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    Flintelock reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Fire season   
    Stay safe if possible!
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    Flintelock reacted to Ballack in Community Spotlight: vVv Echelon wins CoD:AW 1v1 Tournaments at i54!   
    vVv Echelon wins Back to Back CoD Advanced Warfare Tournaments at Insomnia 54!
    On April 4th and 5th vVv Echelon competed in the CoD Advanced Warfare Daily tournaments at Insomnia Gaming Festival 54. It ended up being a very successful weekend for Echelon as he captured titles on back to back days. We caught up with Echelon to talk to him about his experience and the glory of winning two titles in two days.
    Ballack: First and foremost congratulations on winning the Insomnia 54 CoD Advanced Warfare daily tournaments! For those who may not know you too well, could you tell us a little about yourself and how you first got into CoD?
    Echelon: My real name is Michael, I'm 17, and have been playing competitive Call of Duty on and off for 3 years now. I didn't take it seriously as far as going to LAN events until last April at i51 where I played CoD: Ghosts.
    B: What was the format for the daily tournaments at I54? Tell us a bit about how the weekend played out. How many games did you play? What game modes, etc.
    E: I didn't know that the daily Call of Duty tournaments were on in this format until two days before the event when the 4v4 tournament got cancelled due to conflicting dates with the Gfnity open. The daily tournaments ran on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I missed the Friday event because we got stuck in traffic while traveling. Onto Saturday, registration opened at 10:30 and there was a maximum tournament size of 32 players. I just made the cut as sign ups were full after 5 minutes. The format was supposed to be 1v1 Search and Destroy but was sadly changed for the Saturday and Sunday tournaments as after Friday it was clear that the defense side had too much of an advantage and that 1v1 S&D also has an element of luck involved. So it was changed to 1v1 FFA up to the final match which was an eight man FFA and the top three players received a payout. The Saturday game was a lot easier than Sunday’s. I was dominating my 1v1s 15-1, 22-0 etc. up until the final FFA which was on the map Riot. I dropped 51 kills which secured me a comfortable 1st place victory.
    Sunday is when the struggle started. I was doing fine until the semifinal match on Retreat which I barely managed to get through by 3 kills. By the time the finals came around I was getting a little bit nervous. I didn't see why I was nervous, after playing against the likes of madcat in a LAN setting before but with 2 minutes to go I was trailing by 10 kills. At this point I just took a deep breath and got setup in the power position on Terrace at showers. I got killed after tying it up at 51 kills and with 16 seconds to go I spawned by the pool. From this point I picked up one kill, headed up the stairs to pick up another kill and turned around for the 3 piece kill as I headed back to the showers. Once I was back to the Showers I picked up one more kill which secured me the victory and my second 1st place finish of i54.
    B: That Sunday game sounded intense! Nice to see you pull it out in exciting fashion. Insomnia is known as one of the largest gaming festivals in the UK. How large was the field for the CoD tournaments and did you expect to do well heading into the weekend.
    E: The COD tournament was a lot different and smaller than normal as its usually a 64 team 4v4 event but was a 32 player 1v1 event which was due to the 4v4 being cancelled because of the Gfinity open. The field could have been increased to 64 or even a 128 player event as it was generating a lot of interest. I expected to do okay because the really big names like swanny, madcat, markyB were all down at Gfinity but I didn't expect two first place finishes.
    B: You've also been to I51 and I53, as well as I54, how did this weekend compare to those weekends? Is the CoD scene in the UK alive and thriving in your opinion?
    E: With the amount of people wanting to participate there's definitely some growth from every event I have been to. However, it will be a long time until the UK sees MLG type prize pools and tournament sizes. I didn't expect the turn out that there was at the i54 considering the Gfinity open was on the same dates, but it was definitely good to see.
    B: What's next for you? With I54 being over are you planning on Attending I55 in August? In the time before then what will you be up to?
