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  1. Windfury Wednesday is a Hearthstone tournament series that will be held every Wednesday on the north American Hearthstone server. Time: Registration ends - 12/18/13 @ 6:59pm EST Check in starts - 12/18/13 @ 7:00 pm EST Games start - 12/18/13 @ 8:00pm EST If you need assistance or just want to chat about HS feel free to join Teamspeak server Registration: To sign up go here and click "join this tournament" http://binarybeast.com/xHS1312126 Players MUST have there battle tag in there binary beast account info before check in or you will be removed. Format: Each round is best of 3 (Finals Best of 5) Each player MUST have 3 decks prepared Loser must switch deck, Winner must use winning deck. Players can not use the same hero twice in the same match If your opponent is no responding give them 15-20 mins and if they do not accept your request add BigJ#1510 to report no show or find BigJ on Teamspeak server Prize: 1st - 10 million diablo 3 gold 2nd - TBA 3nd - TBA I know its not much but these are more for fun, But if you would like to donate to the prize pool to help attract more players please let me know at T_Town_GTR@Yahoo.com PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR BATTLE TAG ON YOUR BINARY BEAST ACCOUNT
  2. I host a weekly Hearthstone tournament feel free to sign up http://binarybeast.com/xHS1312126
  3. Thanks to every one who has showed your support for vVv getting involved in the infinite crisis community. And for those that are still skeptical that infinite crisis will ever be a competitive esport I just want to shate the latest update on the infinite crisis tournament scene http://www.infinitecrisis.com/en/tournaments
  4. I was planing on atending again this year untill i heard that Starcraft 2 was not goint to be there this year. But i am a huge Infinite Crisis fan and if they anounce they will be there soon I am deffently going. So I'd say im a maybe.
  5. If your interested in playing Infinite Crisis but dont have beta access or are still on the fence about the game, In a little over 30 mins 2 Pro LoL teams MyRevenge e.V. and TCM-Gaming will be doing an exhibition match of Infinite live on http://www.twitch.tv/infinite_crisis
  6. In a little over 30 mins 2 Pro LoL teams MyRevenge e.V. and TCM-Gaming will be doing an exhibition match of Infinite live on http://www.twitch.tv/infinite_crisis
  7. Check your in box's guys, Let me know if you have any problems with the keys and feel free to add me in game IGN: Hectorzeroni
  8. I wouldn't say the laneing phase ever ends but there are things called relays that can be captured and when captured they make your drones (creeps) stronger depending on how many of the 3 you have captured these are where the team fights usually occur early.(also i forgot to mention at the moment the beta only has a domino style map and a 2 lane map, Turbine has already announced a 3 lane map but it have not been put live yet) The best advice i have for anyone trying out Infinite crisis is to play with friends and learn from others in the game, At the moment solo que can be frustrating due to players that have never played a MOBA before and players that AFK and force 3 ro 4 v 5 games.
  9. - In your opinion, why is it better than LoL or DOTA? Give some examples. I think Infinite crisis is an equivalent game to LoL and DOTA because it not only has the basic strategy and mechanics that those games have it also brings new elements with all the environmental objectives that can change the out come of a game and also force more team fights. - Is there a time you want to set up for everyone to try it out together? Me and my friends are on every night from around 6-7pm est till early morning and i am off and on from around noon est till early the next morning - What do you find is the hardest thing about switching from LoL to Infinite Crisis? I have never played LoL but i have played DOTA and the hardest thing i found in switching is that Infinite crisis has alot more "skill shots" and not as many target and follow skills. - Spell out Infinite Crisis, when introducing things to people, abbreviations break up the text and flow of what you're trying to say. I understand what your saying bit i assumed people would make the connection after the second or third time i spelled it out
  10. cool, im on mumble in the miscellaneous games channel hop on an ill hook u up with a key
  11. Hello all I was just querulous if any of you wonderful LoLites would like to try the new MOBA Infinite Crisis. It is still in closed beta but i have a few beta keys i could give out to anyone who is interested in giving IC a shot. I come from more of a DOTA 2 background as far as MOBA exp goes but alot of the people I play with in IC come from LoL and they say that IC is just as good if not better then LoL and DOTA 2. If you want to come join the fun let me know an i can hook a few of you up with beta keys. PS: If you already play add me in game @Hectorzeroni
  12. Some cool Infinite crisis streams today and tomorrow, The first is the Infinite crisis developer community stream going on now (2pm est) http://www.twitch.tv/infinite_crisis and the other is a series of 2 show matches, the first is one of the semi-pro teams Kelevra Gaming: Blight and Vengeance e-Sports and the second is between TCM-Gaming and myRevenge e.V. for the full info on the show matches come here https://www.infinitecrisis.com/en/news/watch-pro-teams-play-live
  13. 1.What is your competitive gaming background? I started gaming competitively about 2 years ago with SC2 where I reached low-mid masters as Protoss, Then took a little break from the compeditive gaming and casualy played some D3 and started playing a little MW3 and some DOTA2 but recently I have found my passion for gaming again with Infinite crisis. 2. What is the expected release date for this title? Link any relevant articles, videos or reviews. The official date is yet to be announced but the rumor is open beta will start late 2013/ early 2014 with the full game rumored to launch in mid-late 2014. As for playing the game right now beta keys are not to hard to get and i am willing to help some people get in to the game asap. 3. What makes this title special or different from its competitor? Why should we support it? This is simple, Batman (in my christian bail voice). But seriously the game takes a new twist on MOBAs with new game mechanics map objectives and champion skills but it still has some of the same feel as your current MOBAs and I belive this game can be even bigger than its predecessors. 4. What game does this new game remind you of? This game is a MOBA so it has lots of its roots in DOTA and LoL but with a DC comics twist 5. Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode? The game is still in closed beta but there is already a custom game interface for all beta testers to use and the devs have a full LAN client with obs mode they bust out for pro show matches. 6. Have any major events or online tournaments taken notice of this game? Currently they have only had some show matches at pax and games con and MLG is doing a series of Champion spotlights that explain all the champions in the game so far 7. Is there a community hub for this game yet? If yes, please link and describe the site and community (website traffic, demographic, attitude of players and community) Yes there is a community site for Infinite Crisis that the developers manage, it is Infinite Crisis and there are also other community sites that have build guides and extensive information on the game such as Dawnbase: Infinite Crisis builds, stats, and database Here are some links to videos and other info on Infinite Crisis Infinite crisis YouTube, They have lots of videos showing behind the scenes of turbine and also champion headlight videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/InfiniteCrisisGame/videos Dawnbase. This is a site that has amassed all available info on the game and also has user submitted guides and even beginners tutorials Dawnbase: Infinite Crisis builds, stats, and database New player tutorial - http://www.dawnbase.com/tutorial Infinite Crisis Reddit lots of useful info on the community as a whole Infinite Crisis: Fight to save the Multiverse! Infinite crisis social media the place to get all the IC news as it happens Twitter https://twitter.com/InfiniteCrisis Facebook https://www.facebook.com/infinitecrisis

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