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  1. Interested in doing CGN for Siege. Have started discussing it with interested players.
  2. Trying to help organize a community night for the Siege players. Currently looking at Wednesday nights. Input from all those interested, post here.
  3. My nephew is interested in joining up. He has it on PC and Xbox. He's good at game; potential for building a team around. Might be worth playing some games together. PM me if interested
  4. I had to take a hiatus to get an architecture career going, but I still play LoL. Feel free to add me: Flintelock
  5. Redeployed to Vale, Oregon
  6. I will jump on when I can, but for the next few months I will be fighting fires wherever they send me. Currently being deployed to Alaska
  7. Ranko...I am a firefighter part of the year and making shirts is my main source of income the rest of the time...
  8. Endorsed app. Shy has a good attitude and personality, plays his champs well, and shows passion for the game.
  9. Flintelock


    A somewhat defensive response; I am not attacking you. I am voicing my concerns. The games we have played together have been good. This concern comes from experiences with other people. I voiced this concern to avoid it becoming reality.
  10. Flintelock


    I am concerned. I do not know if you are the right fit for the community. I have heard you vent your frustrations in mumble on multiple occasions, and whereas I can understand your frustrations, I worry that it will carry over into your game, thereby earning you a toxic player reputation. We all know frustration messes with how well we play; it's hard to think straight through anger. The vVv community doesn't have room for the toxicity. Being less vocal when upset can avoid such a reputation.
  11. Be there Sunday. Sat. I get to play with the chainsaw and I'm not sure when we'll be done. Will try to make it after that
  12. Was good to meet everyone. Look forward to playing some League together in the future
  13. On the calendar. It'll be nice to meet those of you I do not know yet

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