    E: As for i55 I will sadly not be able to attend because I have to pay it all out of pocket which is becoming a lot harder. I need to thank my parents for paying for the events for me if I can’t come up with the money. Between now and then the next event I will be attending is AM2PRO in Blackpool in July so until then I will be finding a solid team which I think I have found, grinding the game and streaming it.
    B: Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience at i54?
    E: Altogether it was a fun experience. I know it wasn’t your normal call of duty tournament since they are usually 4v4 but it made a great change of pace. We were still playing in a competitive environment but with different game settings it really changed the play style that you would usually play. I think we need more events that do this like how halo has the 4v4 tournament and then FFA tournaments. Something like keeping the FFA as a mini tournament as well as the big 4v4. I think it would be a good idea and would let teams and sponsors see up and coming talents that wouldn't usually get a shot because their names are overshadowed by the players who are already pro.
    B: Thanks for your time today Echelon and congrats once again. How can we follow you?
    E: Follow my twitter @vVv_Echelon and my twitch stream mikemc757.
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    Flintelock reacted to iHonkey in The ADL Update: Week 1!   
    Hey everyone, and welcome to Week 1 of the ADL update! Listed below are the dates of the previous weeks ADL nights, and the broadcasted games associated with them. Under each game the names and champions of all participants are given, followed by the six champions banned amongst both teams. Finally is Grit's Pick MVP, one player I choose after each match that I felt made the biggest impact on the game. This choice has no effect on standings, it's simply to highlight each player that performed exceptionally well in their match. This is a new and much more concise format from the ADL All Star match, and I would love to hear your opinion as to which you like better. Starting next week we will also be giving updates on the changes in the standings, with an emphasis on the top 10 players. Enjoy!
    January 16
    Twitch Broadcast
    Game 1:
    Hotel - Win                                             Kilo - Loss
    vVv JayC - Jarvan                                  Void Energy - Lucian
    Master9898 - Renekton                         loludiedsure - Lee Sin
    Courage The Pupp - Tristana                Dagfod - Garen
    Riukke - Lulu                                         Chuba - Thresh
    heaven and hell - Viktor                        vVv Storm Forge - Ziggs
    Bans: Akali, Vi, Morgana, RekSai, Singed, Warwick
    Grits’ Pick MVP – vVv JayC
    -        vVv JayC helped push his team into a lead that they refused to let go of. His steal on first dragon gave his team an opportunity to engage resulting in a double kill for Renekton, who was already gaining a significant lead in the top lane. After multiple successful ganks in the bottom lane, vVv JayC created a team that not only had strong initiation with his own ult, but powerful follow-up with Renekton’s tankiness and Tristana/Viktor’s long-range damage.
    Game 2:
    Golf - Loss                                               Lima - Win
    TheOnlyMeme - Thresh                          StarbucksBarista - Evelynn
    Baby d rick - Lee Sin                               Annie Pro - Ezreal
    Volorap - Morgana                                  Gift of Thresh - Braum
    vVv Spike A - Graves                             TheLittlestTrol - Cho'Gath
    I am Melville - Shen                                Quasi Senpai - Katarina
    Bans: Zed, Lissandra, Annie, Gnar, Janna, Lucian
    Grits’ Pick MVP – StarbucksBarista
    -        Even though all of team Lima played very well, StarbucksBarista utilized Evelynn’s speed in which it seemed he was everywhere at once. No matter where a fight broke out, Evelynn was always there to influence the fight. By the 26 minute surrender, StarbucksBarista managed an 11/1/12 KDA and 10.5k gold.
