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  1. Map completion is fun! You guys are weird D:! Vanixx and I did a full map together today, it makes it even more super awesome going with others.
  2. Wheeeeee, so fun I love the time stamps, 13mins from leaving p3, re-entering, and finishing p1 XD
  3. These look great Much better than I imagined them turning out But no, no weekly photo we can update like every 2 months tops.
  4. There are some handy websites out there. Let's compile them for people who might not know about them! There are other sites out there as well, so post your own and I'll add them to this first post to compile a master list. World Boss/Temple Timers http://us.gw2stuff.com/en/events/fort-aspenwood If you didn't already know, world bosses are the schniitz. They give you a guaranteed rare or better shakey chest once per day per account, as well as a big loot chest you can collect once per day per character. This site has a website based timer, as well as an overlay you can use. If you use the overlay, be sure you install the .net thing you need for windows, as well as you play in windowed full screen. Those are the most common problems to why someone can't get it to work. The timer works off checking when certain pre events trigger. It is not always 100%, and is usually about 30 seconds off, but it is a much more helpful than just checking all world bosses/temples yourself. Guild Mission Guides http://dulfy.net/2013/02/26/gw2-guild-missions-guide/ Every week we do different guild missions. The person in charge will usually explain what is going on, but sometimes it is nice to do a read through and see what is going on before we start. Guild bounties in particular have a path they walk that you can check and avoid looking for them in spots they don't show up in. If you haven't joined us for guild missions before, then I suggest you do They give you guaranteeds rares (or better ) and guild commendations you can use for some goodies. They also help the guild out with merits and rep the guild can use for buffs. Crafting Guide http://www.gw2crafts.net/ Crafting can be a hard thing to understand for some people, or you might just be lazy and want to level it up quick! This site will give you a list of what you need to buy and then what you need to make and discover in order to get to the desired level in crafts Orichalcum & Ancient Node Locations http://gw2ores.celsodantas.com/server/11 Each new build the locations of orichalcum and ancient wood nodes move. If you know the locations of these nodes, farming them daily can be quite profitable, or if you just need to hoard your mats for ascended weapons/future armor. This website will show you the locations of the current nodes. It is created by user input though, so it is not always completely accurate, it is still quite helpful. Temple and Dungeon Status http://www.gw2state.com/temples.html Need to know what server has Citadel of Flame open? Then you can use this website to see. Also quite useful for finding which ones has balthazar done so you can buy those obby shards!
  5. It showed up tiny in the post, so be sure to click it to see it in all its glory!
  6. It was fine Roku. We got the dumb crab rush So we did a second one after, and got a new one for us all, bear, but we were able to complete it Then our bounty was super easy as well, so all went well.

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