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  1. Smite is a casual game in it self. The pros even stay away from ranked play half the time. Most people do not enjoy rank in the game which is what I have came across.
  2. Anyone else playing Elite:Dangerous other than me? I just picked it up last night and did not even realize how much fun an open world sandbox flight sim game could be. I was up til like 3am playing it just did not want to get off. Feel free to add me in game Tatsuota, might change to Starlord Tatsuota not sure yet though since i just started it wont be a huge deal if I reset my save. But then the name would be Commander Starlord Tatsuota and idk how i like that. Also was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations on flight sticks setups? I first played this game with one at PAX and felt amazing and just not getting the same feeling with the mouse set up sadly. I am in between two setups First will be the http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000LQ4HTS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2STJHLGYNECI6&coliid=I2OOIMTLJTZPNLthese are the ones they used at PAXeast and they felt great. Second set up would be http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00009OY9U/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2STJHLGYNECI6&coliid=I17OT2P9FZ8T37 with http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N2ROG30/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2STJHLGYNECI6&coliid=I1XM94HLYG5NVQbut might just use a keyboard with this also. Not fully sure just like the keypad with the extra joystick on the thumb could be helpful for flying. If anyone has a set up like this let me know how you like it!
  3. I want to be the very best like, no one ever was!!! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!!!!!
  4. Atleast its not as bad as the Smite match making. In that game i was Bronze 1 playing with Plat 2-3 players.
  5. Tatsuota

    Refer a Friend

    If you are looking into playing Smite feel free to add me as your referral trying to get all the rewards have two already but only one that plays. So need two more to at least get the skin! Help me out and also with this feel free to add me in game Tatsuota I play arena a lot and will gladly play with you! Here is my link to if you want to make an account or if you are making an account through website just add my name Tatsuota thanks! https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/default.aspx?referral=987302&utm_campaign=email
  6. just so you know you dont have to make a whole new post if you mess up on one. You can edit your posts so you are not having two posts with the same title. Good luck on your app
  7. Started playing and streaming Smite for the past month and been giving away the skin codes i have. I have giving some to people in the clan already but forgot to post it on here. Looking to finally get rid of the 16 i have left and no im not going give them away on here sorry. Its easy to win just come on the stream while im live follow the stream. Please follow while i am live its easier to get the skins out this way. Every 5 followers i get i give skins to those people who want them. I got 16 left so still a decent amount to give to people and would love the support for my stream. I like this way to do it because its a small amount of followers to get and its quick to give them away this way. However if i get a certain amount of recent followers that havent gotten one yet id probably give them away that way also. Feel free to stop by when im live usally around 11am Est everyday http://www.twitch.tv/tatsuotaUsually playing ranked mode right now im a main support not the best but i do try my best
  8. The communties help each other also im part of the MMO division so not doing anything
  9. well it doesnt look like this was asked but why you apply for the LoL division when you were already were apart of the COD division, also you work with COD for your job. The COD division was also in the needs of some help think you would fit in really well. However also know you are very passoniate about LoL so good luck with your app
  10. Got my Twitch Ymir awhile ago. Didnt have to do it like that just saved all my past casts showed it to them and they gave it to me. The other tiers idk what they even do. But do you get the icon or something?
  11. How did you do in your tournament and do you guys have a link to the bracket or even a replay of one of your games would love to check it out.
  12. First off i just have to say i know there a lot of members in a team but need to get them all to post on here and pleasae dont just copy and paste what others wrote. Second WoT is a great game to watch and i have watched the competitive tournaments which are exciting to watch. Also have to say i do play in on the iPad while im down in Ecuador and its quite fun. Glad to see it growing and getting more recognition in the esports scene. My question for this is how far do you see it growing. To a league stand or like the CoD eSports. Third off reading through this you guys seem like you have done a wonderful job in tournaments and such but say your downfall is social media and getting your name out there. As you stated in your first sentence you want a partnership with vVv Gaming not a sponsorship. The question here is what are you looking to get out of a partnership and why not a sponsorship. Becasuse they are two different things and feel free to correct me if you wanted an actually sponsorship. Also with this correct me if im wrong but reading it seems like you want to keep your name Burn All Empires. If so why not try to get companies like Acer, BenQ, DxRacer backing you up instead of an organizations that will want you to take over the name of them. Also Lastly becoming under an organizations name you will be most likely changing your name to fit that organization but just with a new name change doesnt always bring in more presence to you in the social media world. What would you be doing differently under a organization that you would not be able to do now in the social media world. You seem to be a top contending NA WoT team that should get someone probably streaming or making videos or just posting a lot on twitter. A name does not take over stuff yes it helps but it also depends on the community and as far as i know we do not have a big WoT following or people in the community. While yes we can help you guys out and i like the game so id watch and support you. But this is something you guys should be doing yourself plus with going to fight against Na'vi and virtus pro two huge names in this game and others like this is a big accomplishment so it should be easy to get your name our there post on forums introduce you guys get that hype up for you for this tournament. I know you guys are probably really busy and such but you need to get all your teammates to post here for this to be fully looked at by the uppers.
  13. Tatsuota