    January 18
    Twitch Broadcast 1
    Twitch Broadcast 2
    Game 1:
    Foxtrot - Win                                          Golf - Loss
    Migz0r - Vi                                             Schmurda - Syndra
    ii azro ii - Trundle                                   Duskraider - Sejuani
    vVv JayC - Corki                                   Codester99 - Trynamere
    Elakie - Leona                                       Poup - Nami
    Master Confessor - Xerath                    Enlace - Vayne
    Bans: Thresh, Jarvan IV, Akali, Lee Sin, RekSai, Fizz
    Grits’ Pick MVP – Master Confessor
    -        Master Confessor started the game with a few questionable decisions, especially his early kill attempt under Syndra’s tier 2 turret, but as mid-game arrived, he really turned things around to become the powerhouse of his team. The most notable factor of Xerath’s gameplay was the amount of successful hits with the ultimate. Because of his impressive accuracy, Master Confessor was influential in team fights, even when one broke out far away from his position. By late game it was simply impossible to reach him without being deleted.
    Game 2:
    Alpha - Loss                                            Charlie - Win
    Danzammit - Pantheon                           vVv Ranko - Sivir
    Stolen Safety - Ezreal                             ZoomZee - Jax
    ArcadeJunky - Morgana                         Onegarion - Leona
    Manofgras - Kha'zix                                NeoTheLegend - Volibear
    vVv TruFlare - Fizz                                 FatAwanFanch - Leblanc
    Bans: Jarvan IV, Orianna, Nidalee, Akali
    Grits’ Pick MVP – ZoomZee
    -        Jax. Just…Jax. But in all seriousness, ZoomZee did a great job as Jax against Pantheon top. Although he was losing trades in the early game, he managed to hold on to his top turret and stay farmed throughout the entire game. His best play probably came about during a dragon attempt by Pantheon and Ezreal. He made sure to zone the two as they fought the dragon, making them take unnecessary damage before finally engaging on Pantheon for the kill. This would end up with team Charlie being able to come back in to pick up the dragon instead. By late game he had simply become an unstoppable tanky, high damage, split pushing, lamp post-wielding monster.
    January 20
    Twitch Broadcast
    Game 1:
    Bravo - Loss                                        Golf - Win
    Void Energy - Wukong                         Roflimasian - Orianna
    Master Confessor - Nautilus                Deorum Vis - Graves
    Balalaika - Annie                                  SoulCrafter - Thresh
    inSaneSC2 - Lulu                                 loludiedsure - Jarvan IV
    vVv ShySlushy - Vayne                       FairlyWishPrince - Sejuani
    Bans: Braum, Syndra, Nidalee, Hecarim, Zed, Leblanc
    Grits’ Pick MVP – SoulCrafter
    -        Although loludiedsure had a huge lead very early on as Jarvan, Thresh stole the show with his amazing max range hooks, great initiation, and peel for Graves. By the end of laning phase, Thresh insured his lane partner was well fed, which helped with some of the mid-game teamfights where a few mistakes were made. By endgame, it was Thresh hooks that initiated nearly every fight, and great use of his box synergized well with the teams choice of an AOE composition.
    Game 2:
    Delta - Win                                                 Foxtrot - Loss
    FlamingHeart - Vi                                      Gift of Thresh - Thresh
    Game of Marksman - Ezreal                     StarbucksBarista - Evelynn
    II Ace II - Malphite                                     Preterition - Corki
    Connee1 - Azir                                          TheLittlestTrol - Cho'Gath
    IFailSmite - Blitzcrank                               Quasi Senpai - Zed
    Bans: N/A
    Grits’ Pick MVP – II Ace II
    -        Team Delta had a very rough start, with mid and bot quickly going down under the pressure of a roaming Zed. Ace on Malphite managed to hold out his lane and farm heavily in order to itemize against Quasi Senpai (Sunfire, Thornmail, Randuin’s). Looking back to each skirmish in the mid-game, it was ultimately Malphite working as the teams backbone working as a frontline wall when needed, being a great initiator, and offering moderate peel at the same time. Having him there for each engage allowed his carries to farm back up and hit their respective damage spikes, which allowed them to push through Foxtrot’s wall of a Cho’Gath and burst down Evelynn/Zed before sustaining too much damage.
