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    Norfolk, Va
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    gears of war
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    Lacrosse, partying, computers, sailing, beach, chillin, oh and eating
  1. well its got to

  2. well this guy i gotta say is so trashhhhhhhh, naw i am just playing has alot of potential so give him a shot. much love clean, no homo
  3. sorry man, its just not working

  4. wtf wheres the pak man gt

  5. shaiz08

    I Maximuss I App

    haha that what was a good attempt on trying to be a smart ass, but you failed. Yes I call you vVv guy's because I don't know any of you guys just yet, so if you knew the correct way to talk you might be a tad smarter. Also I am 17, you can ask anyone, so please vVv rain try not to be to such a dick.
  6. shaiz08

    I Maximuss I App

    You vVv guys need to relax and stop hating on people on this website. I am 17 and most likely I was'nt talking shit, you vVv guys probably are just a tad to cocky and can't accept the facts.
  7. shaiz08

    Zephyr vVv App.

    ^^Stop hating on people man, this guy is good luck
  8. shaiz08

    I Maximuss I App

    ^^Alright you can instigate all you want, but I wouldn't be talking bad about semi pro gamers being losers if I wanted to become one now would I? Yes I am 17, don't know how you are telling me my age. Please get off of this thread if it is not good comments or true facts. Thanks
  9. shaiz08

    Kman's vVv Re-App

    lies about some things, I would keep an eye on this app.
  10. shaiz08

    I Maximuss I App

    i am actually 17 if you wanna see my birth certificate, and i am not semi pro you must of miss heard.
  11. shaiz08

    I Maximuss I App

    Name:Shaizer Saeed Age (minimum 15):17 XBL Gamertag:I Maximuss I MySpace profile name and URL:Profile name=shaiz, URL=myspace.com/shaiz08 AIM Screen Name:cheezer003 MSN Messenger:n/a Skype Name:shaiz08 Why you are interested in becoming a member? I am interested in becoming a member, since I know vVv can provide me with networking to become Semi-pro or Pro at MLG for Gears of war 2. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? I heard about vVv Gaming through gamebattles.com. How will you add value to vVv Gaming? My skill level, able to publicize, communication skills, and connections with people to invest in vVv will help add value to this establishment. Are you applying as a casual gamer, fan and community member or are you applying because you want to be a professional gamer (please choose one, as we look at these two areas very differently. If you are applying as a professional gamer, please list all your LAN achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won.)? I want to become a professional gamer, since I know I have the capabilities to do so and people to back me up with my ideals. LAN achievements that I have earned are 1st place at VA local lan 2vs2, Richmond LAN 2nd place 2vs2, and many LANs for fun at friends or neighbors house's. Any future games? Future games that I want to be in is of course Gears of War 2. How many hours per week can you devote to gaming? During Monday through Friday 3-6 hours, and on weekends 7-10 hours Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes I have access to a computer, and I check my e-mail everyday. What personal goals do you hope to achieve? Personal goals are becoming something in the medical field, around the heart area. Also to achieve something in the video game area, since I know how much time I put in to it that I can evolve to something great. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Hobbies include Lacrosse, big sports person, partying with friends,sailing, fixing computers, and golf. Once you post your application, make sure that you: Participate in the forums Explore our forums and get to know us Be active in the forum community Receive feedback on your skill and your character/attitude Add vVv Members on XBL and get to know them (if applying on the console side) Determine if this organization is right for you The application process can take between 2-5 months, it can be longer or shorter, and will happen when we feel you are ready. We do not conduct interviews until you have been in the community for at least 60 days. At this point, we will review your application and see what you have contributed to the community. We will review what people have posted about your skill level and determine if you are ready for an interview. Thanks again for your interest in vVv Gaming.

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