    Introduce Yourself!

    So i havent played in awhile but will get back on and play probably when i get back from Ecuador is December took a break to play Wildstar. However when i played. Age: Over 9000 (21) IGN: Tatsuota Mumble: vVv_Tatsuota Main Role: Support/Solo Fav God: Ymir, Ymir, Ymir, Ymir, Odin, Chaac, Did i mention Ymir? Aphro (havent played since june. Interesting fact about me: im in Ecuador learning spanish for three months right now. Also i played a lot of Ymir solo if Ymir didnt get nerfed to shit since i last played he dominated lane so bad js.
  14. Hey all I am Tatsuota i like to put my two cents into everything so figured i would do this here because Minjaaa and I were some of the leading people trying to get a Smite division going and from that I was one of the people trying to pull in a Smite team which sadly failled but glad to see one applying. However i have some concerns for you guys, from this not trying to be mean or anything just want to know a few things and figured it would be helpful for you guys to have this out ffor when the higher ups read this. The first thing i got to bring up is congrats on being top 5 in the challenger cup however i do have some conerns about it. Looking at your weekly progress it is all over the place. From week 1 making it to the quarter finals to week 2 making it to second round then week 3 grabbing second place to week 4 losing in the first round. So my question is how are you guys going stabalize your progress for the next three weeks coming up because you have to grab 2nd place to be able to play against the last 2 pro teams for a chance at this wildcard spot. Second question is what are your plans if you guys dont grab this wildcard spot and do not get a chance to play in the smite pro league? Are you guys going break up and just disapear like some teams do or push for the next years challengers cup. Third question is looking that you guys can do well in other tournaments and even place second in the challengers cup what is your biggest problem from being consistent on placing high in the cup to grab those points? Final question for now is a funny one and want to see how you guys react. There is a little story behind this one so gotta let you guys know first if you do not already. Some of the people in HiRez including a shoutcaster and a pro player have some problems with vVv Gaming. So the question is how would you feel playing under the vVv tag when some of the people who help run the game and will be shoutcasting your games not like you just because of the tag you roll with. Hope i wasnt to mean and if i think of anything else ill probably ask you guys. Good luck with your app glad to see a team have an interest in vVv finally.
  15. I got a great chance to be able to spend 15 weeks in Ecuador studying Spanish for this semester. I will be away from gaming from Aug 31st til December 14th of this year. However i should be around on the forums depending on my internet situation down there. Hoping to stay in touch with the people ive talked to and hoping to come back and hop on a game right away! Have a great autumn to all, ill enjoy my nice summer weather again haha Also anyone wanting to see pictures of my journey feel free to follow me on twitter- vVv_Tatsuota or on instagram- tdalbs for all that stuff.

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