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    Flintelock reacted to C Wide in vVv Amateur Draft League Season 4 Changes   
    vVv Amateur Draft League Season 4 Changes
    In 2015 we are refocusing on the core concepts of vVv Gaming and the Amateur Draft League (ADL). vVv Gaming is here to provide the best possible experiences for social, competitive gamers. During the last few seasons of the ADL there have been problems with toxicity, attendance, & the ranking system. The Amateur Draft League is meant to be a competitive ladder outside of the LoL ranking ladder where individuals can learn how to play as a team & improve their own gameplay at the same time. The changes below are meant to deal with those problems and refocus the ADL on it's core concepts.

    Removal of Riot Prizing: Having Riot prizes be apart of the Amateur Draft League is an obvious draw and provides a lot of incentive to participate in the ADL. However, those prizes are currently part of the underlying problem with toxicity between the community and also provide a willingness to cheat the current systems in place to assure that one or more participants receive prizes. Also, according to the rules of obtaining Riot prizing vVv Staff members are prohibited from participating in the Amateur Draft League. Having Staff members have the ability to participate in the Amateur Draft League will make the event go much smoother when a sub is needed or only a few members are needed to create an extra set of teams. Overall, the cost of having Riot prizing does not meet or exceed the benefits of not having them. There will still be SteelSeries and other prizes / rewards at the end of the season but Triumphant Ryze & the previous amount of RP will not be provided. Prizes will be announced at a later time.
    Changing the scoring system: A lot of problems with the Amateur Draft League stem from the current scoring system. With the current scoring system it is more advantageous to not participate in every night of the ADL because you have a better chance at losing points or gaining nothing than you do of gaining points. Also, while drafting for their teams captains were apprehensive about choosing the lower ranking participants or participants that were new to the event because there was too much risk involved with picking people you don't know can perform or that you don't know you like playing with. 
    Due to this we will be implementing an ELO scoring system. (Mock spreadsheet) Every participant will start out with 1200 ELO and will gain / lose more ELO depending on their teams and the opponents teams average ELO. We believe that this ranking system will remove the incentive to not participate in the event due to the amount of risk involved while participating with the former scoring system and will help solve some of the rampant toxicity / willingness to cheat the systems because the ranking system is more fair for everyone involved. 
    Changes to the Feedback system: One of the biggest draws of the Amateur Draft League for high ranking players and low ranking players alike is the Feedback system. Every competitive gamer should want to improve their gameplay everytime they are playing a game, however we do realize that the feedback system is more important for our lower ranking participants. During the last season a lot of participants showed an unwillingness to participate in the Feedback system even when other participants were asking for advice on their gameplay. The responsibility for providing feedback falls on our higher ranking participants and the Staff members to provoke thoughful and meaningful advice from the higher ranking members. During Season 4 of the Amateur Draft League we want to improve participation in the Feedback sessions by reminding all participants that it's everyone's responsibility to make this event as good as it can possibly be. If players continue to not participate in the Feedback sessions we may have to discipline them for unsportsmanlike conduct through ELO penalties, or in extreme cases temporary bans.
    MVP Changes: The MVP system was the cause of a lot of controversy during the last season. People would throw votes or collude with other participants to not give certain members MVP because they were close to the top of the rankings regardless of if they deserved the MVP or not. Part of this problem stems from our old scoring system where MVP held weight in the overall scoring system instead of being in a separate category. We implement the MVP Appeal System during the course of the season but this was meant as a band-aid rather than an overall solution. Our new scoring system, The ELO scoring system, will still have MVP votes but they will be in a separate category and will NOT effect the overall scoring system. However, we don't want to take away from the prestige of being awarded MVP so there will still be the MVP All-Star game and we are currently planning other rewards for the participants who get the most MVP votes over the course of the season.

