaming to entertain your self, or are you streaming to entertain your audience? I am doing it to grow a community to entertain the people.  How much time per week are you willing to stream? I stream everyday expect sundays. I try to stream 3-4 hours a day. Sometimes i will go longer. Longest one was 15 hours so far. Twitch URL? Figured i would add this so you can have a link to my stream  http://www.twitch.tv/tatsuota
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from vVv Tahvvy in ESO and vVv   
    this game should be banned from being downloaded it. I would think about playing it if i did not have to pay $15 a month. But for that reason i will never pick up this game
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    Tatsuota got a reaction from vVv WaKai in Where one fails, another opportunity arises. Tatsuota App.   
    Thanks dude glad to help with content creation send me stuff ill do reviews MUHAHAH haha

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