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  1. For whatever reason, they didn't communicate this at all outside of discord apparently, but you will need to apply your Unchained pack to your account to receive labor and to have your labor regen turned on! Here is a link below, sign in, find your pack, and apply it to a character. Afaik, you can create a character, apply the pack while still in game, and should receive the mail. https://aaunchained.trionworlds.com/account/profile/manage-game!input.action?dd=1
  2. I will be rolling a Death Wish to start (Battlerage/Shadowplay/Swiftblade) and possibly transition to a Darkrunner if that doesn't feel good (Battlerage/Auramancy/Shadowplay). Aka Melee bursty DPS.
  3. Need moarrrrr. Come join us!! We'll be ramping up leveling here soon as E3 is almost over!
  4. Woop woop! I'll be rolling my trusty little Dunmer Necromancer. And the plan end game is to tank
  5. Amped http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978115157/ May or may not start up playing the CSGO once again on the weekends...
  6. Yes you should be playing horde with me D:
  7. Shmem what are you doing, come play WoW nerd. Huehuehue
  8. Their plan is essentially to start pumping them out every year and a half or so, there is no way they'll end the game anytime soon.
  9. Highly doubt this will be the last expansion really. But of course I'll still be playing by then.
  10. Both AA and W Valla along with a balanced built Sylvanas are ridiculous, definitely two of my top right now.
  11. 1. Jaina 2. Nova 3. Tassadar 4. Kael'Thas

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