      Going forward there will be more responsibility on the Staff members running the events. During the last few seasons of the Amateur Draft League the events were mostly run by "Event staff" and there was no accountability when problems arose and were not dealt with in a timely manner. Members help running the event could not effectively run the event because there was a disconnect between vVv Staff Members and the members who help organize the event. The Amateur Draft League and every participant is extremely important to vVv Gaming and we will make sure this event runs as smoothly as possible in the future. Thank you all for participating and I look forward to seeing you during the next season of the Amateur Draft League. We will be providing an opportunity for the community to discuss these changes this Thursday at the Town Hall Meeting.
    Current ADL Staff/Helper List:
    vVv C Wide (Head of ADL)
    vVv Sun Down (VP of Operations / LoL Product Owner)
    vVv Kotazu (ADL Helper)
    vVv The Doctor (Content Creation)
    vVv Viva (LoL Staff Member)
    vVv Falcodile (Content Creation) 

    We'd like to thank our long-time partner, SteelSeries, for their continued support of vVv and the Amateur Draft League!
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    Flintelock got a reaction from ShySluShy in ShySluShy Community Member Application   
    Endorsed app. Shy has a good attitude and personality, plays his champs well, and shows passion for the game.
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    Flintelock reacted to Jabwm in Team Pinkish/Purplish   
    Ok guys, let's get this moving.
    Next Tuesday, 9pm eastern (25th). People seem to be able to go at that time. If people are on earlier we can queue up for a normal.
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    Flintelock reacted to vVv RobZ in Summoner Name: Flintelock   
    Application Accepted, welcome to vVv Gaming!
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    Flintelock reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Summoner Name: Flintelock   
    I've completed Flintelock's pre interview and recommend him for a final interview with Robzgod
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    Flintelock reacted to Valius in vVv Takes 3rd in Good Fights Invitational   
    Greetings! A short update from the Guild Wars 2 PvP team:
    Yesterday the Guild Wars 2 PvP team consisting of myself, Steamhawke, Quilja, Eurantien, and Spirits, took third place in the Good Fights Invitational. This tournament featured some of the best teams in the world:
    vVv Gaming (#5)
    Good Fights (#1)
    ROMs Going to Jail (#4)
    Paramount Enthalpy (#3)
    Fifty Five Hp Monks (#2)
    Being OP is Hard (#8)
    Grouch'z Girlz (#7)
    Two Metas Ahead (#6)
    Going into the tournament this past week, ROMs Going to Jail was seeded at #1, but due to the drop out of a team and a replacement, they decided to reseed. This past Thursday Fifty Five Hp Monks beat a roster that consisted of three of ROMs Going to Jail members, ultimately pushing ROMs Going to Jail back to the #4 seed. In our first matchup, we faced ROM and defeated them in 2-0 in a best of 3 series.
    In the second round, we faced Good Fights, in some very intense match-ups. We were defeated 2-0, in a very close second match that could have pushed it to a third with a lord kill but missed it by only a matter of seconds. Good Fights went on to the finals where the lost to Fifty Five Hp Monks 3-2.
    In our consolation game we faced Paramount Enthalpy. We took the first game easily 500-250 on Forest of Niflhel. In the second match we had a 450-350 lead when they rushed for the lord (grants 150 points). It was down to the last second when they killed the lord and won ~550-497. In our third match on Battle of Kyhlo we defeated them, putting us in third place for the Good Fights Invitational.
    Up next is the vVv Gaming Kings of the Mists tournament that takes place this upcoming Saturday (2/1) starting at 12pm EST. Tune in then for more PvP action!
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    Flintelock reacted to Magicmooch in League of Legends Ranked List   
    BIG congratulations to vVv JayC who finally hit Diamond tonight!
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    Flintelock reacted to Windchaser in Summoner Name: Flintelock   
    Welcome and good luck on your application man
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    Flintelock reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Summoner Name: Flintelock   
    Gj on the graphics request work!
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    Flintelock reacted to Earth NA in Summoner Name: Flintelock   
    Hahahah "Puny Human"

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